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  1. That's ok, I'm confused all the time!! And thanks for the welcome!! I was sewing a leather bracelet and I could feel Androl breathing down my neck going your stitches are uneven! It's the little things that add up!! That was super confusing! Is Androl one of the voices now? This taint is crazy weird! ;p
  2. Ooh boy so many books to choose from, I think it will be stormlight archives than! Any one know what is the difference between "the world of Robert Jordan's wheel of Time" compared to the companion? From what I understand one book has some artwork and the other seems to be a dictionary? (Only going by reviews). I guess what I'm really wondering is, is there a difference as far as content? Is it worth getting both? Do you need to have both? Or is one a more complete version?
  3. The voices in my head forgive you as I've also been too lazy to make tainted brownies, let alone send a pic of them. They tell me the laziness will pass. ;p
  4. Thanks! I just finished AMOL and just finishing up New Spring. I haven't gotten around to the encyclopedia yet; I'm sure many things are clarified and expounded upon ( hopefully!) I'm sorry if these are dumb questions! I'll probably have a better understanding when I reread the series!
  5. Ok, are they like the worlds that Rand gets into? Remember in the great hunt and he meets lanfear? They see that grohlm. I understood that world to be of what could've been. Is the tower of ghenji world what could've been or what is in the now?
  6. Is the tower of ghenji in another universe, accessible by the doorways? Are the towers themselves in shadar logoth, but once you enter them you're in a different world?
  7. So I'm almost through a memory of light. I was a little hesitant starting the last 3 books in the WOT, mostly because I've never read any Sanderson before. I was afraid he would be a terrible writer. I.e. read the Dune series, excellent, except for the ones not written by Frank Herbert. His son really can't write. Are other works by Sanderson good? Is there one series better than others that any would recommend? Thanks!
  8. Yes I would say that Rand eventually comes to the conclusion that Moiraine was completely trustworthy. I feel the only aes sedai he trusted was Moiraine, nynaeve, Elayne, and maybe cadsuane to a point. Even mat trusts her and thinks of her fondly, albeit begrudgingly.
  9. Ok so ogiers, they have this book of translation. I got the impression that they are some type of "alien" species with "magic" of their own. I.e. tree singing. So is it possible that there are weak points or "wormholes" in the age lace that would make it possible to reach our present day Earth and other universes? maybe these spots are "translation" points for the ogiers as well? Ogiers are really confusing the more you think about them.
  10. I totally agree! Mat really is my dream guy! ;D and I loved how his band and everyone who came in his path was family. I could read many books on Mat!
  11. I guess he could be considered a bit creepy if morgase's attraction to him wasn't made obvious to the reader.
  12. What if there is a multiverse and in this one there has always been a "stedding" effect on the planet?
  13. I agree I think the waste itself along with the Aiel in general were tough enough of a task to handle, let alone proving that he was the Car'a'carn. Couladin or the Shaido didn't help matters either. I think if Rand got it slightly easier than with anybody else, than it was deserved. He is juggling everything/one else after all!
  14. I am interested in classes! I could always use more classing to improve my taint wielding skills!
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