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Guess the BTer


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1. This is simple game. Before the starting of game, I will give all of you a questionaire. You fill that and submit to me. Then I will post all questionaires one by one and you have to guess who that person it.


2. All guesses to be submitted via questionaire PM.


3. Each correct guess gets 10 points. Each semi-correct guess(like this person is a Shadowie) gets 5 points.


4. To help there are extra some options

a. Double guessing

b. Getting that person to answer certain question of your choice via mod

c. Getting another random fact

d. Seeing what someone else answered

e. Copying what someone else answered(correct or incorrect)


5. No points for answering your own correctly.


6. It will be played on main boards and no personal questions to be asked as under 4b


Who wants to play?



1. Ithi

2. Maddy

3. cindy

4. Pralaya

5. Via

6. Time

7. Berf

8. Csarmi

9. Nikon

10. Turin

11. Chuckles

12. Razen

13. Basel

14. Tina

15. TMD

16. Hisoka

17. Mawth

18. RTE

19. Darthe

20. Ley

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First person to guess


1. Your favourites-

a. Colour



b. Animal

I should say cat whether it is or not

um. dolphin though


c. Food

um...... bread


d. Books

little house series


d. Characters

the doctor


e. TV show

doctor who


f. Fruit

uhhhhh... apple?


g. Holiday destination

my house


h. Subject in school

English/ reading


i. Movie

uhhhh... bride of Frankenstein


j. Inanimate best friend

teddy bear


2. Say a random word



3. What do you say if someone says hi?



4. Have you ever made a plan of world domination?




5. Where you want to be lost for a week?

at home


6. Where would someone find you in a tavern? (in front, middle, back etc)



7. An achievement you are proud of?

um..... raised to accepted in the WT :)


8. Your 2 am snack?

leftover dinner


9. One weird thing you fear?



10. Three random facts about you?

have 2 cats

hate math

get lost easily

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You have to PM me the guesses. Multiple guessing is not allowed unless you are using one of those help things.


Rule 5 is cut because that way everyone gets at least some points. And everyone knows what they answered so no one has an advantage

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Next person to guess


1. Favourites:

a, Colour- Green

b, Animal- Wolf

c, Food- Fish&Chips

d, Book- WoT!!!!

e, Characters- Mat Cauthon, Min Farshaw

f, T.V series- Doctor Who (only because I don't watch anime on T.V)

g, Fruit- Apple!

h, Holiday Destination- Japan... Home of Anime!

i, Subject- English or Psychology.

j, Movie- Vampire Hunter D (yes more anime! :)

k, Inanimate Best Friend- That rock outside who never called back!


2, Say a random word- FlargleBlargle


3, If someone says hi- Greetings! May peace favour your sword!


4, Have you ever planned world domination?- Yes... Yes... Yes... Yes... YES!!!


5, Where would you want to be lost for a week?- My private fortress after I conquer the world!


6, Where would you be found in a tavern?- The back


7, Achievement you are proud of?- Finaly finishing Death Note after 7 years!


8, What is your 2am snack?- Hmm... Probably... Hot Chips!


9, Weird Fear- Afraid of a Fade stepping from the shadows on my way to the toilet at night!


10, 3 Random Facts- 1: I own three times as many books as I do clothing items.

2: I collect domo.

3: My clothing comes in three colours- white, grey and black. Nothing else

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cindy gets the points.


Metaphorical points.


Though I have had the safety dance in my head all morning thanks to that post. So by extension I am now Futurama 80's Guy'ing it up all over the office with my execu-speak.


Don't you worry about blank, let me worry about blank.


Blank? BLANK?! You're not looking at the big picture!




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