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Welcome back Deadlyfreind to BT!


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So, we have another of the oldies back. Deadlyfreind was a member of BT before I joined but I remember him from other boards. A good artist and a school going student in a habit of popping in from school.


Relax, enjoy brownies, spam and have fun while Tina goes on with the official work to get you added back to the boards

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Welcome back! I´m not sure but I believe you were in the first mafia game that I played. :smile: Now tell us all about yourself while I see to it that you get added to our hidden boards. In what way are you deadly? Do you have a favourite asha´man? Do you talk to the voices inside your head or just ask them to shut up?

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Just one BT Member can sustain a Polar Bear for 37 days

I thought it was 37 years

Depends on their Taint Level. If their Taintiness is high ... then the Polar Bear does get hungry, but doesn't really care because he needs to make sure that the butterflies are spawning in mexico.

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