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Make your own... Nynaeve!


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Some of you might remember that a while back, we had threads where you could make your own Moiraine, Siuan, Cadsuane and Birgitte. Well even though I'm 25 I still like playing with dolls, even though they're digital :laugh: So I thought I'd bring it back! So it's time for... Make your own Nynaeve!


It's probably not gonna be a contest this time like last time, but it's still alot of fun :D


So here's how it works!


You go in on this site:




And use a doll maker to create your own version of Nynaeve! I would personally recommend "The Tudors" and the "Game of Thrones"-dollmaker, both found under History. Take a screenshot when you're done, and post it here for the rest of us to see!


I'll start off with one of my own:



Nynaeve, sometime between arriving in Salidar, and her testing in ToM.



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Nynaeve as Wisdom of Edmond's Field:






In Tel'aran'rhiod, thinking about Lan:






Edited to add this one. In Tel'aran'rhiod when Amys or Bair (can't remember which one) made her dress as an Aiel girl:



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