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[Sign Ups] Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark Mafia

Ithillian Turambar

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Hello and welcome to the Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark Sign Up Thread … Finally lol


This game has been looked over by DPR, who said it was a beautiful game, but possibly a bit complicated. I told him that we like complicated in the BT – don’t let me down :smile:

It is an Advanced Game – but full Moddish Support will be available to any new or nearly new players who would like it and wish to join in. Everyone else can ask as many questions as they like – I’m all for a bit of chit chat and clarification. Turin will be Co-Modding with me, with regards to Vote Counts, receiving Actions and answering questions and stuff - which means I will be able to sleep at night. I’ll be writing the scenes though – so bear in mind I’m on GMT and try not to get too impatient with me.

For anyone who may be interested in what an Ithi Mafia Game might be like … I’ve only ever done one, but it went quite well and had the full IshyMafia & Myndrunner Seal of Approval and the most wonderful set of active and involved players I could ever have wished for.

*name drops and compliments everyone outrageously to encourage them to come and play*

If you want to see what you could be in for you can have a look here:


It’s quite long … but the first and last few pages should give you some idea perhaps.

I need 24 players and a few back ups who would be willing to read and keep up with the Game in case they are needed. I only needed 2 replacements last time, but I remember that Peace was brilliant and kept up with the Game anyways – as I may have had to call on him.

So, get your bullwhips and fedora hats out and sign up. Do you really want to miss being a part of this?

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Everyone who wishes to play should go here and R&U if they have not already done so previously.




Please let me know if you can't see the Link and I will PM you. If you have already R&Ud via PM for a previous Game you don't have to do it again.




1. Lenlo

2. Talya

3. Dice

4. Chuckles

5. RTE

6. Tink

7. Roo

8. Hallia

9. Ley

10. Player

11. Basel

12. Cloud

13. Rey

14. Player 'X'

15. Darthe

16. Time

17. Peace

18. Song

19. Arez

20. Kae

21. Maw

22. Mish

23. Rand



Back Ups


1. Kronos




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So I wasn't going to sign up for this since I haven't seen the Indiana Jones movies yet *dodges things everyone throws at him* but it's Ithi's game and I heard great things about her first one. So if you tell me which one I can watch it tomorrow! Can I randomly be assigned a number?

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