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Match the Purse!--Warder Gameshow Week

Aiel Heart

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It is said that "you can tell a lot about a woman by the contents of her purse."


So, if you were given the items of a WT lady's purse, would you be able to guess whose purse it is?


Let's see!!!!


So, I'll list the items of a purse and give you four options of whose purse it might be.


You'll get one point for guessing correctly.

You can also get points through "analyzing" the items of the purse and explaining your thinking--BE NICE


Ladies, if your name is one of the options, I'm sorry but you cannot guess :P I promise to not have anyone's name in this more than twice!

Also, each purse will be open to guesses the whole time, so no revealing if it was your purse!!


Purse #1

Purse #2

Purse #3

Purse #4

Purse #5

Purse #6

Purse #7

Purse #8

Purse #9

Purse #10

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I'm going to guess Chrissy (even though Sunrise already did).


I think I remember Chrissy wearing contacts but could be wrong. I do known that Nyn wears glasses but I don't think they're just reading glasses. I also know Chrissy likes her makeup (she has posted about great finds/buys she's made).

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Purse #1




Extra house key

Extra contacts

Reading glasses










A. Nyneave

B. Rhea

C. Chrissy

D. Moon


Ok, so I am going with Moon since I have seen photos of her with and without glasses, which may indicate reading glasses.

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Would've gone with Chris, but the idea of her posting when she was the answer, just to guess herself, seems kind of stupid (No offense if I'm wrong)

Which narrows it down to Moon and Nyn, as they are have been spotted wearing glasses by other members of this thread.

And since I'm too new to really narrow it down any further than that, I'm going guess and say, errr,



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Purse #2

Legend of Zelda wallet

Natural Ice chapstick

Pac Man ghost mint tin

Trident gum (original flavor)

Various receipts

Paycheck stub

Drawing pencils and eraser

Pack of tissues

Headband and hair clippies


Tiny photo album with pics of my dogs

Small writing notebook

Every over-the-counter medicine known to man


A. Dar

B. Mashiara

C. Raena

D. Poet

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