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  1. Hooray, I get to draw! Hopefully this time I won't bugger it up by writing text on the picture like that one Pictophone game I played here last year! Ahah.
  2. Signing up. (I'm still not dead, for the record. Just lurking) (Oh, and another thing, that Olympic logo with all the Ajah colours is pretty genius, if I say so myself)
  3. So, does it get tiresome having to change the colour of each individual letter of your post, Fnorrll?
  4. I'm not really interested in bidding on anyone (Not that my measly nine points are gonna get me anywhere good) but it should be entertaining to see how this all plays out.
  5. ELGEE IS THE LAW. 'Twas a bit of a pain to modify the word "DREDD" on the badge to "ELGEE", but I think I pulled it off.
  6. Nay. In my bag, you'll find nothing but regret, and a few pencils 'n pens.
  7. Oh, silly blank. I'm not going to dissolve our bond because you hashtagged out of twitter, like a true casual plebeian. I'm dissolving our bond because you have a bloody Kindle in your bag. How could you!? ...Just kidding. But I actually did consider guessing you for this round. Since I kind of figured you were the sort of person to use red lipstick, wear a dorky red hat, and carry plenty of books in your bag. But then I decided against guessing, just in case I got it wrong, and you get mad at me for being incorrect about the kind of stuff you have in your bag, despite us being bonde
  8. Good. You're in the lead, now! Also, I guess you don't need to make an additional post with all five if you were the one to find all of them. That's only if all the hidden people are are found by various people, like round one. Just to make sure the person who gets the five points acknowledges where they all are. I'll probably wait a little while to arange the hiding of the third batch, since this one was found so quickly. Good job, by the way.
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