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  1. Signing up. (I'm still not dead, for the record. Just lurking) (Oh, and another thing, that Olympic logo with all the Ajah colours is pretty genius, if I say so myself)
  2. I concur with what Blank said. Red heads are best heads. You look lovely, Aidanna!
  3. You should upload them to an external site (I use this one) then link the direct image here by clicking on the little tree icon when posting. Edit: or do what Mish said, since she beat me to it.
  4. So on this hour, in our timezone, our Mistress of Novices and my bonded, blank, just officially turned 24 years old. It shouldn't really be a surprise that I have a lot of respect for blank. For a large portion of time, we were aspies together in House Damodred and later House Sanche, and we almost immediately became friends. Many months, and a belated and predictable bonding later, here we are. She is a very good-hearted and kind individual, and has been making a good name for herself as the Current MoN, and I'm proud to consider her my friend. I think she deserves the best of Birthday wi
  5. Little known fact: Blank is the sole force behind saving the literature industry. Without her endless consumption of books, publishers would be bankrupt and bookstores would be closed.
  6. I've been doing okay, thanks. A bit tired and stuff, but okay. I've not been all that active the past few months, but I've been starting to pick up the pace with activity the past week.
  7. I can't believe I missed it too. 'Tis the most shameful thing I've done today, though I haven't done much, considering how I've barely been conscious.
  8. Jealous that I wasn't allowed to take part in the cannibalizing, or jealous that I wasn't allowed to be cannibalized?
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