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Betrayal! *Lightening crashes*


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Seeing as I know I cant get one or the other, I have decided to go for a twofer.


Ithi and Turin the M'hael were standing around talking about whatever it is that important people talk about ((I wouldnt know)) when they spied Len standing atop a fill pointing at them and yelling







My name is Lenlo!




Prepare to be betrayed!


Oddly, Lens pose was very rigged over on this hill and his body never moved except when the wind blew by. It was just afew seconds after this proclamation that a very strong wind blew by knocking over what seemed to be a cardboard cutout of Len with a speaker behind him.




*Falls over*


Behind them a curse is heard from the real Len.


((Warning for the sensitive, there is foul language in the spoiler))







Without waiting a moment longer Len throws a very large water-balloon at Turin. Luckily he wasnt paying enough attention to stop it as he was looking at Ithi as if he couldnt believe this Asha'mans stupidity.




It was with this that Len attempted to run away but alas all good things must come to an end. He was inevitably caught by Turin and this is what he said. Word for word. I swear.




As this is the end of our tale I have one thing to say.








Now then. I leave you with this, the response I will most likely get to this.



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It won't matter, when Ithi and Turin see this, he'll be balefired so hard we won't remember meeting him


The poor Trehelion aspies. They'll ravage the WT without his stern hand encouraging them reeling them in.


OOh good idea!!! :biggrin:

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Nuh-uh Damo is bestest, and Turin was fully assimilated into Damo and thus came under my wonderful care. I have proof.


But insurrective talk of elswhere aside :dry: ...




*Channels Fire and Air to dry off her lovely Turin, and then helps to straighten his Coat and then looks at Len*


You attacked Mine M'Hael!!! You are a very Shadowy Shadow indeed. Of course, you might be an ex, never actually existed Shadow once he gets over the dismay of this BETRAYAL!!


*continues to act like she definitely did NOT encourage anything like this at all*


Actually, it's usually me who gets the 'special treatment' so this actually makes a change.



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Sir, this is Ghost, checking in.

It appears that Dradis was just doing a harmless prank. Dradis has left, I repeat, Dradis has left.

However, Chance seems to think this is his opportune moment.

He appears to be moving in.

Mauve Flame, I request weapons free, I repeat, request weapons free.


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*click. Click. Clicking.*

Ghost your are NOT cleared weapons free. Repeat hold fire. Attempt to subdue chance and prepare for interrogation. Out.


Thank you Lenlo. It is stupid hot here and a cool bit of water was just the thing. No harm done.

*sees spots on Ithi's dress*


Oh, I spoke too soon.


*flames erupt all around Lenlo*


Ithi :wub: you can let him out in a little while. No permanent damage done.

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