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Alright, Folks... White Tower Varsity Team Name and Mascot


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I'm planning something, and I'd like your help.


So, let's say the White Tower has a Varsity Sports team. What do you think they'd call themselves and use for a mascot?

(careful, this'll probably end up in the Humor Blog at several points in the future)


I'll go with probably two teams, actually. One a Warder and one an Aes Sedai, although I'm looking mainly for ideas for the Aes Sedai team right now.



So Far


Team Names

  • Flames
  • Ducks and Geese
  • Warders
  • Servants of Ball
  • The Meddlers _specifically linked to the mascot of a puppetmaster_


  • Novice
  • Rainbow striped horse
  • Hawk

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Aes Sedai = Flames, with a 7 colored flame mascot


Warders would not play against Aes Sedai. So they can't have a team :wink:


I think if it was friendly competition, a few warders and a few Aes Sedai would compete.. The game would have to have certain rules, of course

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I can't think of a motto but as for mascot:




If someone could add gray and brown to the tail, the horse is white so that would take care of White Ajah because a white stripe on a white horse unless...we make the horse black and then have all the Ajah colors on the tail and mane....yeah that sounds cool.....or purple horse...hmmm....

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