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  1. I disagree actually, I think Christmas is perfect at the darkest time of the year.
  2. Thing is, I live so far north it gets really, really dark in the winter. And without snow, it is even darker. So I really hate winters without snow, because then it's just... dark. Very depressing.
  3. Please tell me you don't have a snowblower and gave Barm a shovel and said "Have fun!". And please tell me it was a ton of snow and he whined about it the whole time. Don't ruin this for me.....heh. We don't have a snowblower, but we also live in an apartment, sooo... Sorry to ruin it for you. Basel, yes, I'd gladly take all of your snow. I'm sorry to hear about the dog, Senexx.
  4. Well it's winter so it should be cold. I hate winters that are just rainy and gray. We finally got a decent amount of snow here, feels like a proper winter now. I am computerful! For a long time I wanted to replace my old, barely functioning laptop but then I decided to boot up my old, actually functioning desktop instead. After a few days of just updating it's now running smoothly. I just have to get used to not watching tv and playing on the computer at the same time. Hello there, former mentee! How are things?
  5. Hi Browns and everyone else, what's up? Been a while since I posted anything and that's mostly because I have been computerless and I dislike posting from my phone. Soooooooooo. What's new?
  6. Aww, we'll be separated only by a river and three weeks! We could almost have waved to each other
  7. I'm going to Niagara Falls next week! Canadian side.
  8. Happy anniversary! It's only been a year? Feels like you've been around longer.
  9. Like Kathleen said, this is a personal challenge. Some people count rereads, some people don't. Some people count audiobooks and some don't. And so on. I personally don't count childrens' story books or childrens' chapter books that I read at work.
  10. *waves* Hola BB! How are you doing? Now I have Born This Way by Lady Gaga stuck in my head. Thanks Senexx. :P
  11. Can I have some recommendations for good books for the ages 6-9 and 9-12? Anyone? :D
  12. *sneaks in and leaves chocolate blueberry muffins for everyone, then retreats to the quietest corner of the library* Missed you guys.
  13. *waves to all the initiates* Hello! Nice to meet you all. I'm Raena, lurky Brown Sister. How are you all doing? dice, I recently got The Mortal Instruments #1 from the library and am looking forward to reading it! Speaking of, how many of you are like me and prefer to read the book before watching the movie? (I recently read The Great Gatsby for this reason, and though I liked the book I've heard that the new movie isn't so good so I might not even get around to watching it.) Or do you generally watch the movie first? Or don't care?
  14. I finished Cirkeln ("The Circle") and Eld ("Fire") recently. Part 1 and 2 in a Swedish YA fantasy series. They were pretty good! Since I got a job at the library I'm finding so many books I want to read. Best part is that I can read at work and not feel guilty because I'm doing it to become better at my job. I might be at JordanCon next year. We'll see.
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