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  1. He is indeed a cutiepie! As is everyone else's pets! Making it hard for me to type...
  2. I have tired purchasing it from Kobo books, as that is what I have on my BB Playbook, but it has disabled/does not have the credit card number entry field and the buy/purhcase button also seems to be disabled, despite all other fields having been completed. Aqua Did you follow the link I posted or did you try to purchase it from the Kobo app on your Playbook? Because if you click on my link, as long as you set the country to United States or Canada, it should work. If you set it to any other country, the credit card field and the "buy now" button disappear.
  3. With calibre you can read e-books on your computer even if you don't have an e-reader.
  4. My Havanese Dexter as a puppy: Slightly older: Technically an adult but he doesn't think he is. I miss him so much.
  5. 209. When you see a store called "Halina's something something" and read it as "Halima's..."
  6. I remember doing this!!! Back when I was Accepted or maybe even a Novice, for raising points.
  7. Welcome to Dragonmount! You've come to the right place for good WoT discussions. Personally, I rarely join the discussions, but I like to read everyone's theories. I'm more active in the social group part of DM.
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