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Listen up!


Ithi will replace Turin as Storm Leader of the Shadow. Since Ithi is on a LoA all this week, Turin will take care of her tasks this week too as a good bonded. (It´s nice to see that he is loyal to someone at least.) He will not get any points this month though.

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Watch out nyanna it seems that SL is a slippery slope One minute youre staff the next ure relegated!


*dunks him in the extra-thuck gloopy brownie dough and bakes diceto in a pizza oven* :baalzamon: :P


I have my unicorns, they shall keep me from, uh, any steep slopes. So there. Cookie. :tongue::laugh:

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This from someone who got that he is a Lightie from the personality test, and can't even embed an image properly.


I can't even be bothered to go an look at what you attempted to post.


And erm I'm a bloody Storm Leader now, show some respect or that beautiful pink siggy will be the least of your troubles.




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Yeah, awesome.


Thank you so much M'hael. I really appreciate being dragged out of my woodland hideaway like this, plus you don't think that a certain ex SL Turambar is going to be more than a little cross that he isn't getting any points this month, but still has to do all my work.


*Balefires a random Lightie to let off steam*

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I'm doing it aren't I.


*respectful curtsy type thing to the M'hael and leaves muttering stuff about preferring the fun without the responsibility ... Then remembers that she doesn't have any responsibilty cos Asha'man Turin is having to do everything*


Actually this might not be too bad. I just extend my LOA for forever, I keep having fun, he keeps doing the work and everyone is happy.



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This is preposterous! After all the evil I have spread in my tenure as StormLeader to be simply cast aside is flaming beyond just Bloody Blood and Ashes mixed into some Mother's Milk in a cup! To be fired and then still expected to do all the work. flaming insanity. I would go to Talmanes but he is never around so that would be a waste of my time. Bloody bloody bloody ashes.


Ithi, how could you even accept MY job? this is very dissapointing. As far as doing all your work HA!! Forget that! I hope everyone likes their current stats cause I don't see them getting updated anytime soon. good luck being able to those things from your Blackberry..


Bah!!! :angry:


Tina check your PM box.

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You act like I had a choice in the matter.


Also ... Thank you Nya, I only just noticed your well wishes sorry. I guess I was a little bit tunnel visioned when I first read this.


I wonder why ...


Oh yes, it's because I've just been landed right in it, and now my Warder isn't even talking to me. Well that's ok - he doesn't have to talk, he just has to do exactly as he is told. Especially on a Tuesday.



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You didn't exactly try to refuse now did you? They can't make you take the job. MY job. I would have hoped that as my AesSedai you would have supported me first.


Oh Ma'am, Yes Ma'am. Anything you say Ma'am. I am sure that whatever task I am given will be performed to the letter, Ma'am. I wouldn't think of flubbing just to make things go wrong.




Hey Panda, Darthe. I don't have to be a SL to mop the joint up with either of you two. Asha'Man can give pushups to Soldiers too. You might want to remember that if you decide to promote up. I shall be the deeper, darker more midnight blue Leyrann. Let the pushup spree commence. Muahahahahaha




I wonder if there are any openings in the Light Faction? I hear they might need some help...

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Hey guys! Stop the whining. Turin, I never thought I would fire you but you know as well as I that a woman got to do what a woman got to do.


And Ithi, don´t be mean to him. Both of you should be happy that at least one of you can be SL.

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I have no clue what's happening or why, but I think the people involved should start a PM...


Ah, but they like public displays. Plus I have a sneaky feeling that something else entirely is going to happen when Ithi gets back from her LOA. This show is for all of us.


Here, have some popcorn.



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