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the muppets


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Ok so I was reminded today that there is a new Muppet movie coming out and so i got all excited, ran around the house yelling ANIIIIMMAL!!!!!! and came home to get a muppet net fix.


Now I know im not the only muppet fan...EVERYONE loves the muppets!! and if you dont...then you really do!


So i thought id start with the simple question of


Who is your fav Muppet!! note it can include seaseme street, star wars Dark crystal and labrinth

Maybe we should add a pic of our favs?


So to start things off



obviously ANIMAL!




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Lets give this some serious thought.


Or well... thought.


Okay, lets just be completely random!



Animal would probably be a punk Trolloc. Or Perrin on acid. Fozzie Bear would actually fit well as Loial. The Swedish Chef can be Laras neglecting a shave or two.


That's all I can think of at the moment :P






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