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  1. Not quite. German for "One BBQ'd mutton (?) with mayo without tomato sauce to take away please" I was close!
  2. YES WE ALL AGREE TO THE CoC. BUT WHO REALLY BROKE IT ON THAT THREAD? how did those guys from JN even get here? THEY WERE RECRUITED BY STAFF TO MAKE MAFIA EDGIER, NASTER, MORE VULGAR, AND MORE "FUN." THEY KNEW IT WAS A SNAKE WHEN THEY LET IT IN AND IT'S NO SURPRISE IT BIT THEM. No, actually. They were brought over by me, personally, because they are friends of mine who I play mafia with over at a NY Jets fan site, and damn good players, and I wanted to run a game with my friends from here - the ones who actually play mafia, rather than sitting around until the deadline then random lynching every game day - along with my JN buddies, 'cause I thought it would turn out well. Lo and behold, it did . . . great game to mod, and the players had fun. And some folks learned a bit, too. But hey, conspiracy theories are more fun, may as well go with those So now we know who to blame!
  3. I ban reyler for using soap before she maims.
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