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  1. Is Bonded w/Song. *happy*

  2. See, you get yourself 3 or 4 good pals; then you've got yourself a tribe. And there ain't nothing stronger than that.

  3. Happy belated Birthday to Song. Sorry I missed it. :(

    1. hotpocket2006


      I totally forgot to comment on this way back when, but thank you deary<3

    2. paetric


      The bright side is you'll get twice as much next year!

  4. Congratulations Em!!!

  5. strange things are afoot at the circle k

  6. I think it would be more difficult than that. If RJ said that the land of Finns wasn't connected to the world of dreams then I wouldn't think that you could create a link to it from there.
  7. Talmanes hits the nail on the head. While starting out with NS may not ruin the first three books it will ruin EotW. Wasn't NS going to be a trilogy?
  8. The Halls of Mandos are like the Catholic Teaching of Purgatory. Dead Elves stay there and cleanse themselves. Likely through deep meditation etc. Look at Glorfindel, he died in the First Age killing a Balrog, spent his time in the Halls of Mandos, and was then asked to go back to Middle Earth to help the Free Peoples. The only Elf who was allowed to return. The Blessed Land isn't really like the Catholic Heaven Tolkien (and my self) believe in. It's much more closer to the Garden of Eden. The Gift of Men is more appropriate to the Catholic Heaven. When Men (and races like Hobbits)
  9. Good point and good post. I thought him to be older, like into his 50's. But I suppose the age fits. Lan was 25 when Rand was born so if you figure thier age when they left the two rivers and the course of the story then 47 makes sense.
  10. I don't follow your logic. I may be wrong but I thought that during the AOL they had the OP without the presence of the DO. It wasn't until the bore that things went bad. So yeah Rand needs to remake the prison to seal off the DO. Over time he will fade into children stories and legends. As the wheel continues to turn the ability to channel will slowly subside. Eventually Rand and all his antics will just be morphed into another version of Merlin the magician.
  11. Eomer becomes King of the Mark, Sauruman is killed by Wormtail. I think you are confusing the movie version with the books. In the movies Jackson took liberty and added the scene you are talking about, though the elf that died at Helms deep isn't Galadriel's son. When Frodo and Bilbo sail off they are more or less going off to live forever, not to die.
  12. Yeah my mistake. *nods* I still think we tend to give RJ more credit for something that developed over 20 plus years. But I see your point.
  13. I find it hard to believe that the alliance of such a central figure as Verin would not be determined from the very beginning she entered the books. After all, she lies later in the book when she joins up with the heroes and says Moraine sent her, wich she didn't. And from the beginnign she is behaving mysteriously in many ways. I'm definitley think RJ had decided her role from the biginning. I agree completely - besides, RJ has proven himself to be forward thinking in every aspect - plots that we saw unfold later that were present in EOTW... I don't think there was much he did in these
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