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Welcome Dicetosser to the BT


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*Hands Dice some Tainted brownies.* Welcome to the madness known as the Black Tower!


Someone will be sending you a welcome PM before too long. While you are waiting on being added to the private boards feel free to join in on any of our threads on the main board. Right now we are at the end of Light Vs Shadow week.


If you have any questions, please ask away. Oh and don't mind the spam.

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Damn it sis! *goes of to delete the other welcome thread.


The taint has found a new victim. Everyone, please welcome Dicetosser1 to our great tower.


I´m M´Hael, Faction Leader of the Shadow. If you have any questions please send me a PM. You have already taken the test with an excellent result! Now tell us a bit about yourself. What brings you to this madhouse? How long have you been here at DM?


Feel free to jump in in any thread here at the main board until you get access to the hidden ones.

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when you find this, dicetosser, please tell us about yourself. are you already mad, or shall we assist? :baalzamon:


we provide triple taint brownies to speed the insanity. eat all you can hold - it will help you acclimate nicely.


all brownies are self replenishing, so do not worry about the inevitable five finger discount action. oh... an there are some bootleg scones and such going around, but you'll get more bang from the dark dark chocolate taint, i promise :myrddraal:



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Welcome Dice. I am a Storm Leader in the Shadow faction. Enjoy exploring about this tainty place while you wait for your private board access. Any question ask away. Everyone is friendly here although the light siders are a little violent. They blame the taint.


Cindy, those are some naughty looking Brownies *snags 2* and very taintily tasty.

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no im not just some random tosser cindy! I am MIschief Incarnate!!


(lol couldnt resist that was something i tagged myself with the other day to DL)


and i really like the idea of being THE dicetosser tal! thanks!


steals 2 dozen brownies mmmm just as wellt hey are self replicating..i think im gonna get fatter here...



so to biz!


Im dicetosser and ive been kicking around DM since early 05. Mostly at the Band which is how Talya knows me so well but also the Wolfkin so shoutouts to leelou.. and occasionally the ogier...(in case sam shows up..yes sam i know i need to be there more...why dont you try and drag me there??"D)


Im 36 have 2 daughters and live in oz so most of the time you wont see me here live so to speak


Turin If the lightsiders are violent then i guess i know where i will end up! tho i note i havent seen my test results but suspect what they are.


So anyhting i left out? Thanks for the welcome it looks like for once im in an active org as you guys all did this real quick!


Im looking forward to some fun rtandomness with all of you

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