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Welcome, Aiel Heart


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Welcome to the Nut house AH...


Now for the official Tainted Brownies, be careful, they are a bit addictive...;)


*hands AH a plate and puts a weave over it so that she can touch it*


Have fun, and any questions just ask!


I also have to warn you about Ed...he's fabulous good looks will have you following him around like a lap dog, if you don't have a lot of self control!

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Turin's the least trouble of all.







Anyways, welcome AH! I too have been waiting anxiously for you to join our little tainty family. Okay wayhul it might not be so littkle anymore, but there seems to be room for most of us still (cept for me and Turin, this Tower aint big enuff for the both of us :aiel: )


Grab some brownies, flex your spamming fingers, and make yourself at home!

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