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  1. I thought all the novice reqs were complete. per the white tower website. Requirements for Novices Novice Quiz – Ooc. Must be completed before allowed to RP. Arrival: Meet the MoN: – Rp where the Novice first meets the Mistress of Novices. Make it clear whether or not your character has been tested. Novice life: – Organize an Rp with 1 or more Novices or Accepted about daily life in the Tower. One OP Related RP taught by an Accepted or Aes Sedai (must be approved by the MoN) Introduction to Saidar (may be done in 4 threads, 1 post of 250 words per thread)
  2. Weapons Score 4 to 5: Complete 1 Reqs Name of Req: Elective Title of the RP: Wilderness Survival http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/64462-wilderness-survial/page__gopid__1996653#entry1996653
  3. Weapons Score 3 to 4: Complete 1 Reqs Name of Req: Elective Title of the RP:Swift as a coursing river http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/64603-we-must-be-swift-as-a-coursing-river/
  4. "Reqs for NOVICE: CHARACTER NAME" Novice Quiz - [Complete] Arrival: Meet MoN http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/61469-meeting-the-mistress-of-novices/ [Complete] Novice Life http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/62754-soras-freeday [Complete] One OP Related RP - URL - [ - / 4 ] [Complete / Incomplete] * Class 1: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/62189-intro-to-saidar-first-lesson/ [Complete] * Class 2: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/62306-intro-to-saidar-second-lesson/ [Complete] * Class 3: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/62336-intro-to-saidar-third-lesson/ [Complete] * Class 4: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/62373-intro-to-saidar-fourth-lesson/ [Complete] Choice RP: * [Name of Req] - URL - Word Count / [ - / 4 ] [Complete / Incomplete] Three Arches - URL - Word Count - [Complete / Incomplete]
  5. “Alright, I will let you hang there” Koras said as he sat down near Jureal. “But, you will get a small bonus. You will touch Saidin mentee. I hope Teal won’t be jealous. Let the cold enter your body, let it burn you on the inside, focus on it – on the pain you feel, or do not feel. Now, let everything vanish from your mind… close your eyes, do you see the flame?" Jureal nodded that he understood. He was instructing him in the flame and the void. He had spoken to enough warders and other warriors from the wetlands to know what he was talking about. Jureal closed his eyes and saw the flame. He started to chant out loud like the Aiel before a battle."Wash the spears - while the sun climbs high. Wash the spears - while the sun falls low.Wash the spears - Who fears to die? Wash the spears - No one I know! Wash the spears - while life holds true. Wash the spears - until life ends. Wash the spears - Life is a dream. Wash the spears - All dreams must end. Wash the spears - till shade is gone Wash the spears - till water turns dry. Wash the spears - How long from home? Wash the spears - Until I die! Wash the spears - till sun grows cold. Wash the spears - till water runs free. Wash the spears... Wash the spears - while I breathe. Wash the spears - my steel is bright. Wash the spears..." As he came to the final verse he seized Saidin. He felt the Life and taint rush into him. He opened his eyes wide. For the first time he had seized saidin. He was amazed. His senses were sharper he felt more alive then ever. He looked to Koras and said "Thank you Asha'man Koras." He looked around and couldnt help but wonder what he was capable of.
  6. As they came to a stop from there run Koras told Jureal to get a fire started. So he went off nearby to gather dried twigs and some logs for the fire. His new friend seemed as lost as he was and he knew he was going to have to teach Teal to survive. As he came back to the little camp he dug a small pit and went to work starting the fire. As they all sat around the fire Jureal leaned back and sharpened his belt knife. The knife was already razor sharp but it gave him something to do with his hands. He was still unsure about his new mentor Koras. In one point he was strong for a wetlander but he was still an oathbreaker. Although it pained him he thought to himself that he could see himself beginning to like him. “So before we continue into our night run I wanted to tell you that all my mentees went through such journey in order to turn from recruit to a Soldier - the first rank in the Black Tower” Koras said over the sounds of Teal eating. "Any questions you may have I want to hear them all? I will answer them as long as it is nothing personal, and has a connection to the Black Tower” Jureal looked at Teal who was intent on eating so he took the lead. "Tell us about the training to become Asha'man. Such as what is involved and how we advance." He said in a calm tone.
  7. Daniel was just making his way back into the camp with his morning catch. It wasn’t a spectacular catch but he caught two fair sized fish and laid them on a rock as he heard Rekinu cry out. Apparently as Rekinu was checking the snares he stumbled across a wild boar and even managed to kill the large beast. He had some minor wounds that Daniel new he could treat. His mother and father had taught him a few herbs that he could mix to keep it from becoming infected and would help a little with the pain. Daniel gathered up the herbs in mixed it in to a poultice. He tore a few nice sized lengths of bandage from his shirt and went to work on bandaging up his friend. Not as soon as he finished getting Rekinu situated he heard Torvus shouting something from the distance. He hoped that Torvus hadn’t been drinking. That man was the sneakier then a cutpurse in the tower when it came to hiding his alcohol. He broke into the clearing waving his arms and panting furiously. "Crows!" he finally managed to shout. "Killer crows! Headed this way!" Daniel jumped up quickly and looked over Torvus's shoulder. He saw a black cloud coming this way and looked at his friends. "We need some sort of shelter," he said. "We need to find a shelter, like a cave or something." Daniel thought rapidly and he shouted orders without thinking." You guys grab the packs I remember seeing a hollowed out old tree near the river. It’s big enough for us to fit in but we have to hurry. It’s going to be a bloody mess trying to squeeze through the hollow while were getting pecked to death." Daniel helped Rekinu to his feet and started rushing them forward. He grabbed one of the sticks he made into a fishing spear and followed quickly to the river. As they rushed to the river the black mass of crows gained on them rapidly. Daniel kept encouraging his group forward as the first birds swooped in. He bashed and parried beaks and talons the best he could. As the approached the enormous tree Daniel told the others to get inside and be ready to throw up cloaks over the entrance. Daniel spun his makeshift staff as fast as he could to cover the others. He had minor wounds everywhere and he wouldn’t last much longer. There were too many of them. He knew he had to last long enough for the others to be safe and that was all that mattered. He fell to one knee from exhaustion and from all the little cuts bleeding. Just as a last pack of birds flew in for what Daniel thought was the kill he felt Torvus and Rekinu reach out and grab him by the arms and yank him inside. He just lay on the ground looking up at his friends. He knew he was lucky to be alive. “Thank you guys. I don’t think I could have made it in here by myself. Blood and ashes where did those things come from." OOC thank you guys for your patience. im sorry it took so long.
  8. Daniel got out of the boat and sat on the edge of the dock. His arms and legs felt like noodles. He could tell that Rekinu felt much like himself and wasnt keen on the boat ride but it was finally over and on to the next task. As he made it to the end of the dock he heard Visar explaining the next task. Visar was telling the recruits that they were going to do menial task such as construction cleanup. As he was leading them to the site a horseman came up moving fast and rearing his horse. "What news, Guardsman?" Visar said, and the guardsman glanced towards the Tower before looking back. He looked a little hesitant, but he finally made up his mind. "There's been a fire across the bridge! I'm to ask every able bodied man to run over to help stop it spread and put it out, or the entire town there might burn down!" he shouted. Visar didn't even hesitate. Not bothering to turn to the trainee's behind him, he shouted orders, first to them, and then to the man on horseback; "Come on, men, we're going to help put this fire out! We will head there, but be sure to find more help! And on horseback, too! And if you can find an Aes Sedai, get as many as you can!!!" The Guardsman saluted before urging his horse to continue his way to the Tower. As the tower gaurd spoke Daniel felt life pour into him. There was no way he was going to let an entire village burn if he could help it. He summoned up his energy and started running after Visar towards the village. As they ran up it was chaos. Daniel grabbed a large sledge hammer and begin to smash himself a fire break incase the flames headed this way. The others began to do other task. Daniel felt a sense of pride at helping others. he would be sure to donate gold to these people to help rebuild once they got this situation resolved. OOc. i know its a small cheesy post but didnt wanna hold you guys up.
  9. Jureal hung there calmly and listened to Koras give his grand speech and try and intimidate him. He thought to himself how he would love to hang the man outside just as he was now. And he thought to himself "You cant do anything with the power if you are not willing to learn." He was just being stubborn and prideful. He spoke calmly again to Koras "I have to Koras. I let my feelings towards you wetlanders blind me. It will not happen again." although it grated at him to admit he kind of liked Koras. He had honor regardless of his birthplace. "The prophecies did say he will break and change us. I will follow your instructions." Koras turned to look at Jureal and he began to release the weaves holding him in the air. Jureal noticed himself lowering and said quickly "No. Donot release me from my punishment. i earned it and i will endure it." Jureal closed his eyes. He would make the best of this night. And he wasnt about to show this man any satisfaction by showing weakness.
  10. It was the evening after their first training exercise with their new mentor koras. “Does he truelly think running can break me.” He thought to himself. As he was heading back to his tent from that evenings meal he heard “Hey mentee” from behind. Jureal turned around to see the oathbreaker leaning against the barracks. The next thing he knew Koras had channeled a weave of air around his legs and Jureal fell backwards to the ground. Koras started walking, moving the thread of Air along with himself, dragging Jureal behind him. Jureal veiled and went for his spears but koras had caught him in another weave of air. Koras continued dragging Jureal to the training grounds. He hefted Jureal into the air on the weaves of air and rotated him upside down. Jureal stared at the honorless treekiller with a blank expression. Did he really think he would break Jureal? The three fold lands had never broke him and these soft wetlands would never break him. “Now, from this day on, you will wear the black coat, on duty, during training and as far as I am concerned – while you’re asleep” he made a thrust with a third weave of Air and cut the Cadin’sor in half. “You are a servant of the Lord Dragon, and if you want to serve him as part of this Tower you will bend towards its rules”. Jureal hung there suspended in the air. “Do you think your tactics will break my spirit Oath breaker? I do follow the Car’a’carn but I am no ones servant. He is car’a’carn chief of chiefs. But even a chief is not a soft wetlander king. So basically what im telling you is I will serve him how I see fit. I have given up enough of my peoples ways just by coming here and I will retain the rest that I can.” Jureal said in a soft final tone. “Do your worst treekiller but remember this. If you kill me will the car’a’carn be happy to loose a warrior for his cause just because you want to try and mold me into a soft wetlander? Or will your chief of the black tower be happy that you took away a spear that he could use in the last battle?” Jureal said everything calmly and waited to see what he had to say.
  11. As Daniel ran up to the docks Visar was sitting there waiting. He didnt look pleased about how long it took for them to arrive."We're going to have to work on your speed," he said "And what better way to do that than work against the coursing Erinen? The current is fast, and the water is especially cold today," he said with a grin. "You'd best not fall in your you might drown or freeze! This'll be a perfect workout!" Daniel realised his mouth was wide open and he closed it quickly. Visar showed them the rowboats in their docks. "In the same teams you were at, but the odd one out gets to steer the boat! Now, you both are going to row upriver against the current to North Harbor! Get to it! I'll meet you on the other side!" Daniel had been on boats a couple of times in his life and his father even insisted he learn to swim. But this was a rickity ole thing that would probably get capsized about halfway up the river and to make matters worse Rekinu apparently had never been on a boat. Well Daniel thought to himself "No use crying over spilled milk." he got in the boat and took a spot at the oars. "Hey Rekinu you steer I'll row." As he took his seat and picked up the oars Rekinu grabbed the rudder and they set out. Daniel rowed with all his might and by the time he made it to his destination his arms felt like noodles. He sat on the edge of the docks and waited to hear what was coming next.
  12. "Now Sora," Valeri began as she moved back around the desk as took her seat, Sora nervously plucked at her skirts, "Why don't you tell me what happened out in the stables today." Valeri Sedai asked. Sora took a deep calming breath. And started her tail from the beginning. “As you know Valeri Sedai I was taking my free day to work in the stables. Everything was going fine until after lunch. As I was leading the horse I had retrieved from the practice ring back to her stables I came across Accepted Eliza.” Sora steadied herself with a deep breath again and continued. “Ever since we were novices together she had been picking on me. She would call me names and would tell me with since I looked like a baby doll maybe she would treat me like such. I didn’t come to you sooner because when we first met you told me life as a novice was tough and that to be an Aes Sedai I must endure adversity and overcome it. Well today she had taken things to a new level. Never before had she used the power against me. But today she smacked me with a switch of air. When she did she spooked the horse and I lost my temper.” As Sora spoke he kept her eyes on Valeri Sedai’s and she held back the tears. “When I lost my temper I embraced Saidar and wove spirit and threw it at her. At the time I didn’t know what I was doing but with her using the power against me I wanted that to stop and I just went with what felt right. Between the horse rearing and me yelling as I threw the weave which what I now know as a shield I caught her off guard and it slammed home.” Tears began to run down Sora's cheeks but her voice never wavered.
  13. Everyone had done their part and they ate dinner and settled on a watch schedule. Sometime in the night it had started raining and when Torvus came in and woke up Rekinu he was soaked from head to toe. Rekinu took Torvus’s cloak and gave his to Torvus. As the man tried to go to sleep shivering Daniel felt bad. He pulled off his cloak and laid it on top of Torvus and went back to sleep. After a short time later Rekinu laid his hand on Daniel. Him being from the borderlands he immediately started for his belt knife and when realized who it was sat up and wiped the sleep out of his eyes. Rekinu quietly told Daniel about the game trails and such that he found. “Thanks for the tip. Ill set some more snares and see what I can catch. OH and my cloak is laying on Torvus. You can use it. Give me the wet one.” Daniel ducked outside and slowly patrolled the camp area. He went to where Rekinu had told him he saw fresh game trails and fashioned some more snares. He also did a spiraling circuit of the clearing and searched for anything that would be useful. He found a couple more small game trails and set snares. On his way back he checked his snares and still he hadn’t caught anything. But he knew that it wouldn’t be tell morning that he caught anything. He checked over the camp once more and everyone was sleeping peacefully and so he took a spot underneath a tree that had fallen into the crook of another tree. It didn’t keep him dry but it helped. As the sun started rise the rain begin to clear up. And Daniel couldn’t believe he had never taken the time to watch this most spectacular sight. It was beautiful and it made him realize why he wanted to follow the path that he had chosen. To preserve this… As the others woke up Daniel told Rekinu where to find the snares and asked Torvus if he wanted to go fishing. And suggested to the others to gather firewood and see if they could get a morning fire started.
  14. As Amadine and Sora walked through the hallways to the Mistress of Novices chambers Sora became more and more afraid. What if Valeri Sedai stripped her of noviceship and sent her packing. Amadine Sedai had said she was strict and fair but from what she was gathering from her walk she had committed a severe offense. Her legs felt like wet noodles and her mouth was as dry as the Aiel waste. She stood in front of the mistress of novice’s door for what seemed like days as she knocked. She so badly wanted to become an Aes Sedai and it would shame her and her mother’s memory to get kicked out of the tower. She slowly raised her hand up and knocked on the large door and waited. A minute later she heard Valeri Sedai say “Come in.” As she walked into the room she glanced all over like a mouse knowing an owl was flying overhead. She stopped in front of Valeri Sedai’s desk and dropped an almost perfect curtsey. Well it would have been perfect if here knees weren’t shaking like she was in a blizzard. She wet her lips and worked moisture into her mouth before she spoke softer then she had ever spoke before “I am here because I channeled against an accepted Valeri Sedai.” She winced as she waited for the onslaught from Valeri Sedai. When it didn’t come she looked up to see that Valeri Sedai wasn’t in front of her she quickly looked around. Behind her Valeri and Amadine Sedai were talking softly between themselves and panic begin to well in her stomach. She stood there stiff and wondered if she should make a run for it now. She stilled her heart and pep talked herself that she would take the punishment like an Aes Sedai and be done with it. She got her composure. Valeri had finished talking to Amadine Sedai and Amadine nodded to Sora as she turned and left the room. Valeri Walked slowly back around her desk and all of a sudden it felt like the Dark One was standing in the room. She kept her calm composure and waited to see what would happen.
  15. The night before they had overloaded Jureal with useless belongings. They gave him a black suit which he threw in the fire shortly after receiving it. They tried to assign him a room in what the wetlanders called the barracks. Atleast they gave Teal and him the same barracks. He couldn’t believe they actually wanted him to sleep inside of that place. He would never hear anything or know what was happening around him with all that stone around himself. He went about 100 paces away from the barracks on the edge of the forest and pitched his tent. He wasn’t sure if they would like it but he really didn’t care. They Car’a’carn wanted him to learn to channel not to learn to be a wetlander. He wasn’t sure if Teal would join him or if Teal would ever talk to him again after his latest outburst but he made sure to tell him he was welcome to his water and shade anytime he needed it. That night he slept ready to dance the spears just incase. About an hour before the sun rose he got up and went to the training grounds and waited for his first instructions. He wasn’t sure about this Koras. But as he promised he would give the man a chance. A short time later he and Teal were waiting for Koras to arrive. They saw him striding up and as he stopped infront of them he barked “Attention!.” Jureal looked at Teal not sure what this man wanted. “When I say attention, recruits, you have to get in line, hands behind your back, and the man on the right is to salute fist to chest until I salute back. Then he is to return his hands behind is back. This is how it is done” Koras illustrated the Attention stance. “When I say at ease you go to being at ease. Next time it is not done properly, you will be punished. Your training program begins today. My job is to make excellent Asha’man out of you. From what I saw until now, I wouldn’t let the two of your carry water in Tarmon Gai’don” he turned to Jureal “or whatever you redheads call it”. Jureals face tightened slightly as koras tried to gode him. “What I see in front of me now are two lost men, who need guidance. And guidance you will get. It is one of the last times in your life when mistakes will be punished with physical exercise or pain. Punishment for mistakes as Asha’man will be a lot worse. In the end of it, you will be warriors of our Lord Dragon – or however you Aiel call him” Jureal stood there on the brink of veiling and putting a spear through this man but he got control of himself. “If you newbies thought you’d be touching Saidin today, you were wrong. Before a new recruit is allowed to channel, he should first become a Soldier first. Follow me, and I will show you what I call the laps”. Koras lead them outside the tower. “The tower is more or less round in its perimeter. We’re going to do one lap now as a demonstration, and from now on when you will have to do laps, you will know what it means”. Koras started running. Jureal was actually impressed he ran the lap. Most of these wetlanders was quick to tell you to do something they were not willing to do themselves. They ran a total of three laps. At the end of the laps Koras said “Each one of you will have to choose his weapon-of-choice before the next lesson which will be tomorrow; you can go to the blacksmith and tell him your preferences. In the end of our program you will get better weapons, but for now wooden versions will do just fine. Teal you are to bring a long wooden tipped spear for me as well, since we will do weapons training mostly by sparring” Jureal would use his spears. He knew no wetlander could have the skill to duplicate his so he would continue to use his own. And if needed he would find a way to get more from an Aiel Blacksmith. OOC: OP score. 33 WS 8 Back to IC: “For an Asha’man to serve as a Guardian he must be in top shape. You will follow me on a trip now, which will end when I will say so. We will do it running, low pace first. I am sure you Aiel will be able to outrun even me, but we shall test his hypothesis”. For the first time Jureal gave a slight smile. This man actually wanted to run with him. He would show him why his people were known for their stamina and strength at running.Jureal still didnt like this man but he would do what was needed to become and Asha'man and help the Car'a'carn at the last battle. And who knows, this wetlander might actually find a way to show some worth. Jureal gave a slight laugh and continued running. Teal looked at him and Jureal just shrugged.
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