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Welcome, Aiel Heart


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1) I'm a girl. Note the "heart" in the name and the shiny crystal heart avatar :P

2) GRRRRRRR should've waited until you weren't expecting

You two and you're peer pressure *grumbles as she grabs a brownie*

This is my 7th social group here on dm, I am the oldest of 5 and have three dogs as well, am in college, and have read all of the books and am on ToM in my reread. My top three are Aviendha, Nyneave and Egwene. Out of black tower people it's probably Narishma, Flinn and Logain. :P

Anything else?

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Well met Aiel Heart! Glad to see we have lured you here to the taintiest place on earth. I am sure you will enjoy the craziness and Taint as much as the rest of us, if you have any time.(7 SGs, yikes) here are some of the Brownies like I brought to the party.


Enjoy your descent into the madness that is the BT.

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