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Hullo :)


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How y'all going?


I'm new here (Duh). Erm I'm from Australia (Melbourne) and I like WOT - obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be here hey.


Not going to say I'm the biggest fan ever or anything like that, but I do quite enjoy the books, mostly :) I think I've read up to about book 8 or 9, can't remember which, but I decided to wait until the last books were released before getting to the end - there's honestly that much going on in the books I was pretty sure I would forget who was doing what...and I had :)

So I've just started doing a re-read for the first time. I think these books are a hell of a lot easier to digest a second time around! I just started on Dragon Reborn (Perrin just set the other wolf guy free). It's been a good couple of years since I last read these books, so while I do remember some of the more key events in the overall arc, a lot of things are coming as surprises to me, which is nice :)


Anyway, I'll stop rambling now ^_^

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Welcome to DM, Twiggy!


I'm glad you decided to join us. We have here a great lot of WoT stuff including General discussion, social groups (I highly recommend) and role playing groups. You can join as many groups as you want to and none if you like it better so. Don't hesitate to ask if you have problems with something or don't know how something in here works. DM is full of people wanting to help. :biggrin:


So, can you tell which one of the books is your favourite? (I know I couldn't ) Or what is your fave character? (Sorry, AH, took your question :blush:)



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Thanks for the welcome :)


You know to be honest, I can't remember much of the books now to be honest. I might have to tell you once I've re-read them all again lol. I do remember quite enjoying whichever book had the battle at Two Rivers in it though. That said I generally like anything with a good fight in it :D


Favourite character wise, it would probably be Perrin. I've picked up that a few people around here aren't fans, but that's cool. I generally gravitate towards characters who use Axes and not swords, and I really liked the whole Wolf thing that he has going on. I also really liked Bridget (I really can't remember how to spell her name, and she hasn't really popped back up in my books yet).


As an aside, whenever i see DM, I always think of Dungeon Master (The old 80's RPG on Amiga). Will take a bit of getting used to thinking of that as Dragonmount :)

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i forgot -- theres lots of spoilers on this forum.. if you havent read the whole series you have to be careful!!


I'd suggest sticking to the "structured wheel of time" section if you dont want to run into too many spoilers.

You can create a thread there relating to books you've read etc and ask for no spoiler info


Try not to ruin your first read through with too many spoilers ---- or perhaps you dont mind. You did mention you're not a HUGE fan.






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The social groups also tend to not have them. You'll usually be able to tell which threads they'd pop up in too.


Ledinna, not only did you steal my question, you stole my tour! Fall asleep for a few hours and all hell breaks loose. :P


Well, we recommend the Wolfkin for Perrin lovers (WE'RE AWESOME) and also check out the other social groups too because they all have different personalities and ways of doing things (WE'RE AWESOME TOO)*


<----*see here for all of the sgs I'm a part of :D


Rereads are always good. But read the last few books this time!!! THEY'RE AMAZING!!!!!!

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Ah, Twiggy, as you can see people like to fight over the newbies. Not really. We're all just good ole mates around here. Aiel Heart and Ledinna Sedai are always good to show people around and welcome everyone. They're great. A big welcome from the Grizz! Best way to learn the place and people is to just jump in.


By the way, Perrin keeps it real. Thats why he's so great.

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