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  1. Had a bit of a giggle at work yesterday. I work for the local train provider and we've got a new ticketing system which we launched yesterday. The program that we now use to sell tickets is call TOM. I found that very amusing. This has nothing to do with anything, but you're probably the only people I know who'd get the reference :)
  2. Been thinking of purchasing these, I just finished my re-read (Well first time for the last two), so not sure if I want to sit through that much jibber-jabber right on its heels. All the same, where would you recommend getting them if not through Audible?
  3. And I'm also guessing Thom didn't just rock up at house Trakand or the palace one day and say "Sup, I'm your new bard now". He had to of started somewhere to build up his skills and reputation, and that would most likely be in the lower levels of the city. A Gleeman/Bard would generally be striking good relationships with all of the innkeepers he performs for so as to help get future work/better deals. Basil was probably just of a better sort than others and they became pals
  4. I'll go the left field answer with no grounds for it, but he'll kick it at Shayol Ghul. Do like a land reclimation project or some such thing. I'm guessing the Blight won't just suck back into the bore like someone turned on a massive vacuum. Will take time to right all that and I'm going with Rand taking up the job
  5. Faile is probably one of my prefered females in the entire series. Strange Saldean customs/beliefs aside, I actually find her character one of the most straight-forward to read. I dig that she's completely devoted to her man and his survival/success and realisitically has zero interest in the Dragon... In so much that nothing she's doing is to curry interest/favour with Rand, like Berlain was trying to do initially. I must be in the minority, but I actually liked the Ways. Pretty childish, but I dug it
  6. Not overly embarassing I don't think, but said "Peace man!" to a customer at work who was getting very worked up. That's probably about it though I think
  7. I might be getting my people/facts mixed up here do bare with me :) Ishameal (sp?) was able to enter the world periodically and create mischief because he was closer to the edge/surface? If that's so how is the surface area of the seal determined? Like is it a physical distance thing? Meaning he was out back taking a wizz when the companions struck making him further from the center? Or is it something along the lines of he partially resisted the effect? Also, when he did go galavanting about, how did he keep winding up back in the prison/sealant when he was done? Thanks :)
  8. Thanks for the answer - don't know why but I always saw it as a link/conduit between the two. Another question - Whst are Uno and the other Sheinerians with the Rebels doing now? I remember them agreeing to help Bryne train the troops in cavalry but nothing since they jumped to Tar Valon... Or got taken into the Tower fold Ta :)
  9. I'm reading through this thread still (taken me several days on/off so far) but haven't seen yet what I'd like to know. Has there been anything on Fains reaction or has he shown any effects due to Shadar Logoths destruction during the cleansing? Being such a big part of him/Mordeth I kind if expected there'd be something at least
  10. I'm going with slips on some moss on rocks of SG and splits the back of his head open
  11. Going off that bottom part I wouldn't mind seeing both being able to be found by her, but she can only save one of them. After some tearful moments she knows she must abandon Lan. "Save the Sheepherder, save the world" if you will
  12. Think Moiraine said the Elfinn killed Lanfear. Were too eager to drain her power as they hadn't had an Aes Sedi in so long and they killed her (Hence took longer with Moiraine when draining her) Somebody feel free to correct me though
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