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  1. I didnt like the books.. really. I'm halfway through clash of kings now. GRRM has failed to maek me care about most characters - with the exception of jon snow and arya - and killed off some of the others i did like. Theres some intersting stuff going on but i lose interest because i couldnt give a damn who wins teh throne because he hasnt made me care about enough about the baratheons/lannisters/greyjoys etc or the major characters in those houses. do i bother to keep reading?
  2. i bought this in paperback in Australia well over 6 months ago...... How is it only now being released in paperback?? hasnt it been in paperback form in the US/europe until now?
  3. LOL no. it was an honest thankyou. I looked on the front page of the forum and it said "ask a simple question, Get... contempt" .. i though it was hilarious so i took my screenshot and made it my signature. Thanks.
  4. Hey stone_dog. Welcome to DM. Please tell us who your favourite characters are and what your favourite scene is so far? If you look around the forum you'll meet lots of nice peepz and..... well.... several quite frightening ones as well. There are some great sections for WOT discussion or general discussion and even roleplay if you're into that sorta thing!! We hope you enjoy your stay here. Peas!
  5. Thats a really good question. Even if she didnt know... you could argue that she was trying to be nice to him by outwardly appearing calm, even if she was not.
  6. I think that rand and the ashaman/aes sedai should get all their sa'angreal (callandor/chodean kal/wand/etc) and angreal, create the biggest circle they can make with men and women... and then pick up dragonmount, invert it and dump it into the bore. That'd be sweet.
  7. The day you decide to sell it, let me know. Given i know how little you paid for it - dont expect me to give you $500 for it though haha
  8. OoO thanks Sam! :) I'll make sure I post a few q's.
  9. yeah the shayol ghul social group is mostly about tickling and such. Its not really "Evil". And its even PG13 tickling... *sigh*
  10. Hi, If you dont like spoilers or havent finished all the books in the series so far - post/read the structured Wheel of Time forum. If you have read all books - go nuts. If you like roleplay - Nynaeve can tell you all about it, when she's not watching TV. Tell us who your favourite characters are and what your favourite scene was in WoT !! Get to know the natives. Most of them arent bad although some are a little over-enthusiastic......... Peas.
  11. stay.... away... good! keep it that way!
  12. hmmn the foretelling is probably not related to him anyway - he's a damodred not a trakand and isnt reeeaaally part of the royal house of andor. He's got more going for him than gawyn and elayne though as far as "The Last Battle" goes.. he's a better swordsman than elayne and gawyn he has more personal followers than elayne or gawyn - who can all fight. I doubt the kin will actually fight anyone but thats open to speculation i guess. (If we count the army of andor/cairhein then perhaps he doesnt.) elayne cant channel to save herself anymore gawyn is rather rash/unreliable/tied up with egwene/consumed by hatred of rand/etc
  13. I can barely focus one 1 thing at a time when i'm pissed ,let alone hundreds. Rand MUST be superman
  14. uniting the whitecloaks and bringing them to TG would be a good start. You're probably right in that it refers to more than one of the family members. A house is more than 1 person.
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