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NFL 2011 Weekly Pickem


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Will people finally realize Tim Tebow sucks? I think not. Tebow-mania is lethal it seems. People have it till they die and can't shake it. *sigh* There is one cure though. Actually watch him play!!!!!

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Week #8 - results


Ravens - 27/30

Giants - 17/20

49ers - 10/20

Bills - 0/23

Lions - 45/10

Bengals - 34/12





and agrees that this thread is full of winning, literally. Everyone who picked this week won, so congrads!


First, is our Vatican Assasin, with a pick for the Rams who had a post World Series high going on and securing himself 10 points is Ishy!!!!!


Sam must have Adonis DNA, for he picked the Ravens and scored a solid 2 points!


And last but certaintly not least is the upstart Lions, proving that Lions Blood is just as good as Tigers Blood this week. So heres to you, Boyo, Hax, Turin, Troilen and Red for securing a whooping 5 more points!

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