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  1. Thank you for sharing your read through. It is always fun to see people reactions to scenes for the first time or to see what theories they have when we already know the outcome. Once again, thanks.
  2. Sanderson actually wrote out a whole story arc about the rise of Demandred in Shara, but Harriett and TOR cut it since they felt it dragged the story too much in the final book. There will be a short story release of this cut material in some named anthology which I forget at this time. Pay close attention to Graendal's actions in that chapter and what is going on in the real world.... *hint*
  3. As for the wierdness in the story arcs, keep inmind that this is a Franken-book. It is several neglected storylines catching up to the end of Gathering Storm, all the while, the Gathering Storm story continues. So it can get confusing when examined. So just keep in mind Perrin and Ituralde (and maybe Mat) are in catchup mode while Egwene, Rand, Nyneave, etc are ahead.
  4. haha... some interesting insights from fresh newbie eyes.
  5. Anyone else hum to themselves, "Ride of the Valkyries" while Egwene was blasting Seanchan? It's actually good that Rand did not meet with the Borderlander Army right now. It would not have ended well.
  6. Sanderson did say that he intended to write it as himself rather than trying to parody Robert Jordan as that would have been difficult and awkward to pull off. So expect some slight shifts in wording and characters which get flavored by Sanderson, not intentionally, but just from the fact that the way Sanderson would word something is different than the way RJ would. Otherwise, you are in for a great read till the end! P.S> the opening part about the farmer with the anvil and storm was almost pure Robert Jordan. His wife played a recording of him dictating that scene at the first JordanCon.
  7. KoD brought to a close many storylines to satisfying conclusions. I am glad RJ was able to bring to a close the way he wanted them to. Now we look at the Sanderson/RJ hybrid. Buckle up, it's going to be a wild ride!
  8. As tedious as this subplot went, the ending battle at Malden was very well done. Plus it showed the first Randlander/Seanchan joint attack in the series. The Rand/Tam meeting leads to one of the best scenes in the books, IMHO. I was sad to Rolan getting off'd by Perrin but that is the fog of war.
  9. Keep in mind that it was while finishing CoT and writing KoD that Robert Jordan found out about his disease and its prognosis. So no doubt he decided that if he wanted a chance to finish the series, he had to start wrapping things up. The last 3 books were intended to be one really long book before he passed which means KoD would have been the book before the end.
  10. I rather liked Path of Daggers and Winters Heart which are two of the books which get some serious heat. Crossroads of Twilight I think is the worst (even RJ thought he missed on it's planning).
  11. Ah Verin, what is she up to? *snicker* You'll see....
  12. I wonder what the chances are of the TV series getting one ending loosely based upon GRRMs notes and another completely different "Official Ending" via the books?
  13. Without having access to Bookscan or being employed by TOR, it is hard to know what the sales numbers for a book is until a press release is given out. Until then, we can only speculate. Seeing how it spent a full 2 weeks at #1 on the NYT list, it is likely the highest selling WoT book ever. It also would rank highly on the top sellers ofthe year. Beyond that, it will be hard to tell. GRRM has a tendacy to get a boos from the HBO show.
  14. Should be interesting considering how his scenes played out in AMOL.
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