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  1. Well isn't GRRM consulting the series? Couldn't he tell them how he envisons it ending so that the book and series match?
  2. Well, I guess I'll look into getting the rest. Thanks!
  3. So I've recently come into possesion of the first two books of this trilogy. Has anyone read it, is it any good? Should I even bother getting the third book?
  4. Eastern North Carolina. From a town no one has heard of, 'bout an hour east of Raleigh.
  5. Aimee Teegarden “Recent polls have shown that a fifth of Americans can’t locate the US on a world map. Why do you think this is?” Miss South Carolina Lauren Caitlin Upton “I personally believe, that U.S. Americans, are unable to do so, because uh, some, people out there, in our nation don’t have maps. And uh… I believe that our education like such as in South Africa, and the Iraq, everywhere like such as… and, I believe they should uh, our education over here, in the U.S. should help the U.S. or should help South Africa, and should help the Iraq and Asian countries so we will be able to b
  6. I think the best way that I can describe it (Belgariad) is that it's a relaxing read. It's fairly simplistic in the number of characters, and plot. So you don't have to think a lot about it, but it's still entertaining. I'm also a fan of the Elenium and Tamuli (also Eddings).
  7. SBoydW

    9/11 Memories

    I was a senior in High School and I was home sick on the sofa flicking through the stations. I had a similar reaction as Dewairah. I thought it was a movie until I realized that I had stopped on CNN. This was just before the second tower was hit. I was just stunned, shocked, disgusted... not sure what to feel. I remember seeing the second tower get hit, and then hearing reports of the pentagon getting hit, the south tower collapsing, the flight 92 crashing then the north tower collapsing. Still, 10 years later, I don't have any words to describe the range of emotion from grief to fury.
  8. Yeah my jaw hung open for a few seconds after the national anthem botching, though it sounds like it was fortunate that I then had to go to work and didn't get to see the half-time show. Of course I've never really been a fan of the half time show, the Super Bowl is about football. Period.
  9. I'm starting a Fantasy Baseball league. For anyone that is intereted please visit the Sports Discussion board. All neccessary info to join is in the Fantasy Baseball thread stickied at the top.
  10. For the sports fans out there please feel free to come by and join the newest group at DM, the Dragonsworn!! Our focus is all things sports. If you are a fan of any sport please come on by and join an existing discussion or start one of your own!!
  11. 'llo Newbers!!! Just letting you guys know about the new Discussion Group here on DM! It's located on the Dragonsworn boards and is all about sports. Discuss anything from competitive cup stacking to the NFL, rugby, Soccer/Football (for all you euro peoples out there :P ) its all fair game. So if your interested to let your your sports knowledge dominance come on by and strut.
  12. Builder, I'm not a mod over this board, but you need to chill it down. Your behavior is unacceptable.
  13. I had just started reading the books probably middle of '06 for the second time (only made it to FoH the first time before I got distracted by something else) and I saw my brother (aka RobertAlexWillis) writing up a post. I looked over his shoulder for a month and a half or so (that was my lurking period) then I finally signed up for my self. I actually had to sign up twice because the first time I signed up I didn't log on right away and when I did come back a few days later to make a post I had forgotten my password. So I signed up again in December and now here I am.
  14. Welcome to Dragonmount Jehaine! There are lots of wonderful things to do here. There are great book discussion boards here and a wonderful RP section. But I'm here to tell you about the Wolfkin. We're the Nature organization here on Dragonmount. We have a thread for people to post pictures that they've taken or you can just browse it if you're not that great a photographer. We also like to have fun. We're the unofficial Party Organization as well. So if you're up for a good time come on by and check us out. Look forward to seeing you around
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