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  1. 'llo Newbers!!! Just letting you guys know about the new Discussion Group here on DM! It's located on the Dragonsworn boards and is all about sports. Discuss anything from competitive cup stacking to the NFL, rugby, Soccer/Football (for all you euro peoples out there :P ) its all fair game. So if your interested to let your your sports knowledge dominance come on by and strut.
  2. Builder, I'm not a mod over this board, but you need to chill it down. Your behavior is unacceptable.
  3. Welcome to Dragonmount Jehaine! There are lots of wonderful things to do here. There are great book discussion boards here and a wonderful RP section. But I'm here to tell you about the Wolfkin. We're the Nature organization here on Dragonmount. We have a thread for people to post pictures that they've taken or you can just browse it if you're not that great a photographer. We also like to have fun. We're the unofficial Party Organization as well. So if you're up for a good time come on by and check us out. Look forward to seeing you around
  4. The most important bit of info you need to know is Check out the Wolfkin Org. ;D But please do check out the rest of the site too... there's a lot of great stuff/places.
  5. ..... ::) Ladies and Gentlemen, my jester!!! Give him a round of applause. Don't forget to put your outfit on.
  6. ALrighty my little wolfie pals. Thanks everyone for the turn out, I think this went fairly well. I'm locking this side of the party since it's been around for a while, the wolfkin side will still be open.
  7. I.... must.... join.... the ... wolfkin.....
  8. Hey all the newbies out there!!! come on in! you don't have to neccesarilly want to join the wolfkin to party with us... though we may try and brain wash you! :P :P
  9. *sneezes onto several bowls of chilli and acouple jugs of TQ* i guess no one will wnat those now hehehehe *takes said bowls and jugs and consumes thier contents*
  10. Whewww.... Thanks for doing all the hard work Talya.... ;D *eats some chilli and downs a jug of TQ* mmmmmmmmm mmm That's good suff.
  11. Welcome new folksies! This here little thread is going to be a party thred for you newbie types folk to get to know us loveable Wolfkin, the most partyingest group and fun lovin' bunch there ever was! An if you be likin us here, well come on over and check us out and maybe stick around fer good! http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,21383.msg557281.html#msg557281 eh hem Okay now that I'm talking right again.... Let's party! *rolls in the vats of chilli and the kegs of tequilla* Ya'll ready fo' dis?
  12. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or concerns. ;D
  13. Welcome to DM! You're right this site is quite complicated, but only because it has SO MUCH to offer. Try not to get stuck over in the RP, we'd ove to see you over in the Wolfkin. We're one of the Orgs. here at DM. The nature org to be exact, and the unnoficial party org. We have loads of TQ and vats upon vats of chilli. Some come on by and check us out. ;D
  14. ;D I understand. Do what you think you can and have fun!
  15. Welcome to DM! Talys stole my thunder.... again >:( ;) :P :D But just to second a couple of topics Wolfkin AWESOME! Organized games FUN!
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