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NFL 2011 Weekly Pickem


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Each week i'll post games for you guys to select from; there will be 4 categories. Games worth 2 points, games worth 4 points, games worth 5 points and the Hail Mary which is worth 10 points.


You are only allowed to offically pick one, please put the team you pick in a different color font than what you type in listed in to make it easier on me. If you pick the winner, you get the points. The person with the most points gets an e-cookie and bragging rights on DM until next season for knowning your stuff when it comes to football.


i'll keep an updated list of points in this post. and heres a link to the Playoff Rules


useful links - NFL Standings & Points Spread

the current weeks pick is Week #20 click the link to be taken directly to the picks.


Player List


Boyo - 54

Az - 110

Wombat - 20

Hax - 50

Red - 26 Ravens - 26 points

Turin - 132

Sam - 07

Troilen - 00

Ishy - 00

Andrej - 00

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Week #1 - 09/06 to 09/12



2 points

Texans vs Colts

Vikings vs Chargers


3 points


Cowboys vs Jets

Bills vs Cheifs



5 points

Lions vs Buccaneers

Steelers vs Ravens



Hail Mary (10 points)


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Week #2 - 09/13 to 09/19

2 points


Jaguars vs Jets

Packers vs Panthers


3 points


Bears vs Saints

Ravens vs Titans



5 points

Browns vs Colts

Eagles vs Falcons

Hail Mary (10 points)


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that actually makes alot of sense, it'll give people more time to pick them if they want to as well. so the weeks will run Tues - Mon, and i'll update the points and stuff on Tuesdays from now on *nods*


thanks wombat!!

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Methinks Red has been drinking a little early.





Saints are overrated. They could get beat by the Mini-Bears this weekend.



and yet we see who whipped whos butt on Sunday :tongue: i make my best predictions when i have a little captian in me :laugh:

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Week #2 - results


Jets - 3/32

Packers - 30/23

Saints - 13/30

Titans - 13/26

Browns - 27/19

Falcons - 31/35

so the popular pick this week was the Eagles, but Vick just couldn't bring it to his old home, though it was a good game and the points we're close.


the only two to get points this week were: Az with his choice of the Browns for 5 points and Red for the outstandingly smart pick of the Saints for 3 points



Week 3 picks will be up tomorrow and the points are updated.

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