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NFL 2011 Weekly Pickem


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Kansas City at Detroit

Oakland at Buffalo

Tampa Bay at Minnesota

Chicago at New Orleans

Baltimore at Tennessee

Cleveland at Indianapolis

Jacksonville at NY Jets

Seattle at Pittsburgh

Arizona at Washington

Green Bay at Carolina

Dallas at San Francisco

San Diego at New England

Houston at Miami

Cincinnati at Denver

Philadelphia at Atlanta

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Week #3 - Results


Steelers 23/20

Bills 31/34

Titans 14/17

Saints 33/40

Buccaneers 13/16

49ers 13/8



the Steelers pulled off the win, but the Colts gave it a good run. they played outstanding, especially since the team is nothing without Manning.


with the results, wehave a few winners!!


Turin gains 2 points for his pick of the Steelers

Red gets 3 points for pickign the ubber great Saints

Boyo & Wombat get 5 points each for goign with the 49ers

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gotcha added, but i doubt the Boys will win. lions are a beast this year and Romo just isn't bringi ng his A game any more. with that said, the Boys play better without romo :tongue:


Actually last year at the beginning, without Romo, we went like 1-7. We are already better than last year with Romo 2-1. Plus the only thing that saved us these two past games were Romo (and the kicker). The Lions need to be taken down a notch. So they're undeafeated right now. It's still the beginning of the season. :tongue:

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