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NFL 2011 Weekly Pickem


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gotcha added, but i doubt the Boys will win. lions are a beast this year and Romo just isn't bringi ng his A game any more. with that said, the Boys play better without romo :tongue:


Actually last year at the beginning, without Romo, we went like 1-7. We are already better than last year with Romo 2-1. Plus the only thing that saved us these two past games were Romo (and the kicker). The Lions need to be taken down a notch. So they're undeafeated right now. It's still the beginning of the season. :tongue:


i thought Romo had gotten hurt near the end of the season and Kitna held his ground ... might have been the year before that when the Saints won the Superbowl.



lions don't need to be taken down a notch, it's about time they started playing this good given ther past records :tongue: seeing how many people are pickign from this game, atleast we can all agree its gonna be the best one out of the games listed :happy:



i've got everyone added up to this point

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Week #4 - results


Buccaneers - 17/24

Chargers - 16/26

Bears - 29/34

Dirty Birds Falcons - 30/28

Titans - 31/13

Lions - 34/30


we had alot of winners Week 4!! Good picking this time aroudn guys. although i called it on Romo not pulling it off, and did you guys see Garcia's 90 some yard return last night in the Colts game?! fantastic!! thoguh i do think his foot went out of bounds *nods*


so are winners are


with 5 points each


we have Wombat with a great choice of the Titans and Troilen, Turin, Hax & Boyo with the smart choice of the upstart Lions!



congrads on getting 5 points guys!

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Week #5 - 10/04 to 10/10



2 points


Jets vs Patriots

Saints vs Panthers

3 points


Bears vs Lions

Raiders vs Texans

5 points

Bengals vs Jaguars

Cardinals vs Vikings


Hail Mary (10 points)


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These are some tough ones this week! Wow, I'd say the saints are probably the safest pick, however the panthers almost beat chicago, and almost beat green bay too....hmmmm, I'd be on upset alert were I New Orleans.


I think a steady dose of AP is going to give the Vikings their first win of the season =)

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yeah, siants offense can run circles aroudn the Panthers D; and don't even get me started on our average D up against their semi okay Offense :tongue: theres a reason why the Panthers are bottom of the division



i'll try and get a wider selection of teams up next time; when i pick them for the list, i look more at the numbers, rather than the match ups.

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Week #5 - results


Patriots 21/30

Saints 30/27

Lions 13/24

Raiders 25/20

Bengals 30/20

Vikings 10/34



too bad no one picked our Hial mary team the Seahawks this go around; they laid a beat down on the giants 36/25.



so our winners this go around are


With 2 points, we have Red, with a safe choice of the Saints.


With 3 points, we have Ishy with a good pick of the Lions.


and with 5 points we have the Sam & Wombat who chose the Bengals; and Hax & Troilen with a pick for the Vikings



good job this time around guys!!



given that this is the end of Week 5, i'll post who our leaders are right now




we have a 4 way tie for 3rd with 10 points a piece: Boyo, Az, Troilen & Hax


in 2nd is our runner up with 12 points: Turin


and in first, with a whopping 15 points: Wombat



we've got 11 more weeks to go, so it's still anyones game!!

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