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I have a dragon cave accout its Eugene333. I was jw if anyone could tell me how often the habitats like alpine and all restock with eggs. I use to know but i took a break and forgot. O and one other thing my dream is to collect nebula dragons or atleast get one of each color and all if anyone could or would be intrested in helping me plz. O and one more thing is it true that if you breed one of your dragons that came from either alpine or desert zone with someone elses dragon from one of those 2 zones it has small chance to be a nebula dragon? read that somewhere.

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They refresh every five minutes or so I believe. And then (this could just be me imagining) but biggerish new drops at 10 minute and even bigger ones at half hour. Then hours tend to be really nice drops, especially in DragonCaveTime night.


Nebulas are rarer, so I'd keep an eye out in the abandoned cave or in the alpine if you want a cave born. The caveborn Alpine ones are going to be more likely to be dropped at the hour intervals.


And I've never heard of that nor do I believe there's a way to breed your dragon with someone else's...

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Nebulas drop in the Alpine and Desert Biome.  TJ did some moving around on where dragons dropped later last and i haven't seen a Nebula drop in the Alpine since then, so idk if they still drop there.  i do know that they drop in the Desert though.



AH, idk if TJ implemented a refresh in the system, but tiny new drops happen every 15 minutes (only if the biome is cleared out).  The hourly drops are the best time to get eggs and thats when your highest chance of getting a rare egg are becuase thats whent eh cave is most active



Also, i have no clue who told you that about breeding; you can only breed dragons on your scroll, and you cannot trade adults or frozen hatchies.   the only way to get a nebula is to catch one in the cave (AP or CB), breed 2 nebula's together, or a nebula with another dragon.  this is the sme with all dragons, excluding vampires, Neglecteds and hybrids.




edit - new release happened this Sunday.  TJ altered the time the drop started to 1pm cave time when more people were on.  they drop in the Jungle and Coast and are both Drakes.

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yep got 2 of each so far.


there Drakes, and dont have dimorphism.  so i dont expect that they'll be hard to catch after the initial release.  i'm glad to have a few more Drakes to play with.

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yes there is, Dav  ^_^





i have one male GoN (failed to summon my 2nd this week), but i'm going to be looking to set up some swaps for commons and Avatars.  i plan to do Checkers, so i can breed an unrelated 3G of each type :)



on an unrelated note.  OMG i finally got a decent mate for my stubborn little twisted marrow babies lineage



twisted was an AP catch last halloween, i've got 2 seperate 2G Shimmerkin, and 2 other green coppers with similar lineages as Skates that Twisted rejected (one copper was from a Marrow named Voldemort <_< i was very upset when twisted rejected her to say the least)


but now i have a non-holiday mate to breed twisted to that makes a very nice looking lineage.




@ Wheel - you never responded to my PM :unsure:  did you still want to trade for the shimmer?   its been a stubborn line <_<

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What do you guys think of the new eggs?


If anyone happens to get a CB Ice they don't want, I'm looking for one (or two actually)! I can breed you something from my scroll or promise you a child of the lineage I'll use it for!

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