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I have a few plateds that I don't want and no one seems to want to trade for. I may just release them into the wild :P

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I'll take em lol


Any egg born on April 1st is still showing as the egg sprite. It's not a glitch, its intentional, so no one be freaked out by it lol


I have 5 of em. Two blue gems, a spring and 2 rivers.


I find it amusing still, I'm thinking of these hatchies as being a bit mentally retarded.


I keep thinking if this happening


*hatchie walks up to a dragon wearing an egg shell*


Hatchies: April fools *laughs*


Dragon: *puzzling, yet annoyed look* April 1st was 3 days ago little one. Your a bit late to the punch line.


Hatchies: April Fools! *laughs some more*


Dragon: were you hatched under a power line, or did your mother eat paint chips when she was forming you?


Hatchies: APRIL FOOLS! *almost crying their laughing so hard*


Dragon: *walks away bewildered* I just don't understand the youth of today

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*grins like mad* 


i dont have a CB prize, but so far i've successfully collected at least 1 line from 15 of the 2015 prize dragons and have IOUs out from reliable people i've traded with for a few years now for about 50 other lines.  none of them are 2G's and i dont care  *snuggles her massive collection of shinies*



all ur prize dragons be belonging to me  XD



heres a link to my collections if anyone if interested






if you have a line from a CB prize i dont have and want to swap please message me  ^_^  or if you see a line you want message me, majority of my lines i tend to gift (especially ones form older prizes or the longer gens, ie 5th gen & higher).


i'm always happy to swap and spread the shiny love, and willing to trade some of my shorter lines for other eggs other than prize swaps.

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I'm really not crazy about prize dragons. It's spriter's alts that I love! 


My personal pride and joy, which had been auto-abandoned in the holiday season and picked up by yours truly!


I also love her


Others in my collection include him, him, him, and several of Penk's descendants. I really need to make a spreadsheet of them somewhere...





Btw, Red, do you happen to have CB pumpkins?

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google docs is wonderful for keeping track of lines.  Spirit of Healing and Humble Spirit are absolutely geourgous!!


catching 2G's from the spriters alts is a great thing  :wub:    i missed a 2G valentine from a tinsel by being locked this past year  XD 


right now i have these gems in my collection


Lady and Twisted we're caught 2 years ago back to back.  both the Alts are from the same spriter.  i sent her a message to thank her and let her know they would be well loved  :wub:   Lady is a sweetie, she tends to be a great producer and generally speaking i have little headaches from her.


her sibling Twisted however <_<  is a brat.  he's rejected 3 hard to get mates i've procured for him - http://dragcave.net/lineage/ldk0R, http://dragcave.net/lineage/zpWHt & http://dragcave.net/lineage/YvNts .   he's also a hard producer and beyond stubborn.   i was a bit non-pluss about the rejection from the copper i listed ...  given the marrow's name in that lineage is Voldemort  *sigh*


i still wouldn't trad Twisted for all the world though.  him and Lady are hands down my fav dragons on my scroll  :wub:  both have Lady and Twisted have holiday and non-holiday mates ^_^


Lady: http://dragcave.net/lineage/5qBiO & http://dragcave.net/lineage/Wervy

Twisted: http://dragcave.net/lineage/iDSk8 & http://dragcave.net/lineage/sZNE7


i intend on breeding myself a 3G Heartseeker from Lady this year, and a 3G Ribbon Dancer from Twisted next year.  i'm already breeding a 3G perfect Marrow mate for each of these future offspring this year as well.  so i'll be able to take those two checkers to the 4th gen in a few years *grins*


this year i caught him :)   and i'm on Winya's list for both a Hellhorse and a Marrow from her this year.  i'm ubber excited about that *nods*   i dont have a good mate for the Radient Angel yet.  i'm hoping to trade for a 2G Female Silver Shimmer form a Radient Angel one year ....  but i'm not holding my breath for a 2G prize XD   right now i've been breeding him with 2 prize-kins that Twisted rejected, but i'm not happy with either pairings tbh.  i'm thinking about a green copper from a Radient Angle will look good though, but its still not perfect ya know ^_^


i'm also on the list for a marrow from Chloe  :)


i caught Alice this year as well ^_^  and i'm trading a winter magi offspring from the line this year for an Arsani form Malificent.


Kenetics is the last one, and i traded for him.  right now i've been using Mofo as a mate, but i'm not happy with the pairing tbh.  i'm building Mofo a checker mate with female brown coppers and balloons, so i'm thinking i want to eventually hunt down a 3G perfect prize checker with Gold female prizes & whites.

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if we do, i hope its another batch of pygmy/two heads/drake ...  or hybrids.


i've come to dread regular new releases ...  i hate the Almadines and Spessi's are as hard to find as Coppers  <_<

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I need one more Spessi for a lineage... I have everyone else breeded except those that are to be his descendants >.>

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Btw, if anyone could help me get two more CB springs in the next week (before the solstice and they change to summers) I would really appreciate it!

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So the new release dragons are BEAUTIFUL


I liked the adults a lot more than I thought I would.


Too bad I traded but all of one of mine away--but on the bright side I FINALLY HAVE MY LAST SPESSI AND CAN COMPLETE THAT LINEAGE NOW!!!!!!!!!!


Xenos will come eventually

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yes the new releases are LOVELY!!!


i have a male and female of the Alpine, Volcano & Coast and a Male from the Forrest.  all i need is a pair of each for right now, though i'm thinking of hoarding the Jade, Black and Blue ones  :wub:


its a shame they're so hard to catch now :(



@heart - if you need any 2g's when mine grow up, let me know ^_^

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What I saw tonight:


1 Silver

1 Volcano Xeno

1 Forest Xeno

1 dino

2 leetle trees (I already have one though)


The one I finally managed to catch: Desert Xeno


Also got a new volcano pyral because the Spessi I traded for refused his intended >.>


Also recently caught a new thunder and an ice



The Gaias (forest) are my favorite--don't have any of them yet though.


Have two Alpine and two Volcano, plus the Mageia mentioned above (now influenced male). 


Grrr these things are turning me into a cave sitter. All this stuff I want to get done? Sleep? Nope going to sit here and watch the cave until I am egg locked >.< 


XD gifts from Red and my continued obsession with Nebbies is helping a bit with that though!

Will have three open egg slots by this time tomorrow... Oh plus my green nebbie will have grown up all the way.


GRAAAAH why am I this excited over pixels?!?!!?

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I just caught my first CB Silver



And in other news I've now missed two CB golds today.

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Are any of you still doing this? I played around on it for  the first time today :smile:


Here's my first oneesssss   :laugh:



a turp, two drakes and a dark myst pygmy  :) 



yep i still play it loads ^_^  AH does as well, and i think Leelou does as well as Nyn *nods*


welcome to the addiction of pixelated dragons XD



Halloween is starting in a few weeks (the 25th to be exact) so its a good time to join up.  the AP http://dragcave.net/abandoned will have all of the previous years dragons in it, which will only be bred dragons, and on the 31st the new Halloween specific breed will drop in the biomes (Alpine, Desert, Coast, ect) and those will be limited.  its the only time you can catch em CB (CB = Cave Born, which means they have no lineage, which are what you're 4 babies are.)


you'll need some Red's and Pinks.  Red's incubate the eggs to make em hatch a day faster, pinks allow you to influence the gender of the egg, so you can make em go male or female.  let me know when your's hatch in 4 days and i'll breed you a few reds and pinks ^_^


you'll need to put you're eggs in hatcheries to make em get views, unique views and clicks, so they can hatch and grow.  wait until they hit the 6Day 15 Hour mark before putting them into hatcheries, or else they'll get sick.


heres a list of Hatcheries you can use




here is the link to the Help page thats basic info for getting started ^_^  if you need any help, shoot me a PM

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Oooh, thank you, Red!


I love dragons... I don't know how good this new addiction is going to be... :tongue:


I'm happy to be joined. Although I have no idea what Reds and Pinks are, I'm happy to be joined. Ahahaha!

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XD  its very addictive.  its sorta like playing Pokemon, only instead of fighting them, you get to breed and trade them.


this site is the Wiki: http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Cave_Wiki


it has all of the info about the site, to include where certain eggs drop and what they eggs grow to become.


theres no clear set way to play, most of the "goals" are user defined.  so its kinda like Minecraft in that sense.  so it realy depends on what play style you grow to fit into.


most people have collection goals.  they aim out to get at least a male and female (most aim to get more than one pair) of CB's per each dragon type, or the lowest generation possible of ones that can't be caught in the cave.


others, spend their time trading prize dragons (Shimmers and Tinsels).  each year around Christmas time theres a raffle held, and around 600 winners are picked to get either a CB Shimmer or a CB Tinsel. 


others focus on building lineages, which is where you focus breeding specific dragon types (normally dragons the user has a particular fondness for) together to make a certain pattern or to get to a certain lineage.


Checkers and Pure Bred Even Generations (PB EG) are the most common lineage projects people typically pick.  Checker involve 2 or more different breeds in a checker board patter.  Pure Breds are with only 1 breed. example of a Pink and Red Checker and PB EG Moonstone example


most (like myself), do a mix of the above.




most dragons can be caught in cave, though some are much harder to catch than others.  the only exceptions are


Gaurdian of Natures (GoN's) can only be gotten via summoning.  this uses an Ice, Magma & Thunder (dubbed Trio's) dragon combo.  once you have at least one of each of these you can use the Summon Breed Specific Action (BSA) to try and get a GoN on your scroll once every month.  the more Trio's you have, the higher % chance you have to summon a GoN.  they Trio's are moderately hard to catch in cave, let me know and i can breed you a starter set, they wont be 2G (2nd generation) but it'll give you a way to breed your own hoard to summon with.


Prize Dragons are gotten through trading, unless you win in the raffle, which is like a .5% chance because the user base is so big.  theres two different types, the Western which is called the Tinsel Dragon and Shimmers which is the Eastern type.  both variations come in 3 color variations: Gold, Silver & Bronze.  most people are willing to gift prize lines over 4th Gen, depending on which CB ancestor the line descends from. 


Previous Holidays.  Dragcave (DC) only has 3 internal holidays.  Halloween, Christmas and Valentines.  on the respective days (31st, 25th & 14th) a new Holiday Dragon drops in cave.  during the week of the Holiday, the previous dragons from that holiday are breedable and you can find em in the AP (Abandoned Cave)


the last are Hybrids, where you can only get the dragon by breeding two specific dragons together.  like Avatars or Bluna's.   theres about 15ish Hybrids in total on the site.

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