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anyone else use Dragon Cave? for those of you who don't know what Dragon cave is, its a free site which puts out "eggs" for people to collect. you can then post these eggs on sties like this one in your siggies. once the eggs get enough hit points, they'll ahatch into various different types of hatchling dragons. as they continue to get more hit points, they'll evolve into an adult dragon.


theres thousands of different types and alot of actvities you can do with the Dragons, such as breed your own Dragons together and teleport eggs to other individuals. they also have seasonal dragons as well.


go to www.dragcave.net for more info and to sign up and start collecting your own. or you can click any of the eggs/dragons in my siggie. Speaking of siggies, please make sure to review Dragonmounts rules reguarding signature requirements before participating. You can find these requirments in the Forums 101 section of DM or by clicking this link to be taken directly to the thread. Dragons count as an image in your sig, the following options are available here on this site.


1) no dragon eggs, period

2) have them instead of sigs

3) have sigs that are smaller in width than the maximum, and have eggs next to it


*Remember that with both option 2 and option 3, you are NEVER allowed to exceed the maximum picture signature width and/or height.




Below is a list of DMers who use Dragon Cave, click on their names to be taken to their scroll and view their dragons.



DM Dragon Cave Collectors




Aiel Heart








Ledinna Sedai

Nyanna al'Meara









- Dragon Cave


Wiki -


- Leelou's Trading 101

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for me, i like the Nebula Dragons the most.



i have 3 of them, all female, and finally i was able to breed one to another dragon so the produces another Nebula Dragon egg. I was able to breed her to my Sunsong Amphipteres to get the nebula dragon egg.


anyone else have any other combenations with dragons that produce another nebula egg??




my second fave are sunset/sunrise dragons with Terrae Dragons comming up in 3rd

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kay leelou, thanks. i really hope they get the mating system implemented, where you can choose a life long mate for your dragon. i've got a few paired up and it woudl make breeding and remeber who will breed with which dragon much easier. nothings more agrevating than when you waste a breeding cycle on two dragons that turn their noses up at one another lmao

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You need some pinks so you can influence what gender you want. I can get you some males and female pink hatchies in a couple weeks if you want.


With the breeding, normally the one you mated the dragon with and got a successful egg will be at the top of the list. Also if they flat out refuse, they are no longer in the list to breed with the specific dragon.

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pinks?? what are thoughs?? XD appreciate the help leelou, i'm a totally newb at the background for dragon breeding. normally i just try to pick up eggs i think are pretty, but i've been reading on the message board they have and pickign up some tips.



for instance, i'm gonna try a breeding project with my Nebula dragons


Personal Lineage Info:


* Scroll link/name: Red2111

* Are you willing to breed for other Personal Projects?: yes

* Personal Rules: no inbred dragons and no vampire dragons

* Number of personal projects: 5

* 1st Project: Nebula Dragons.

* 2nd Project: Sunset & Sunrise Dragons

* 3rd Project: Ember Dragons

* 4th Project: Terrae Dragons

* 5th Project: Ridgewing Dragons




male x female = child





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Projects can be fun, I'm not really into lineages though unless I start them. Some "famous" ones are dorkface and thuwed.


Here is an example of a pink: Evil Pink Queen


Basically some dragons have BSA (Breed Specific Actions) and with the pinks you can influence the gender of an egg. So if you have a female pink, you can influence an egg to be female, same for male with a male pink. Magi (orange) dragons can teleport - get an egg from your scroll to another via a link. Vampires make vampire eggs, Purples give dragons a chance to be more fertile, Reds incubate an egg taking a day off the time, and with the Trios (Magma, Ice, Thunder) you have a chance to summon a Guardian egg (mine have been unsuccessful for over a year).


Umm, then there are fun things like holiday dragons - I see you have some. There are the rares and then some you get only by breeding. If you have any questions just ask. I've been playing since 2008. :)

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Mawthtex, Leyrann and I are also members that raise dragons :D


I wanna get one of each of the nebula colors and one of the sunrise/set ones and actually a lot of different kinds :P


(thanks for the nebula leelou!!!!!)

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I'm Nyneave118 there :P


You can see all of the dragons I have at the bottom of the screen. I've only been a part of dragon cave for two days :)P

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i've got you guys added and i've linked the main scrolls that i can :happy:


the pink egg Maw has is good though. that dragon will be able to influence the gender of eggs AH. Ilth was gracious enough to hook me up with two of them, if i get one from breeding, i'll set up a teleport for you for one. as well as a Nebula Egg. it'll be the older ones, rather than the green and red ones now *nods*


though it wont be for another week or so since i'm at the full compacity for eggs :laugh:

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mmm so that's what they do.... Well once I start breeding/having repeats I'll give you guys anything that you might want (as long as I don't want it) :P


Like my sea dragon... Anyone want that? I'm not terribly fond of it but will raise it if no one else wants it

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When they have 3 days and 23 hours left (if they have enough views) they shall hatch :D mine hatch and my hatchlings grow up tomorrow night!!!!

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actually Ama i find it very exciting whent he eggs start hatching so i can see what the baby's will look like. i'm really excited to see what the green and orange dragon turns out like, though i have a feeling its gonna be a Gold-horned Tangars dragon like it's mom. (as the colors of the egg match the mom dragons color scheme) i just hope i get more males, both my pinkies won't be ready for a week and i've got loads of females lmao.


alot of times, if you steal from the Abandoned cave, you can look at the Dragons lineage and see what it's parents look like to see what type of dragon you have.



AH, what type of egg did your 1st baby come fromin your sig, the little guy thats tan in color and says he's inactive during the day. he's really cute.


n/m, i went to the wiki and saw it. btw, i've added Rhea to the list and also updated the OP to include a link to the Dragon Wiki.

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He/she turns blue at night too! Ok, so you know he/she (I wanna say it' a boy) was in a "limestone appearing" egg?


I can't wait until these grow up!!!!

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