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I'd like to see a reunion of Mat and Nestelle din Sakura South Star. Somebody ought to teach the Sea Folk that not everything is for sale. Perhaps Mat will finally manage it.

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Mat to quit whining. And to give us a break from his clothes/accessories fetish. Enough about his lace and breeches and coats and boots already; Men's Fashion in the Third Age, by Mat Cauthon - this year's blockbuster release coming via your annual peddler.

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Even though I said I wouldn't read the prologue until AMoL was released, I just read a summary of what happens (a shifty way of keeping my word, perhaps, but oh well). 


Of course, I've been waiting for some kind of announcement on Taim for quite some time. And granted, his admittance into the Chosen was somewhat expected. But, what "I've been waiting for" is something far larger: history repeating itself. 


With that in mind, here's my question: is Mazrim Taim Sammael? I don't mean is Sammael masquerading as Mazrim Taim. I mean, does Taim fulfill the role of Sammael in this current cycle? He's technically one of Rand's "best" commanders who turned to the Shadow. Now, the question is, was he a Darkfriend all along, as Lews Therin seemed to think, or did Rand's actions and neglect turn him to the Shadow? There seems to be plenty of foreshadowing (pun intended) to imply he was of the Shadow all along. But, with that being said, we don't know what Lews Therin thought about Sammael when the two first met. Perhaps the same voice in his head suggested murdering him as well.  


Granted, I haven't actually read the prologue, only a summary of it. So, I ask, do we know who brought Taim to Shayol Ghul? If it was Graendal, then it would seem fairly likely that he is filling the role of Sammael. And, if he is, then we're just waiting for the next shoe to drop (Egwene is obviously Latra Posae Decume, but I wonder who the rest are -- Rahvin, Balthamel, Semirhage, the 100 Companions, etc...). 


Obviously, there are a couple of things that might throw the cycle out of whack: the first being Padan Fain, and the second being the Ta'veren. Robert Jordan once said in an interview that Padan Fain is unique to the current cycle (i.e. he has no equivalent from ages past). And, as far as we know, Lews Therin wasn't assisted by any Ta'veren in the last go around either (he might have been, but we don't really know one way or the other). So, I wonder if we will see the characters fall into their age-old roles, or if it will be different this time. 

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And, if he is, then we're just waiting for the next shoe to drop (Egwene is obviously Latra Posae Decume, but I wonder who the rest are -

While there are similarities there are also huge differences. The pre-release made it clear that Egwene has done the research and now agrees that the seals must be broken at the proper time.

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I want to see Mat fight Shaidar Haran, and eventually win the fight, which has the same effect that killing a linked Myrrdahl has and destroys a large portion of the DO's army.


We'll drink the wine till the cup is dry,

And kiss the girls so they'll not cry,

And toss the dice until we fly,

To dance with Jak o' the Shadows.

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The reunion of Moraine and Rand.


This.  They've both come a long way since FoH.  Wonder what she will make of Lews Therin, and he of the Finns.

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-Nynaeve's actions causing a movement within the Aes Sedai to be more a part of the world they live in, not separate and apart always.  That and to stop giving precedence to sisters based on strength in the power.  (She's done it everywhere else she's gone, giving those with less standing the backbone to stand up, usually to her detriment).  And she could force it on the Aes Sedai, as everyone below her in the strength would have to bow to her precedent..  hehehehe...


-Zen Rand's shocked face.  For all his Zen nature, Rand Sedai went a little overboard at during the whole Borderlander incident.  He may be channeling the anger in positive ways at the moment, but he hasn't yet mastered his anger


-Loial Stump Speech.  I really really really really wanna see this, but somehow I don't think its going to happen.  Just makes so much more sense for it to happen off screen, and the reader to wonder if the Randland Ogier are going to show up to save the day.  Also then leaves a bit of an "Ace in the Hole" for some dire moment, "The Eagles are coming!  The Eagles are Coming!".


-Some sort of resolution, or hint to a resolution to the whole damane Seanchan doctrine.  I'd be partial to maybe Seanchan channelers swearing an Oath like Aes Sedai, only their is to the Crystal Throne instead.  Not a perfect answer, but it'd be a step in the right direction, and I wouldn't have to hate the Seanchan anymore.  Barring that, total Destruction of the Seanchan as an Empire, so that the practice is no longer feasible, would be fine with me too, but I don't see that happening.


-Real Death for Rand Al'Thor.  Not that he can't be Reborn, if that is how the world will continue, but he shouldn't be walking around Randland anymore.  You can't be a martyr AND get to live happily ever after.  That kind of defeats the nobility of the sacrificial act.  Do I think Rand deserves to live a happily ever life?  And how.  But it would just cheapen his sacrifice a bit to me.


-Cadsuane, Egwene, & Moraine conversations.  Separately or together, don't really care.  But am really curious to see Moraine & Cadsuane's reactions to Egwene as Amyrlin, as well as how Moraine and Cadsuane will interact.

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