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  1. Agree with this conclusion. Not sure about the reasoning, but there is no way Siuan would subject Gareth to the impact of severing. We know that the bond is snapped when the bond holder is severed/gentled/stilled and know further that the specific reaction in the Warder differs. Siuan would not risk Gareth keeling over from the shock, or losing his mind and going into a death rage. Elaborate safeguards would need to be implemented to minimize the lesser uninted consequence and the risk of the greater could never be completly eliminated. No way Siuan agrees to this based on that reason alo
  2. Mat to quit whining. And to give us a break from his clothes/accessories fetish. Enough about his lace and breeches and coats and boots already; Men's Fashion in the Third Age, by Mat Cauthon - this year's blockbuster release coming via your annual peddler.
  3. Too bad for the lack of mental capacity required to avoid digesting a box full of Advil merely for reading a work of fiction. Cannot imagine how much of a challenge the real world must be to deal with for you. Condolences. Fortunately for this thread, not everyone is as brilliant as you present yourself. Guess you could have saved a bunch of time for not only the author but also the multitude of fans worldwide by revealing this fact a couple of decades ago. Why hold out so long? For me, I've appreciated every bit of the depth and breadth of the series. Currently o
  4. Opinions exchanged heatedly and potentially even fists virtually shaken in anger - DM might need an 18+ filter for offensive language before entering; I have to chuckle at the BrS defenders championing their man, right or wrong. From the information available here regarding the writing/editing/publishing process for team WoT, the amount of in-world errors astounds me. But that's OK, not ideal granted, and I think it could/should have been done better but errors happen - particularly in time sensitive circumstances. So, while occasionally jarring during the first read, such mistakes in th
  5. Just read that part on my re-read. Yeah, pretty cool. When Moir and Lan come upon Rand after he creates the shadowspawn seeking lightning, Rand is obviously on the proverbial precipice. Lan is willing to protect Moir from Rand, and knows it will do no good. Both are scared not only for their lives, but also the fate of the world. Rand has been close to the edge a few times since, but this is the first Moir and Lan have seen him teeter. I like that this is about when Moir really starts to lose control of events. The pattern has outpaced her before, but she has always had a plan and been
  6. With full understanding the bolded is probably a typo, the image of a social-butterfly 18th century muslim, dressed in full regalia, patrolling the Two Rivers' countryside enforcing local etiquette protocol made me laugh and laugh.
  7. As FanoLan noted, we see Demandred checking out the Royal Palace in tar a few chapters after Zaida and her retinue arrive in Caemlyn. I never said that Amel 'kept tabs on Rand by virtue of the Bargain'. That's kind of a nice strawman argument to tear down easily. I never said anything about Demandred keeping tabs. Doesn't mean that Demandred can't from where he's operating. *shrugs* You didn't say so, FanoLan did; I simply found it prudent to comment on every argument made in support of your case instead of leaving holes in mine. I'm sorry if that gave you the impression I was putting word
  8. Definitely seemed as if she were worried about harming the babies. But I kind of view that issue as similar in kind to the bonding comparison. The swearing would cause the OP to affect Elayne, and therefore potentially her babies. If the bonding were going to affect the babies, as separate souls, Elayne would have to do something similar to the trifecta bonding of Rand - I conjecture at least.
  9. This. If she can embrace the Power, she has no problems. It's the if of it for now, until labor, when no channeling. Probably a good thing for the prospective father if he's there for the birth. I think if someone bonded Elayne, her babies would be bonded (or dead), but not due to Elayne bonding someone else.
  10. Yup!I think Zaida is a Darkfriend (there's much pointing in that direction) Also, we have Moad -Harine's Swordmaster, with a lot of influence in her direction- that's part of Harine's Ambassador embacy. I think it's Moad that we saw back in TGH (the DF social) and that Ba'alzy commanded him to help Demandred understand Sea Folk society eventually. The clues with the tatooed hand & the horse riding in WH aren't put there for nothing, I think. Through Moad & by controlling Zaida first.. and later having Zaida become the Mistress of the Ships, Demandred has kept an eye on Rand and 'secu
  11. I would have loved this if Brandon hadn't needed to compromise Cadsuane so completely to achieve it. Definitely a lot of dramatic potential in that scene. Dark Rand approaching his nadir, Cadsuane with her patience and conviction put to the test as never before. Is it just me or does it bother anyone else when Rand threatens Cads with his ta'veren nature, asserting he can force the Pattern to his will and cause her death. That seems pretty far off the track to me, kind of twisting his ta'veren-ness to his own purpose as opposed to letting the Wheel spin out events in the manner that
  12. I'm with you. At first I wanted to give them a fond pat on the head and a bit of encouragement. They have since proven more useful than first thought, but they amuse me as well. They've never bothered me much and in some ways, there's a lot to be admired in their efforts to grow. Perrin may think them fools for the effort, but to me their eagerness to abandon the screwed up way of going about things in "great game" infested Cairhien (and really the rest of the WoT Monarchies) is admirable. Sure, it's an awkward beginning, but at least they are willing to learn and adapt.
  13. Very well presented and interesting theory and one I have not seen beforehand. Another clue that has been discussed on the boards occured to me. In WH, during the Forsaken gathering, Aran'gar says that Osan'gar and Demandred were responsible for watching Al'Thor. Considering the Bargain between Al'Thor and the Atha'an Miere included the accompaniment of a Sea Folk ambassador along with her retinue, and considering further the presence of a potential DF (the respective Swordmasters) included in each of the embassies to the two cities Al'Thor was most frequently residing in at the time. Hmm
  14. New Spring - if I'm remembering correctly, she was referenced in that one and her association there there made me question her true allegiance.
  15. only we know that she wasn't because she reswore the oaths. Thanks, I had forgotten she was in the WT for the reswearing.
  16. The Stone will provide a refuge for humanity and a "killing field" for shadowspawn during TG. The "blackberry bush" will prove crucial in the fight for the BT. Lan lives. 'Cause he's the coolest of them all. Carlinya was BA. Fandom will slowly reconcile their infatuation with Dumai's Wells "Kneel or you will be knelt" to Taim's Forsaken status. Buy stock in big pharma, lots of meds will prove necessary to ease this transformation. Too many people will blame the failure of things going the way they think it should on BrS. The Atha'an Miere will be one of the main playe
  17. That's not the definiton of meta considerations as I understand it. The external factors you reference are only that, external realities. Nothing related to the text; no meta, overarching theme of the series that drives the narrative. I disagree with your conflation of Elayne bonding another Warder and an alien invasion (or Isle of Madmen). Don't see how Elayne's bonding another Warder could even possibly be considered a "completely new idea." That idea has been batted around for multiple books now. Why would a substantial amount of space need to be dedicated to this peripheral e
  18. Great points Pinzarn. Not sure about the full impact of bonding someone already wounded and whether that would potentially harm the babies. The Eg/Gawyn scene also provides some insight on bonding to extend the life of a fatally injured person. After Nyn pushes her aside in order to reach Talmanes, we see Elayne has moved on to engage Aludra in conversation. Eg approaches her, but no mention is made of Talmanes by either woman. Elayne's failure to inquire could also be read as she already knows Talmanes is going to live (bonded him) and therefore doesn't need to ask as opposed to viewi
  19. is grossly inaccurate. Elayne is in fact thoroughly selfless, but in a snobbish kind of way. She does have a very high self-esteem, but nothing she does is self-serving. Even so, one doesn't go around bonding people lightly. If Talmanes only has seconds left, it's (extremely) unlikely bonding him would change anything; if he has minutes, then the camp has a great many AS more talented than her with Healing. Thanks yoniy0. I completely agree that given a respite from the action and the time to make a cooly reasoned choice with a full and accurate accounting of the situation, Elay
  20. You and I have completely different opinions on the series. I do not engage in Elayne-hate for any reason and usually chuckle at the "reasons" people put forth to justify their own perspective, though sometimes I respond from less than a zen place. So, if your reason for disagreeing with the theory is baggage you're carrying to the conversation (Elayne is too selfish), well, there's little I can do about that. Not sure I understand your point about Birgitte-mirroring and Rand's pain. We've seen Elayne contemplate bonding another Warder and never think of those issues as a deterrent.
  21. That seems to be the crux of the issue. How much did Elayne know about the imminent arrival of a more talented Healer. Egwene provides the PoV for the scene, therefore nothing specifies Elayne's thinking. Her physical circumstance was different from Eg's so the reader knows they have differing viewpoints on the surrounding scene. Eg notes Elayne in conversation with Guybon and then joins the two. In all likelihood, Elayne was fully engaged in learning what she could from Guybon(bon) and less aware of the surrounding realities. Once Elayne drops to the ground to Delve Talmanes, she remain
  22. Seems to me the bolded are accurate representations of the very scenario under discussion. Not the specific timeline suggested by BenevolentCow necessarily, but the same framework. Faced with no other tool sufficient for the task, Elayne did the only thing she knew to do with any chance of succesfully extending Talmanes' life until a more proficient healer took over; she bonded him.
  23. I agree the circumstances are quite different and do not mean to imply any more of a similarity than a last-resort action to save a life. Egwene thought Talmanes dead. He was twice wounded by a fade blade and suffering the repurcussions for a while. Undoubtedly, death was imminent. If Elayne was aware of Nyn's approach, or surmised Sumeko was at hand, I agree she would probably just wait. The political tie-in to the Band would be purely an unintended consequence IMO. As much of a stretch as this theory may be, assigning an ulterior motive to Elayne would stretch the possibility beyond
  24. Did you read the initial post? Your question was already answered. And what's up with the lame straw-man argument? Nowhere did I even intimate it's her "solution to every problem." Apparently, one of us has misread the texts as far as Elayne is concerned. Your conclusion regarding her response to essentially holding a dying man in her arms does not gibe with the character as she has been presented. I don't see Elayne in a circumstance where she would be able prevent the death of someone she knows but instead of helping, she chooses to just let them die. Elayne's compassion has been w
  25. Congrats BBM. Will work hard to make sure you have stuff to keep you occupied here. Idle hands and all. Don't want the majhere finding a broomstick for you.
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