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  1. I agree. I never found Egwene to be a very compelling character, so perhaps I'm biased, but she really was all over the map in AMoL. The whole thing with the Seals seemed so out of place to me. She'd learned all these important lessons throughout the series, only to forget them all for the Last Battle. Also, it was my hope that she'd kill Demandred after he recognized her for Ilyena's reincarnation. I suppose it made sense for her to kill Taim (i.e. White Tower vs. Black Tower) but I was expecting something a little bigger than that; something that would reveal her larger role in the Patt
  2. Tam's farewell to Rand on the funeral pyre really brought it full circle for me. "Is this your gift to us, son? A final one? You did well. My boy... you did so well". I kept thinking about Rand & Tam getting ready for Bel Tine in EotW... How far we've come.
  3. I predicted that the Dark One was a part of the Pattern, but I thought Padan Fain would be the true adversary; i.e. an evil outside the Pattern. I thought his power would grow so great, it would threaten the Dark One himself, and Rand & Moridin would before merge into a single person, like Isam & Luc, and unite the light & dark against Fain. Close, but no cigar. And, what's more is I really thought I had guessed it right all the way up until the very end, when Mat kills Fain (that was a pretty anticlimactic ending for Fain, by the way. I was expecting some kind of massi
  4. I just read the Gawyn chapter, and yes, it was a pretty good one. But, as many people have said, I didn't feel too sorry for Gawyn himself. I felt much more sorry for the people around him, Galad in particular. The image of him carrying Gawyn over his shoulder while the Last Battle rages around them still kind of chokes me up. And, of course, Gawyn's revelation about Rand at the end of that chapter was really well done. I kept wondering how Galad would find out, and it far exceeded my expectations. "I stopped... I stopped". Epic. Just freaking epic.
  5. Bring da Ruckus, by the Wu-Tang Clan, reminds me of the Forsaken. Verse 1 - Moridin Ghostface, catch the blast of a hype verse My glock bursts, leave in a hearse, I did worse I come rough, tough like an elephant tusk Ya head rush, fly like Egyptian musk Aw [removed], Wu-Tang Clan sparks the wicks an' However, I master the trick just like Nixon Causin' terror, quick damage ya whole era Hardrocks is locked the [removed] up, or found shot PLO style, hazardous cause I wreck this dangerous I blow sparks like Waco, Texas -As Ishamael, Moridin literally had a "Ghostface",
  6. I haven't finished yet, and to be perfectly honest, I never really liked Perrin, but I love his chapters in AMoL. One of the most emotionally jarring moments for me (so far) has been when Perrin forces himself out of the Wolf Dream, and is found by Master Luhhan. That was great. It wasn't just the desperation of it, but being found by his old teacher that got to me. His whole story line -- i.e. defending the Dream World -- is brilliant. I love how it's played out so far: Perrin defends Tel'aran'rhiod, Mat leads the forces of the Light, and Rand faces down the Dark One himself. Translation
  7. There's a guy out there named Randal Dohr who is convinced this whole thing was written about him. Ishmael Morton, on the other hand, would beg to differ.
  8. A lesser author's story would've died with them. Jordan's lives on and will be read by the countless generations who come after us. The Dragon rides again on the winds of time, so to speak. I feel privileged having been of the original class. My grandkids will be reading Eye of the World one day and I'll tell them, "You know, I read that when it came out", to which they'll respond, "Really? Geez Grandpa, you're old".
  9. I'm so stoked. It feels like a holiday. Here's to you, Mr. Jordan. Your vision finally realized. And to you, Mr. Sanderson, for realizing it. I don't know if I've ever waited for something so long in the making. Granted, I didn't catch up on the series until a couple months ago, but I first read EotW when I was a freshman in high school (a long time ago. I'm 30 now).
  10. Even though I said I wouldn't read the prologue until AMoL was released, I just read a summary of what happens (a shifty way of keeping my word, perhaps, but oh well). Of course, I've been waiting for some kind of announcement on Taim for quite some time. And granted, his admittance into the Chosen was somewhat expected. But, what "I've been waiting for" is something far larger: history repeating itself. With that in mind, here's my question: is Mazrim Taim Sammael? I don't mean is Sammael masquerading as Mazrim Taim. I mean, does Taim fulfill the role of Sammael in this current cycl
  11. As has been mentioned, the taint on saidin was a side-effect of touching the DO with it. But, the way I see it, the DO isn't going to "unmake" the world. Why not? Because the Dark One is the Wheel of Time. He is the Lord of the Grave; weaver of the Pattern. The threat of unmaking the world is simply a means by which to turn the Wheel. The "Last Battle" is a part of the Pattern. It's fought the exact same way in every cycle (i.e. the Dragon's birth and rebirth). That's where Moridin's logic failed him, i.e. "The Light has to win every time, but the Dark One has to win only once". The
  12. I'm trying to hold off until the whole thing comes out. It's killing me - It's like Mat's letter from Verin - but I'm going to remain in the dark (pun intended) for at least a little longer. I just started reading New Spring, so that should tie me over for a day or two, at least. After that, I don't know what I'll do. Go insane, probably. ----- But, entertain me if you will. Here's an explanation for why the Finn would be in the Blight (if it hasn't already been proposed somewhere in this endless thread), they could be feeding on Trollocs... Yes, that's right. Filthy, stinking Trolloc
  13. My initial thought on first read was they were Aelfinn/Eelfinn due to their pointed teeth (plus, it comes not long after the Ghenjei chapter, so, admittedly, they were on my mind), but then I thought that couldn't possibly be right, because Barriga makes no mention of their snake-like and/or fox-like appearance. But then I started thinking about Mat's first encounter with the Finn and I changed my mind back to my original position. At first glance, Mat thought the Aelfinn were human. It took him a moment or two before he realized they were "something else". And that's the exact same react
  14. I just posted something similar in "most emotionally jarring moments" on the General Discussion forum, but I thought I might as well post it here as well. Rand is Satan. Yes, you read that right. The name "Lews Therin" is a corruption of "Lucifer", and "Ishamael" is obviously a corruption of "Ishmael". During the War of Power, the only time Lews Therin faced Ishamael on the field of battle was "outside the gates of Paaren Disen", which is obviously a corruption of "Paradise" (i.e. Lucifer fought Death outside the gates of Heaven). My theory surmises Lews Therin/Rand mu
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