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  1. I agree it would be difficult for her to be a DF based on her POVs and I know that nothing I read made me think of it until New Spring. It got me kind of nervous because I have been surprised before. Specifically, with Verin being a DF and Moraine having a crush on Thom. It will be cool to see a reunion between Moraine and Cadsuane. In any event, thank you.
  2. I have a question and I did a search but didn't find the answer. If it is out there and I did not find it then I apologize up front. In New Spring, Moraine was convinced that Cadsuane is a Darkfriend. My question is, has there been any definite proof to the contrary? Things I know: She wasn't on Verin's list. Verin elected not to poison her as a result of their conversation. I certainly hope she is not and I wonder if Moraine still thinks she is a DF.
  3. As I replied to meeker while personnel preference is subjective, the quality of the work is not entirely. You yourself said to decide good or bad people must apply "educational analysis". Well guess what when people do that to Bakkers work critics and well regarded Lit professors say the quality of writing holds up outside of the fantasy genre. When they apply it to Cormac McCarthy he wins the Pulitzer for Literature and a MacArthur Fellowship. I will admit calling what some people consider to be the greatest living American author "horrible" made me crack a smile though. Now again you don't need to analyze the books and I'm not sure why anyone would get defensive about not doing it. What you should do however is be prepared to support your opinion beyond well I just like it. Again it's fine if you do, it's just not a persuasive argument for the quality. Again preference is fine but once you start disagreeing with the actual author and a Pulitzer Prize committee on quality then you can't really expect to be taken that seriously. Especially without giving concrete reasons as to why Brandon was wrong in his assessment. Edit: It is entirely laughable saying RJ would have taken 5 books and that the timeline(another thing Brandon admits RJ was better at)was equally screwed. RJ said it would take one more book and while I don't think that would have happened the amount of filler in TGS and ToM shows it could have been done in one book comprised of two WH size volumes. I am not trying to argue one way or the other so I don't really need to provide any evidence as to why I feel BS did a good or bad job. I maintain that everything is subjective so this thread and the one before are a waste of time. That is all I was trying to say in my original post. I brought up Bakker and McCarthy because many people feel that their books are awesome and I didn't. Personal preference. To be more specific, I started reading The Road which is what you said to start off with. I felt that that book was horrible. I have not read anything else from him and so I cannot comment on any of his other books. I may enjoy them, I don't know. I despise poetry. I hated reading Shakespeare. I may be in the minority, I don't know and it does not matter. Both sides of the argument do the same thing. "I really like BS's books" "Well that is because you are overlooking the massive amount of flaws." "BS's books have a lot of flaws" "You are just being over critical." If you like the books then great and if you don't, great. Nothing is going to change. People are different. Read the book when it comes out and discuss it.
  4. Ya....you're wrong. Some of it is subjective, but most of it can be backed up with objective reasoning. @MarkD Like what? @Suttree Just because one author does not feel his/her prose is not as polished as anothers, does not mean that I won't. Just because BS feels that he didn't get Mat right, doesn't mean that I think that. We can do this all day. This is something that cannot be argued, not on a forum anyway. I started reading Bakker and Cormac MCCarthy per guidance you suggested to someone else. While Bakker's writing was fine I thought the story was terrible and did not finish. I could not imagine anyone finding Cormac McCarthy at all enoyable to read, horrible. Here is the kicker. I think that The Sword of Truth Series was and is awesome and Mistborn is amazing. Everything in life is subjective. You cannot argue BS vs RJ. It is rediculous.
  5. The problem with this is, most of it is subjective. Prose is subjective. Mat not sounding like Mat is subjective. Cadsuane not sounding like Cadsuane is subjective. Aviendha not saying Rand al Thor being a mistake is subjective. It is impossible outside of an educational analysis of the writing itself to discuss whether or not BS did a good or bad job.
  6. Audible says it will be ready for download on the 8th of Jan. A Memory of Light: Wheel of Time, Book 14 by Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson $55.99 Pre-order: This item is scheduled to release on January 08, 2013 Your credit will be applied to this order now.
  7. I liked Michael Kramer throughout the entire series. He did a convincing job with the characters as they matured throughout the series. Kate Reading started grating on my nerves towards the end of the series. For some reason, I prefer narrators with English accents.
  8. There is allot of words that can be used if you go by the dictionary meaning for various group of people but which is still offensive and should not be used due to how negative they are. Calling someone of his homosexual for deviant is not okey, and neither is it okey to say it about someone who practice BDSM even should the word fit from a dictionary point of view. I guess you didn't notice the huge smiley face to the right of my text. It was a joke. Since you decided to take it so seriously and out of context, I decided to aggravate you further. The fact is, I don't care what you and your hubby do. If that is what you guys need to have a good time, then rock on. I am pretty sure that the majority of the world does not feel the need to smack each other on the asses with spoons thus making the behavior deviant. Based on what RJ wrote in his series, it would surprise me if he was a person that deviated from social norms during sexual relations. The books are PG. I would allow my children to read them without a second thought.
  9. The switching was predominantly used for correction. The nakedness was used naturally: Sex, ritualistic things with the AS, and to promote shame. The shaido kept Faile and crew naked because they didn't have proper Gaishain garments for them to wear. I don't see BDSM. RJ was not a sexual deviant, .
  10. Let me ask another question. A few people have mentioned, and I am summarizing, that essentially BS did not perform to the level that BS could have pertaining to the WoT. Is it possible for an author to come in and make someone elses work as good as his own? If so, are there examples of one author finishing another's work in recent history?
  11. We know this isn't true from what we have already seen. Even AS that were initially "datsang" and being heavily punished came around to the Aiel view and now show no signs of leaving. In addition we see the same in Perrin's camp with the grudging respect and they don't try to disassociate themselves once they are now able to. Those women, if I remember correctly, were allowed to swear fealty to the Dragon Reborn. I also assumed the great Verin had something to with them coming around. How much choice did they have?
  12. That is an excellent post. You and suttree have taught me more about prose in two posts than two hours of reading on dailywritingtips.com did.
  13. Thanks Suttree, I think I am learning something. Now I see what would be defined as polished prose. The many facets of creative writing are a little more difficult to understand than I originally thought.
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