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  1. Perrin searching for Faile was so heartwrenching
  2. I'm slowly digesting what I've just read, and the implications of it all. That Rand did not kill the Dark One and ended up switching bodies with Moridin is of no real surprise to me. I think that Gawyn's death could have been a bit more impressive, however, it did fit in well with the character. Egwene's death was awesome(in the that was a great way to go way), and I loved the way that Rand was able to see the battle as it happened. I do not think Rhuarc's capture fit in well with the book, nor Moghdein's. This book was fantastic, of that I have no doubts. It feels like the book was actually two different novels, the preparations and individual fights, and then the full blown Last Battle. The ending was beautifully written. I love Rand's wake up scene "just Rand al Thor". Those lines, meaning no link with Moridin, no memories of Lews Therin, no mantle of the Dragon Reborn. It's fantastic. This is easily the best series/novel I've ever read, the most beautifully written ending. Thank you Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson for this incredibly mind blowing work of art.
  3. I think it has to do with what zen Rand says in ToM. I don't have the direct quote but its along the lines of, "Tell them I was wrong. Tell them that they are not weapons, but men. Maybe that will make the difference." I always thought thats what Rand learned from Cadsuane because of the whole laughter and tears thing.
  4. I'm going to say that I will probably read it whenever I have free time. However, since Ill be in school that won't be that often. I'll probably finish in 2-3 days. When I read these sometimes I skip a paragraph realize I skipped one, then go back and read it to make sure I understood it. So this will probably take a while.
  5. Great theory, but I'm still convinced it was Fain, Myrdaal obey him and Machin Shin appears to as well. He could have given it some humans in exchange for letting the trollocs pass through pretty much unharmed. You haven't convinced me but I look forward to the next one
  6. Animal I have Become by Three Days Grace explains Rand after Semirrhage breaks him in TGS
  7. A meeting between Cadsuane and Egwene. I want to know Cadsuane's reaction to her.
  8. Cenn Buie and Daigan (Pre murdering by shaidar haran) Cadsuane and Mat Oh God.... Tuon/Cadsuane/Egwene/Nynaeve The four most stubborn women alive
  9. I havent seen this debated on the forums anywhere so I thought I would bring it to light. While reading TGS I noticed that when Min comes across the quote "He shall hold a blade of light in his hands, and the three shall be as one." Cadsuane tells Min that she has reached the conclusion that this means that Rand must bond with two women in order to use Callandor. Here's my theory. Could the three being one be Rand, Lews Therin, and Moridin? Rand/Therin in Moridin's body would fulfill both the body swap theory and this. Am I completely out of my mind or is this a reasonable theory?
  10. When Joline is trying to convince Mat to let the move ahead of the Band and they argue about horses and Mat says: "Twenty?!"..."I count two of you," Mat said, his anger rising. "That means four horses. I figured you'd be smart enough to do that math, Joline." And then, softer, he added. "If just barely." This one killed me when I read it.
  11. Sarene Nemdahi. No question about it. Would you rather be Elyas if he meets Rita(Rina(whoever his Aes Sedai was)) at the LB? OR Elaida if she meets Egwene at the last battle? Seanchan to the rescue!
  12. I read a theory on AMOL spoilers board. I agree with it. Demandred's army comes from the Sea Folk.
  13. I have something more to add after reading more of this discussion. The only thing I really hate about the plot line is the fact that Elayne has to fight for the throne that is rightfully hers. How many thousands died in that war? How many thousands that can now not fight at TG? Why the hell couldn't the Andoran nobles look towards the Last Battle? They know its coming. If they have a problem with who leads Andor they could have solved it afterwards. Don't give Elayne enough suport for the throne but don't go into Civil War over it. It makes me want to hit something when I think of the stupidity of it.
  14. I'm neutral on Elayne. She is really good at doing really stupid things. One of the things she really needs to learn is that Birgitte is not wrong just because she disagrees with her. Birgitte has lots of experience and Elayne needs to take in and use that experience to make herself a better queen and leader. In either KoD or WH there is a good quote from a Seanchan officer. (I can't find it) It goes along the lines of, a good general does not stand in the front lines. If Elayne never stood in the front lines and excepted the fact that she needed to survive instead of going off on adventures, there would be a lot less face palming and a lot more respect for her. Also it doesn't help that as the series goes on RJ/BS portray the Aes Sedai in a worse and worse light. Elayne is a great character, but would be better if she did not allow bias to get in her way. Just as it gets in our way on these forums.
  15. It's like dividing by zero. The world just explodes. Victory to the dark one but he has nothing left to rule.
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