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Your Favourite Characters (Top Ten)

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1)Mat - Lets face it, he says and does everything we would want to. Who else would put sprinkle wart on an Aes Sedai's sweet buns.


2)Rand - He is who he is and watching him develop step by step has no doubt given us the most in depth character.


3)Thom - Tuon says Mat has layers that make an onion look like an apple and Thom is no different. I really like the old guy.


4)Nynaeve - Some don't like her but I always have. Is there a character to be found that is more loyal and honest that wears their heart on their sleeve like Nynaeve?


5)Perrin - Been a long time coming for his character to truly develop into greatness but he is finally there. Slow starter for sure but man he is a hell of a finisher.


6)Talmanes - Yeah, I know he's only a minor character but I can't help myself. I liked him right off the bat, the way he eyed Mat up and down, commented on Daerid being useful but not a friend and then of course saying he would lead half of the horse if Mat led the other. Enjoyed every little bit of screen time he gets, his dry humour compliments Mat infinitely.


7-10)Moiraine, Siuan, Lan and believe it or not...Galad.

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Here's my list, including the good, the evil, and the ugly:


Min. I can't explain why. I fell in love with her early on. She's all about knowledge rather than about power she can literally use, and she's unique in her ability, whereas all Aes Sedai have channeling. She makes me wish I was Rand, almost.


After that, in no particular order.


Thom Merrilin. Old and wise but not in a wizardly way. He's got a past, there's something notorious about him, he's good fun but also deadly serious. He's a walking Jethro Tull song, or something.


Loial. Mostly just because he's the one Ogier we really meet. And he's a reader.


Suian Sanche. Although I mostly like both Egwene and Elayne, Suian is the one Aes Sedai I feel it's easiest to sympathize with. Somehow, she seems to me even more than Moiraine the one who cares most about the overall picture, rather than just usual White Tower politics, and she obviously has a bit of a personal story to her. Occasionally she's guilty of all that Aes Sedai manipulation/psychological confrontation stuff, but usually not. Maybe it's just me.


Rand. Almost seems like stating the obvious. But he's the smartest of the three ta'veren, and goes through immense struggles, most of them mental, and is admirable but flawed the way good book characters are supposed to be, but to a larger degree than usual. A man who needs to go insane to save the world. He's just a great story.


Mat. Fun-loving, hedonistic, okay maybe a tad sexist, but he's smarter than he seems an awful lot of the time. He's good comic relief sometimes and other times very much part of the epic of it all, he's got the best Luck of anyone and a rather unique "sense of history", and you all know what I mean. I love that he's a gambler. He's the Lando Calrissian of the Wheel of Time.


And I guess my last four are minor characters.


Bayle Domon. I have to admit, it's been a while since I read anything where he was a key factor, having read the series just the once. But if you can pull off a likeable sea captain, it's always worth it. I wish he'd been in the later books more.


Egeanin, believe it or not. Mostly, it's because she represents when the Seanchan were this mysterious group about to return from across an ocean and a millennium (rather than an invasion force that already landed as well as successfully taken over several nations) and she seemed to be the key to why they were going to matter, somehow. She's not exactly defensible, but she seemed to be leading up to a redemption. Her story seemed to get mostly abandoned, but she was quite interesting for a while.


Logain. I just like the notion that a false Dragon can still be a minor hero when it's all done. Whether he was manipulated or not is a little complex, but I basically get the sense he once believed he was the Dragon Reborn, even if he was wrong about it, it wasn't dishonesty.


Mazrim Taim. Ambitious, dangerous, probably just plain evil. I suspect he doesn't truly answer to anyone. We really have no idea what's up with him at this point.


Anyway, that's my list. Meanwhile, Elayne and Egwene do get honorable mentions. They're both a little power hungry, but they're good at heart, they both represent changes from tradition and old ways, and it's interesting to watch them try to balance delicate issues. The only major character I'm not crazy about is Perrin (and Faile, who's not quite major, but you can't bring up Perrin and not mention her), but I can tolerate them I guess.


All that is coming from gut reactions after having just read each book exactly once, and recently. If you'd asked me as recently as May 2010 who Rand al'Thor was, I would have said "who?". So there are a bunch of details I've probably forgotten, but I guess I'm a moderate fan now.

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1. Nynaeve - Willing to face down Moraine to try and save the boys and Egwene in EOTW was when I first started liking her. She showed a dedication to protecting her people despite the risk. She cares about people and is willing to do what needs to be done and then pay the price.


2. Mat - When all is said and done Siuan was right about him, just like her uncle.


3. Thom - When he covered the boys escape from the fade at Whitebidge I was hooked.


4. Moraine - Her dedication and later sacrifice


5. Cadsuane - When she is trying to save Rand's life after he's stabbed by Fain and says "Do not be afraid, boy. They made my task harder, and yours, but I will not hurt you more than I must." She's not out for herself, but to make sure a victory by Rand is something more than the better of two evils.


6. Verin - Always suspected she was dark and enjoyed her interactions


7. Hopper - Looked after a lost cub and helped him find his way


8. Min - Trying hard to help save the world in an ordinary manner.


9. Setalle Anan - Not sure why but have always liked her and hope she is healed


10. Noal - Tricking the Gholam and just overall liking the old guy

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These are in no particular order but...


1. Mat - for rather obvious reasons.

2. Thom - After he attacked that Myrdraal in WhiteBridge... Ah... Brilliant. When I found he was alive... I seriously squealed. And I'm a dude.

3. Moiraine - Honestly, my favorite female character, because of the evolution we've seen her go through. From New Spring (the first book of the series I red XP) to current, she's just... amazing...

4. Perrin - First Ta'veren to get married ftw.

5. Birgitte - Probably one of the only women in the series with any important value that hasn't at one point or another been totally annoying or manipulated against what we knew was right.

6. Nyneave/Lan - When this dude makes a joke, you know it's funny. When Nyneave makes a joke, you know its about the incompetence of man, and how she would beat them with a stick.

7. Verin - Why? Well... Just for safety for those who haven't read up to TGS...

She was a freaking mole in the Black Ajah, took poison to reveal her knowledge, and died for the Light. Freaking awesome.


8. Logain - This guy's just plain out cool. No other words can describe him.

9. Min - I honestly love Min. She's just... awesome.

10. Semirhage - My favorite baddie. She's just... awesome. (original, I know)

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1. Rand - Come on....simply the best character ever.

2. Rodel Ituralde - Best general outside of Mat that we have seen.

3. Mat - Simple fact....Mat is brilliant.

4. Moiraine - Focused on Tarmon Gaidon....that's all that matters.

5. Nynaeve - She has matured alot in the series.

6. Perrin - As much as Faile has hurt his story, he is still awesome.

7. Sorilea - Really....she is just dominant.


Thats all I can think of right now.

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In No particular order, just a few:


Almurat Mor = love his paranoid conspiracy theories.

Alivia = 600year old badass

Gawyn (against general opinion)= Love the way he made every possible mistake he could make, struggled with his ideals and values, his strong loyalty to those around him, his passion and regret for past actions, + awesome blademaster.

Rand = overall epic, but not without error = very nice. the enraged Rand is always a very intense read.

Siuan = like her especially after her stilling and healing.

Tuon = The symbol off absolute power and control, though the fingernails are a bummer. a woman who could channel but who has CHOSEN not to, respect on that.

Teryl = he's the dude that escaped the Shaido 4 times with his son. Just respect the everyday hero.

Loial/Hartha and the other Ogier = big, strong, and funny felah's. not easily enraged but if they are: a raging tempest, love the attitude.

Lewin = the first Aiel to take up the spear.

Perrin & Mat = they just belong among the favorites, no explanation needed.

Talmanes = need I say more?

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Not quite in order- some are really ties... and of course they change a lot. I just finished Towers of Midnight.


1. Mat- Half the light of the world. Ouch. He seems like he would be an awesome person to hang out with, and he doesn't really get as retarded as some of the other characters. The only one in the story who seems to agree with me about Elayne- she's a stuck-up bitch.

2. Ishamael/Moridin - A really twisted dude. Props for level of pure evil in the dreams he tortured Rand with back in the day. Also cool for being so cheerful about destroying the world, and for the freaky dream-place where the heat is cracking the walls. That's just cool.

3. Nynaeve- Is never brainwashed by the tower. Also, the whole cleansing saidin thing.

4. Rand- He's badass.

5. Lan- I dunno. He's a Lancelot type dude. And he's badass.

6. Graendal- I like her sneakiness, and I like her POV's.

7. Moiraine- An Aes Sedai who isn't a total bitch.

8. Siuan- Same, plus the way she didn't quit even when she was stilled.

9. Verin- Hells yes.

10. Birgitte- She's badass. And she can hold her liquor.

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Not meant to be in any particular order:

1. Tam al'Thor

2. Uno Nomesta

3. Thom Merrilin

4. Perrin Aybara

5. Mat Cauthon

6. Gaul

7. Rodel Ituralde

8. Min Farshaw

9. Asmodean

10. Ingtar

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Mat Cauthon



Noal Charin (Jain Farstrider)

Jahar Narishma

Rand al’Thor (He who comes with the Dawn)



Rodel Ituralde

Davram Bashere


I couldn't put her above anyone here, but i do think Verin deserves a mention anyway just for the sacrifice she made.

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1- Mat :mat: ♥ I very like him after the dragon reborn. Before, I thought that he was not special and very engaging. Besides he makes me laugh a lot :tongue:

2- Nynaeve, for me the best aes Sedai, brave and faithful :nynaeve:

3- Rand, dear Rand :rand: strong, he has class

4- Lan

5- Siuan Sanche

6- Moiraine

7- Loial

8- Egwene

9- Perrin

10- Moghedien


Oo of course I like others characters like Galad, Min sometimes,Tylin,Cadsuane,

And I don't like Gawyn (especially in the last books), Elayne, Elaida and Mazrim Taim too

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1. Rand - I have always loved reading from his POV because of how he has developed as a character. I do miss the old, boyish Rand though, I really saw myself in the old Rand.

2. Min - I think shes perfect for Rand, and really wish Robert Jordan hadn't of done the weird 3 girl love square thing, and just left Min to marry Rand. She's fresh and funny, and I think she's a really unique character.

3. Mat - As everyone else has said, hes absolutely hilarious, and quite a genuine person. I love that he tries to put off the air of not caring (or maybe he really has convinced himself he doesn't) while in reality he cares deeply about those around him. For example, when Mat is leaving to go to Ebou Dar with Elayne, he sees Egwene coming out and he publicly kneels and kisses her ring to show respect in front of all the other Aes Sedai. He's also remarkably astute, noting how she was alone.

4. Moiraine - She's probably one of the smartest characters in the book, showing time and time again that she's tougher than old boots. I'm more than a little curious how she knows so many little, arcane details about random things when she spent very little time learning in the Tower, and then very little time in the Tower after achieving the Shawl. Just shows how impressive she is.

5. Graendal - Worst name in the book, but I absolutely love her character. I'm pissed at what Sanderson made her into though: she went from being the smartest character in the book to a panicky, ineffective girl who wants to do "evil". She's the only forsaken I am actually rooting for, I will be a little sad when she dies, and I am curious who will end up killing her.

6. Cadsuane - Once again, another brilliant character that was ruined by Sanderson. I understand it might be hard for Sanderson to write her POV becaus she didn't have many POV chapters, and because Cadsuane is smarter than him. She is an absolute star, and is, well, a legend. She shows that she will stop at nothing to achieve her ends, which is seeing the Dragon Reborn through the last battle. Tam Al'Thor calling her a bully was stupid, and shows how Sanderson failed at her character.

7. Nynaeve - Yes, she is annoying, and yes, she is amusingly flamboyant at times, but damn this girl is strong! Not only is she a strong channeler (the battle with Moghedien was great) but strong in character as well. I love that at times she seems like a scatterbrained puffed up buffoon, but when times are hard, she gets down and does her business.

8. Verin - I loved her epic death (the only word thats ascribed to Verin time and time again, epic). I always suspected she was Black Ajah, but was never really sure. It gave new meaning to when she said something along the lines of "It was nice to be sure of [Cadsuane] at last" (when they were in Far Madding). I always thought she was one of the most dangerous characters in the book, from the way that Robert Jordan always said she looked vague and unfocused, but then would have a momentary sharp, predatory gleam to her eyes.

9. Jahar Narishma - Dude seems awesome. Despite the fact that I thought Robert Jordan was describing me when he was describing Jahar's physical appearance, I think that this boy (I think his age is early twenties, he's a couple years older than Rand, and Rand is 20 or 21) will end up doing great things. He's already shown he has huge cajones by walking into the Aes Sedai camp practically alone and sneering down on them.

10. Lanfear - Who can't like the hottest woman in the world? I think that something about the fact that at any second she will rip out your spine with the Power heightens the sense of allure.

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1.      Rand al'Thor"What kind of need would be great enough that we'd want the Dragon to save us from it? As well ask for help from the Dark One."

Great character arc, honest and loyal in heart, sometime behave like moron, however, I understand me in most of such situation.

2.      el'Nynaeve ti al'Meara “Come over here a moment. There`s something I think you should see“ It appeared to be a bucket of extra water by the washstand. „Here. We`ll both kneel down so you can look.“ Elayne did, but there was nothing in bucket but her own reflection in the water, ….

Compassion, loyalty. She remained herself, evolve only in wisdom. She was also the biggest women “badass”.

3.      Elmindreda Farshaw - "Oh, no, sheepherder. Not good enough." She wriggled round on his lap in a way that made him clear his throat, and pinned a finger against his chest. "I want tears in your eyes when you say it. I want drool on your chin and a stammer in your voice. You needn't think I won't make you pay."

Intelligent, independent, honest and caring. She was “ordinary” women, as well as special one. She save word more than in one way with her intelligence and caring, without army or one power. Some time I wish, Rand could avoid Elayne and Aviendha, when go for Nynaeve to Caemlyn.

4.      al'Lan Mandragoran - “I am just a man,” Lan whispered. “That is all I have ever been.”

He is Rock. I like how he disarm every bully when he just stand and look. As Min support and complement Rand, He support and complement Nynaeve.

5.      Moiraine Damodred - "The wheel weaves as the wheel wills."

Mystic, knowledgeable, She was intelligent, powerful and knowledgeable and fact, that she was able find limit of her power and knowledge do her the most intelligent character of WoT, do you agree Socrates?


Space and weaving


6.      Matrim Cauthon – I disliked him at beginning, but when Talmanes, Tylin and Tuon (3T) take him in “care”, I found his POV amusing and I can know him better.

7.      Siuan Sanche – She keep fight until end found her “prince” before death.

8.      Davram t'Ghaline Bashere – when The Wheel need some general for mad Dragon, It have to be somebody unique.


Talmanes because his humour, Tam because his steadiness, Rodel Ituralde because small wolf cunning, Dobraine Taborwin because loyalty was so rare in land of Carhien.

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1. Rand

2. Min

3. Aviendha

4. Loial

5. Moraine

6. Thom

7. Elayne

8. Lan

9. Siuan

10. Egwene 


Nynaeve and Mat are sooo annoying, but I'm only on the 7th book so this could change.

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1) Thom Merrilin: Without Thom, Mat would never have become near as awesome as he was, Rand would never have been able to laugh after the first book, Moiraine would not have come back, Rand and Mat would be dead and the Dragon Cannons wouldn't exist. He is the most essential character in the entire series, plus he is awesome.


2) Loghain: He is without a doubt the most loyal Saidin (Pre-cleanse) wielder, to the light. He fights the turning, he fights Taim as he can, he does everything he can to make sure the Asha'man are part of the last battle. Not loyal to Rand, but loyal to the light.


Would do more, but for now those two will do.

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Mat. He's hilarious, and I just love the tsundere vibe. He's a Gryffindor who thinks he's a Slytherin, and I love it. And he's driven by loyalty towards his friends, even as he curses them out with every step, which I also love. 

Rand. He's my son. Watching his spiral into depression and madness before becoming Zen Rand is just heartbreaking and I constantly want to give him a hug. 

Nynaeve. She's also got that same brand of funny hypocrisy as Mat, plus she is driven almost entirely by a desire to help people, which is the main reason why I love her.

Min. She's the only person who's actually nice to Rand! Plus, she's badass and quick-witted, but still kind, and (above all) sensible, and just really fun to read. 

Olver. I'm really partial to kid characters, and Olver is just adorable. I'm just very fond of him. 

Moiraine. She's a badass, too, but with Mom energy. And I like her relationship with Rand, especially in FoH once they've started working together, meeting each other halfway. 

Berelain. She's a confident and competent ruler (one of few) and I love her relationship with the Aiel. She's my daughter and I love her, don't @ me. 

Birgitte. She's a normal person. She might be the only normal person.

Moridin. My favorite Forsaken. He's just really interesting, I think. 

Semirhage. My second-favorite Forsaken. Her use of modern-work neurology (albeit yada-yada'ed neurology) is terrifying.


Those are my top ten (favorite to least favorite amongst themselves). Groups-wise, I'm partial to the Aiel for their loyalty to Rand, the Cairhienins for their ridiculous Daes Daemar, and the Asha'man because I feel protective of them, like a hen with 300+ chicks that may or may not go mad at any moment. 

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1- Nynaeve-Great temper tantrums. Very good character because she has her flaws (Not a Mary Sue 🙂 )

2- Ishamael/Moridin--Amazing appearance as Ba'alzamon, etc.

3-Moiraine--Actually cared about Rand. Was willing to be subservient for the greater cause. Probably the first Aes Sedai to not be a jerk.

4-Rand-- He's the Dragon! Of course he's great!

5- Logain-- Great role as false dragon & Saidin-wielder  

6- Mazrim Taim--Very imposing and awesome (book six especially)

7- Lan--All around cool guy with a sword

8-Loial-- Always "loyal" to Rand and company

9- Perrin-- I like his relationship w/ the wolves a lot. Adds a lot more character to him.

10- Siuan-- Very stubborn. Good Amyrlin.

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Mat was the most fun.  Perrin the most relatable.  Nynaeve the one who grew on me the most.  Rand was the most important, but liking him was difficult at times.  Faile is a character I loved in the books and probably love more  now since joining this site and feeling the need to defend her against her many critics :).  Same for Cadsuane on a smaller scale.  Lan I respected most of the story, liked some of it, was disgsuted by when he decided to make his pointless suicide run (I loved the scene when Angelmar points out how selfish Lan's suicidal tendencies are, nobody had ever had the courage to speak up to him like that before). He redeemed himself by killed Demandred in the end.  Verin was a great character. Min was by far the best of Rand's three women. Tuon and Mat's scenes were the most fun interactions between any of the couples though.  That's ten so I'll stop although I could easily swap a few others into the list if I kept thinking on it.  Lots of characters I really liked at points of the story and really disliked at others.

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Posted (edited)

warning spoilers
My top 10

1/ Mat, because he would storm the gates of Hell to save a friend, and then declare he is no bloody Hero.

2/ Cenn Buie, just have a soft spot for the old Rascal

3/ Rand, perhaps one of the most courageous figures in all fiction, spends the entire series believing he will die and carrying the fate of the entire world on his back.

4/ Moraine, went to the Docks at Cairhien knowing her fate and did not hesitate.

5/ Loail, who could not love the Ogier, pity he wasn’t utilised more.

6/ Hurin, going through life knowing that at any moment you could “sniff” where violence had been done and yet had the bravery to do it for a living.

7/ Perrin, loved him as a character, unfortunately wasn’t overly in love with his Arc except for the Two Rivers. 

8/ Lanfear/Cyndane, i thought her character was the best developed of the Forsaken.

9/ Siuan Sanche, the old Buzzard was tough as nails, thought her character was well written.

10/ Hardlin the Ashaman, i very well couldn’t decide to use him as my name then leave him off this list, could i?

Would have liked to have Padan Fain on this list, but his story went AWOL and then just suddenly turned up at the end. 

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In no particular order.....


1 Rand. There were times I really disliked the guy but his journey is fascinating and engaging at every turn. There aren't many characters where I can say I enjoyed their arcs without exception, but Rand's rise, fall, and rise never failed to entertain me, even if I felt like slapping him on occasion.

2 Mat. I mean, what else has to be said? Mat bloody Cauthon! Aside from Rand, Mat has the best plots; the dagger, the Aelfin/Elefin, the Band of the Red Hand, Ebou Dar.....it's always fascinating reading with Mat, and even if he's often a immature little punk, he comes by it honestly.

3 Loial. He's just such a kind, gentle soul, it's hard not to love him or feel for him when he's stuck in uncomfortable human drama.

4 Thom. He's got a great backstory, and is such an excellent compliment to the cast. There were times I felt like Thom was the only person who truly cared about Rand and co. as people, and not as pieces on a board to be manipulated. Even when Thom knew that the world itself rested on the shoulders of these boys, he never lost sight of the fact that they were still people. 

5 Verin. Jordan and Sanderson kept me guessing until the very end. How often do you get to read a character over a dozen+ books, and not figure out where they stand until the very end? She's so much fun, and seems to have a inhuman ability to put people off balance. Verin's one of the few Aes Sedai I truly like and enjoy across the entire series.

6 Galad. He's awful. Truly awful, and he's not anybody I would ever want to spend time with. But he has a interesting viewpoint, his journey with the Whitecloaks feels far more organic than some other characters' journeys, and it's hard to dislike (as a character) someone who is so honest and honorable they end up hindering the heroes rather than helping.  

7 Tuon. Like Galad, Tuon is kind of a terrible person. But her outlook and views make a lot of sense given her background and the nature of the Empire. I found her intelligent, capable, reckless in a calculated way, and honorable in her own way. In the end, for all her many faults, she was more willing to bend and negotiate than most of the Aes Sedai.

8 Min. Savior of the world, Min is. Without her, I shudder to think what would've become of Rand, and the world as a whole. She was always good for a "regular person" PoV, and I feel like nobody else could've provided such a grounded, straight forward kind of insight into the events of the series. I like to believe that after the Last Battle, she becomes renowned as a great philosopher. 

9 Androl. This guy, am I right? Stoic, humble yet capable, and maybe my favorite Talent ever; he went straight up anime-superhero with those gateways. As much as I wish Sanderson hadn't spent so much page time on such a new/unknown character and had instead delved into the established cast, I'm glad he did because the pageboy ended up being one of my favorites in the series.

10 Last place is kind of up for grabs between Logain, Sanche, Tam and Lanfear depending on where we're at in the series....but I feel like if he had gotten more page time, then Hurin would've made this list for sure!

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