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  1. I'd probably go with the Ogier putting long handles on axes -
  2. All different realities were sort of fighting a 'last battle' at the time. It's said the valley of Thakan'dar was no longer 'one place' by the end, because the separation between different realities got blurred (pattern unravelling and stuff). I remember reading a better and longer explanation around here somewhere.
  3. Greandal did, it has been discussed over here somewhere. In ToM Morridin states that she was already responsible for the death of 2 forsaken after Natrin's barrow, referring to Asmo.
  4. Maybe they couldn't help because when they get killed in TAR, like wolves, their end is definite?
  5. I just read twelve pages of battle criticism and i'm feeling exhausted, so just a simple question: can anyone tell me why that pallisade on the little map of Merillor somewhere before Chapter 37 is oriented north-south facing the woods, while the entire time the riverbed formed part of the front line? I can more or less deal with all the other complaints and points of criticism raised, but the pallisade, the flaming pallisade, it drove me nuts.
  6. Nobody has spoken yet of the Sea Folk. Can it truly be that the bargain they made with the dragon was all they had to do concerning the LB? All of their prophecies just for that? And what about the discussion about red sails attacking Seanchan in first chapter of ToM?
  7. So positively no more Dobraine since TGS? Or Merilille and Talaan since KoD? Does Dearid at least gets mentioned this time? What about Gaul - Bain - Chiad triangle? Valan Luca? Guess there's little chance of him appearing amidst all the fighting going on. Have any of the party arriving at Tar Valon - Domon, Juilin, the sul'dam, etc. - still some significant role? - Or have they all played their part and are just faded out. Oh, and what about Tylee and Min's vision about Egwene falling from a cliff and the Seanchan woman saving her?
  8. just to add to the 'what's-the-rank-of-the-PoR-in-Seanchan-society-thing', I always believed the PoR was in charge of the seekers, which keeps my hopes up for a reappearance of Almurat Mor, perhaps in support of Mat.
  9. While rereading LoC the other day, two small questions rose while strolling through chapter 22 (heading south), and since i can't remember them having any further importance in the story later on, i'd like some clarity. - Is it known as of yet who and why the tuatha'an caravan found by Vanin was butchered? And is the unfinished message written in the blood of a dying Tinker actually (in)significant? - Later in the chapter Mat got ambushed in the Band's camp by a dozen Aiel dropped of by travelling. Has it been discussed (where pls?)/ is it known who send them, discounting Mat's own speculations on it being Sammael not wanting the Band joining the Army in Tear, cause that just doesn't seem right IMO. Even if Sammael was able to find and gather 12(!) Aiel DF and drop m' of at Mat's Tent, why not just do it yourself, saving effort and risk of failure? Furthermore it seems a bit out of character, as in how Sammael acts (again IMO). True, it could be one more attack send by another forsaken to put the Focus of the dragon on Sammael, or Greandal in aid of Sammael, thinking him possibly nea'blis at the time. Or Sammael might have plucked them from between the Shaido and told them they could avenge Couladin's murderer or some such. But, what if those Aiel were in fact the same 'Aiel' seen in the epilogue of ToM? perhaps channeled there own gateway, as some theories suspect them to be the Aiel male channelers who ventured into the blight. Anyway, can someone point out to me where I might find some more on these two questions, or, if there isn't, clear this up for me?
  10. Recently been rereading FoH again and read about the Raven Tattoo Carlynia sedai is seen with in Min's viewing. Carlynia died during the Seanchan attack in TGS. The Tattoo is the sign of the Imperial seekers,... so what's this all about? The viewing hasn't been fulfilled between FoH and TGS, has it? Quick lookup on the wiki told me that Brandon had already RAFO't the question. Is there a place, thread, etc. where I can find speculation or additional info about this subject? I kinda liked the scenes with Almurat the seeker in them, so would love seeing him again in aMoL if possible. Or was it really a misprint, cause one might start to wonder about a possible link between the logic of the White Ajah and seekers. -
  11. Short question: Can someone tell me what's the total count of days past from day one in 2R all the way up to FoM?
  12. ...you're in a relationship, but can't help admiring other women, minding yourself it's not for you, but perhaps for Talmanes
  13. Has Perrin seen Birgitte since he saw her in TAR? Does he even know she's bonded to Elayne? Don't remember her being present at the negotiation talks in ToM. If so, Perrin's suprise isn't mentioned then?
  14. Will the Wise Ones fight in TG? - Malden: about 400 wise ones able to channel, only Shaido - 12 clans (exempting the Jenn) = about 4800 channelers(?), even if half of them is just as strong as Sorilea (which I doubt) there are still a good 2500 channeling woman... I might think that's more then there are AS and Damane combined at this side of the ocean. On a side note: If Aiel were abandonning Ji'eh'Toh during their war with the Seanchan in Avi's vision, why didn't the Wise Ones participate? When more and more of them get collared as the war carries on, shouldn't they have come to some sort of understanding that it was needed to participate to survive? If centuries old values are chattering, why not the Wise Ones? I know that even if they would go to battle, they lack the experience of the Damane, but since this takes place after the LB, they probably have a link with the AS, WT and AM, so their skills should have spanned a wider range of weaves by then, no? I any case, their initial supremacy in numbers should have helped to. Regardless of this, since there has been no clear indication (I might of course be missing something) of the WO doing battle, I wondered if they will play a major role in the fighting in aMoL. Maybe they will participate when the red veiled things come into play? BUT, some of the dreamwalkers did help in the fight against Mesaana and her gang. But it seemed like they only did it as to see if the shadowsouled were as strong as they in TAR. Came across as something to do with personal pride and all. Also they didn't really use the OP in that battle. Also it's Aiel prophecy that they would fight in TG, but for some reason WO are exluded from this? We do not see them training the OP very often, certainly not battle weaves as they do not take part in clan conflicts etc. But the whole point of going to the waste was training for the LB right? And for some reason channeling is left out of this? wise ones are mediators and advisors among the Aiel, which surely is important as well, but still it leaves me somewhat puzzled. Clarification anyone? I know this isn't so much a structured topic intro, it's just some loose thoughts on the WO brought together. Still I hope the general Idea is somewhat clear. thoughts?
  15. thx, hadn't thought about it that profoundly yet. I never before payed any attention to the 'past' aspect of the viewing. nice, .. still not thinking Taim is Morridin though :)
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