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  1. Ok, maybe Faile's not the worst as I said earlier. There are much worse characters (Gawyn, Elaida, Alanna, Tylin, etc). She was pretty annoying at first but steadily got better. I just disliked her because of her impetuous manner, and her taking advantage over Perrin, though that could mostly be blamed on Berelain.
  2. Yeah, she definitely bullies her way around. However, like it was pointed out earlier, she was appointed to a position as Wisdom at a young age and Aes Sedai very young as well. She tries to prove her aptitude by beating anyone who disagrees with her, etc. Probably not the best approach, but definitely entertaining. Nynaeve is a very good character because of her flaws.
  3. My Top Four: #1--Lord of Chaos #2--Eye of The World #3--The Great Hunt #4--The Dragon Reborn
  4. 1- Nynaeve-Great temper tantrums. Very good character because she has her flaws (Not a Mary Sue 🙂 ) 2- Ishamael/Moridin--Amazing appearance as Ba'alzamon, etc. 3-Moiraine--Actually cared about Rand. Was willing to be subservient for the greater cause. Probably the first Aes Sedai to not be a jerk. 4-Rand-- He's the Dragon! Of course he's great! 5- Logain-- Great role as false dragon & Saidin-wielder 6- Mazrim Taim--Very imposing and awesome (book six especially) 7- Lan--All around cool guy with a sword 8-Loial-- Always "loyal" to Rand and company 9- Perrin-- I like his relationship w/ the wolves a lot. Adds a lot more character to him. 10- Siuan-- Very stubborn. Good Amyrlin.
  5. I definitely agree with this. Faile is the WORST
  6. There will definitely be a lot of plot twists and exciting revelation to come. Keep reading! The Eye of The World is actually one of my favorites in the series, mostly because of all the foreshadowing that comes into play later in the series. (And yes, the prologue is amazing, right?) In my opinion, its a great start to the series. Definitely worth reading....
  7. Definitely just one braid, as best befits her character. And plus the matter of the Taraboners having multiple braids.....
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