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  1. I just checked out that list, and of course Wheel of Time belongs on it, but I think Star Wars is a major omission. 150 books is no exaggeration, it'll probably hit 200 soon if it hasn't already. (I've read maybe 40 or 50, most of the ones I've read are just average-ish but fun as a Star Wars fan, though I will mention most of Timothy Zahn's SW books are excellent, though you do need to read them in order.) Plus there's the video games, or just listening to the soundtracks. But one thing it did mention was that a time-sink can be either a good thing or a bad thing. Somehow the way it's phrased, one's first impression is likely to be "a bad thing". I would say in general a time-sink is more likely to be a good thing.
  2. My general sense is that Taim is stronger than Logain. On the other hand, I expect Logain will end up the one who's better off when all is said and done.
  3. I agree on this, we hear about it every now and again, this place even further out than the Waste, I always wanted more from that. The last book would be a bit late, though. It's not a major complaint of mine but it would've been cool to go there for a little while at some point earlier in the series. Maybe it'll be included sort of the way Coruscant and Bespin got included in the special edition of Return of the Jedi.
  4. You know, slightly after I made my last post, it occurred to me Uno and anybody would be pretty weird and pretty interesting. Maybe I should start a new thread "Potential Girlfriends For Uno." (Birgitte is my first choice for him, though.) Also, how about Gareth Bryne and Silviana? That could either be perfect or an absolute disaster.
  5. Just speaking for myself, I was trying to defend Sanderson. And if I've read up to Book 12 then obviously I can't too unhappy with RJ. Anyway for me it's mostly amusing rather than annoying, though you would think there would be some other kind of lamp at some point. The bosom thing is certainly amusing, though sometimes it feels like I'm laughing at RJ rather than with him. I keep picturing somebody doing the audio book, reading the sentence with the bosom in it, and then happily declaring "boobies!" before reading the next sentence. But on a very amateur level I have sometimes tried to write. I know the issue.
  6. Here's a couple of silly thoughts... Thom Merrilin and Suian Sanche. I'm not sure why, other than I like both characters. Would it lead to folk songs with fishy lyrics? Birgitte and Uno. Just because.
  7. I just checked that link out, and it only has "mirrored stand lamps" in ACOS, COT, KOD, plus one from New Spring. I bet it missed a few. Thanks for the link, though.
  8. Okay, well, Min is my favorite character and I don't want her to die, but you know, if that does happen, that might actually help the story. Not that it's necessary of course, and obviously if it's not in RJ's notes BS shouldn't do it, but imagine what kind of a test that might be for Rand. Okay this is creeping me out...
  9. I never noticed the "tempest" issue much. I'll bet BS used it less than RJ used "mirrored stand lamps" and all his other favorites.
  10. Aviendha I didn't like much at first, but she grew on me. I liked Elayne at first, she seemed spoiled but in a sympathetic way, and like someone who'd be a good person if given power. She's gone downhill a little, but I'm not an Elayne hater. If I were Rand, though, I would definitely pick Min. I am biased, though.
  11. Just voted for Mazrim Taim. The fact that I just read TOM might have something to do with it, but I just like the sense of mystery around him.
  12. Basically I agree with High Wired Sith. I'm not mad at RJ or BS, I mean, generally speaking I'm not eagerly awaiting the resolution of subplots because there's so many I can't keep up with them, so I just read on and try not to get too hung up on predictions or specific anticipation. I wasn't eagerly awaiting anything uniquely about Masema either, but Masema was interesting, he was the ultimate "supporter you don't want", and while a minor character, a minor character is still more than a bit player. I really feel he should have gotten brought back to Rand, now that I know he's dead and that can't happen. It doesn't make TGS a bad book, TGS is actually one of my favorites, but that one I personally found disappointing.
  13. Sweating "not due to the heat" (some small variation or other). Jump when (somebody) said toad.
  14. That sounds sort of familiar, the Moiraine "nice" and "more than adequate thing". And come to think of it is true that many times in the novels AS saying things directly are considered proof. It can feel awkward, though, I know if it were me, I'd be thinking, are we absolutely sure that was direct? But most of the times it happens IIRC they're direct enough. The oaths come with pros and cons I guess.
  15. I, um, do not hate Min. Actually, I worship Min. People actually hate Min? What the... (okay, but seriously...) I read some but not the entirety of the earlier posts. Most people have already made the points I want to make, I suppose. She's smart and dedicated enough to try to figure out the Fel stuff, her viewings can be problematic sometimes but it's better to know than to not know, and she uses them to help people. She's much more interested in knowledge than power. She's humble without being meek. Her story with Rand starts as infatuation and turns into love. Now, every once in a while the skeptic in me does wonder if RJ "tricked" me into liking this character by emphasizing how un-Aes Sedai she is. Or that the whole "boy's clothes" thing translates badly in terms of gender politics, as if there's this message in there that women are more likeable if they don't "act like women". But that skepticism generally goes away when I think about Book 6 and further on when she starts actually having the relationship with Rand. Sometimes RJ does seem to stoop to stereotypes when it comes to men and women, but the Rand/Min relationship I think transcends that. Anyway she's my favorite WOT character so I just had to post.
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