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Anybody miss me?


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I'm glad you all missed me...I missed you too. Life has been pretty boring, I ran away from home...it didn't go so well, James got arrested...and eventually bailed out, my sister decided to roll down a hill in the snow...nobody told her not to take her jeep along for the ride, I got expelled from my "father-in-law"'s house for...well let's just say I got kicked out, my oldest son has sworn revenge on Santa Clause for drinking all the eggnog..he was pissed, and James and I split up...and got back together. I think that covers it. So what about everybody else? What have you all been up to? Anything epic happen in mafia? Any good games getting ready to start? I missed you all so much, I really didn't know how much of a support system I had on here until it was gone.

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