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The Guild of Blades Summons Kara J.

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The day is gloomy and overcast. The iron gray clouds wash lazily across the afternoon sky making the day appear as dark as twilight. Winds gust fitfully with the moisture of promised rains, adding a bite to the already chilly air. Spring is here, and the trees have noticed by allowing the first buds of leaves to appear, but the temperature still clings to a mild winter on this day. Throughout the forest, cherry trees bloom in pinks and whites, coloring the area into a thing of beauty! Kara follows a path that twists through the forest towards the limestone hills nearby. Soon the path comes to the steep wall of one such hill, and at its base is a darkened cave with only one, flickering torch jammed into a crevice of the limestone. As Instructed, Kara grabs the torch and enters the cave, having to stoop down to get through the entrance. The bending brings twinges of pain from the earlier spar, but she continues deeper into the rapidly darkening cave. Soon the cave tunnel widens and grows taller to the point where the roof of the cave is double Kara’s height. Coming to a fork in the cave, she notices two Infantry soldiers in formal armor standing to either side of the left entrance. Passing between them, Kara realizes she no longer needs the torch. Finding a crack in the stone, she secures the torch and moves on. The source of the new light is an eerie green glow from up ahead where the cave once again grows small. Kara has to hunker down into a squatting walk, Kara slips through the small tunnel opening, and into a cavern of enormous proportions. In the center of the cavern is a large, underground lake that is the source of the glowing green light, perhaps some cave algae causing such a glow. Ringing the lake are all of the Band’s Infantry in full dress armor and standing stock still at attention. One strip of rock juts out into the center of the lake, and on this strip stand the Blademasters of the Infantry. From behind her, the two Infantry soldiers who had been waiting to show the way, move out of the tunnel and join the other to close the ring behind her. Looking around, Kara notices other Band members standing behind the ring of Infantry, happy to be there, but showing respect of the ceremony by keeping a polite distance. Kara looks across the natural stone bridge to see Grim in his midnight-black plate. Attached at his shoulder guards is red lined black cloak of the Blademaster. Engraved on Grim’s armor are the Red Hand and Blademaster symbols. To either side of Grim are the other Blademasters: Achelous, Galadriel, and Rhian, all dressed as Grim is. Behind them is a smooth, stone table with several items on it. Grim’s voice echoes through the cavern as he speaks in a commanding voice.


Kara J! Step forward!  I ask that all present hold their comments until the completion of this ceremony, please.


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Following the trail as instructed, Kara winced at the strain on her wounds she'd received earlier in her testing spar. Having to bend low through the caves was almost her undoing, she could feel the fresh stitches in her thigh stretching taut, but she pressed on, knowing how important this was.


Eventually she reached the cavern, and made her way through the ranks of the waiting Infantry until she was standing before the Blademasters.


She saluted smartly, ignoring the spasms of pain that resulted.


As you have summoned, so I do come. I stand ready.

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Hopeful Kara, kneel and submit to the judgment of the Guild!


Once she kneels, Grim continues


Kara, you have come before the Guild of Blades to receive the title of Blademaster! Before you receive this I charge you with four duties: Guard the Band and its ideals, Guard the Infantry and our traditions, Guard your fellow soldiers and their lives, and finally, guard the innocent as if their lives were your own; until strength is gone, until blade is dull, until your life is lost. Do you accept these duties of a Blademaster?

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Kneeling and bowing her head, Kara listened to Blademaster Grim state the Oath.


Without pause Kara raised her head and looked at Grim and the other waiting Blademasters as she spoke.


I swear that I will accept these duties wholeheartedly and will follow them until my dying breath.

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Galadriel stood straight and still next to Grim and waited with the others for the Hopeful to arrive. This one had done her proud from the moment she took her first steps as a Recruit all the way up to becoming the Captain-General of the regiment. Not only had she had the pleasure of being Kara's RLO and later her Morat, she had been blessed again as the woman had asked become her Banded. She heard Grim speak to the Hopeful and looked at her head as she knelt before them, speaking her acceptance of the Oath and therefore binding herself to it. Returning Grim's nod Galadriel steps forward and addresses the Hopeful.


Kara J, present Romulus and Remus.


Rising from her kneeling position, Kara smoothly draws both blades and hands them over to Gala. She takes them to the stone table behind her and with the mallet strikes the little stamp made out of Heart Stone onto each side of the blades. A burst of light errupts at each blow, blinding all those around for an instant and when the instant passes, the light getting absorbed by the caverness walls and ceiling they see a fading blue glow on the blades where Gala had struck them. Picking up Romulus and Remus, Galadriel hands them back at Kara who looks at them in wonder, noticing the Heron mark on both sides of the blades.


May these blades be there for you as a protection against all things evil as well as a warning to those that would foolishly dare to underestimate you. The Heron is the mark of a Blademaster. May he watch over you from here on and for all times.


Shooting Kara a quick grin, Galadriel steps back and joins the other Blademasters once more. Nodding to Rhian, she finishes...


Blademaster Rhian will now present you the pin of the Blademaster.

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Rhian watched the ceremony in silence then retrieved a small cushion from the stone table. Lowering it before Kara, she sees





Taking the pin, Rhian secures it to the sash that crosses the front of Kara’s own breast plate.


"It has been a delight watching your progress from one of my fresh faced RRs when I was XO and RLO to the position you now hold as the Infantry's Captain-General. You have done the Regiment proud in that time and it's a pleasure to be able to call you friend too. Now is the next stage in your journey, wear this Pin with pride as it marks you for what you are and what you have earned.


The next thing to come with this blade is another symbol of your new status."


Rhian stepped back to allow Blademaster Achelous to step forward.

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Blademaster Achelous stood to the side, standing tall as he watched the proceedings of a rare occasion. Turning around to the stone table, Achelous turned to again face Kara J, but this time he had a bundle in his hands. Soft black fabric was bound into a small package. Holding it in front of him, Achelous spoke.


Kara J, I present to you your own Cloak of the Blademaster.


Achelous pulled the bindings, and in one swift movement, the sleek cloak unfurled majestically and billowed in the cave's slight breeze. Stepping forward, Achelous moved it around Kara J's shoulders and attached the cloak at her shoulder guards. Returning to his original position, Achelous spoke again.


Kara J, you have come before the Guild of Blades a student, but you stand before us now a master. You have sworn an oath, and you have been given the public markings of a Blademaster. There is but one last thing yet for you to do. Kara J, it is time for you to declare your new name. You will always be Kara J, but in symbolising the changes and advancements you have made toward this remarkable feat, you will choose a Blademaster name, a name which bears great importance to you and will long represent your good character, skill, and devotion to all that you are sworn to protect.


Kara J, declare your name.

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Standing proud, Kara felt the atmosphere subtly change as first the heron marks were placed on Romulus and Remus, then the pin was attached to her sash, and finally the cloak was placed around her shoulders.


When Blademaster Achelous had finished speaking, Kara spoke clearly and firmly.


My name shall be Blademaster Bellona

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Grim Waited for Achelous to finish and step back, then listened as Kara announced her Blademaster name.  Raising his voice so that it boomed off of the cavern walls, Grim bellowed out


Infantry, Attention!


In a deafening sound of organized chaos, every Infantry soldier there snapped to attention.  Rigid straight they stand, each with sword in hand, blade up and resting on their right shoulders, arms straight down to their sides.  The armor they’re wearing making metallic sounds as they moved that bounce throughout the cavern, and slowly fade.  Once again, Grim’s voice thunders in the underground assembly


Present, ARMS!


As one, every Infant’s right arm swings up so that the blade points towards the cavern ceiling and hilts are at eye level.  Slowly the blades tilt towards Kara in a show of respect.


The four Blademasters in front of Kara all salute the newest Blademaster before them, each showing a bit of a smile.


Members of the Band of the Red Hand!  I present Blademaster Bellona! Then speaking to just Bellona And I welcome you to the Guild of Blades and congratulate you. The entire Regiment is proud of you, and more than thrilled that you will be leading us.  You’ve do very well for yourself, the Infantry and the Band of the Red Hand.


Dropping his salute and going back to attention, Grim once more issues orders to the Infantry gathered around the underground lake.


Order, ARMS!


Every sword snaps back to the vertical position and each member sweeps the blade in a slash to end point down to their right, then they sweep them back up to rest the blade on their right shoulder.


Alright!  Let’s roll out the brew and have ourselves a cave party!!


A deafening roar errupts as the formations breaks and every Infant comes forward to congratulate the newest Blademaster.


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Kara...no, Blademaster Bellona (she must get used to that name now), stood to attention, a faint blush of pride and pleasure suffusing her cheeks as she listened to Blademaster Grim's speech and the rattle and stamp of the entire Barracks snapping to attention. How she managed to keep a straight face she'll never know to her dying day but keep a straight face she did.....


That is until she registered the word "party". With that news her face split into a big grin which threatened to take over her whole face now she knew the serious ceremony was over. She sheathed her blades, pausing only to run her fingers wonderingly over the Herons etched into the steel.



All right! Lets party!!!  ;D



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The Auld Pirate stepped out of the shadowed place behind the assembled Infants where he had observed and strode towards the new Blademaster. Barging through the now seething mass of infantry which moments ago had been a highly regimented formation, he drew both his cutlasses from over his shoulders and hurled them spinning into the air. As they flashed in the eerie light from the lake, Riva went to one knee before his young friend his head bowed. Both cutlasses fell to the hardpacked floor and stuck quivering with their blades crossed barely a foot in front of the Auld Man. With his right fist to his chest and his left holding the Beat Up Old Rum Flask thrust upwards he growled........

"Mia Ashan'in ain ninte My swords are yoursCarai ain ninte sedai  Honor to serve

Blademaster Bellona m'am"

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Standing at Grim's side beaming with pride, Galadriel waits for the magic words and then abandons all proprieties and tackles her Banded into a bearhuggersmooch!


Congratulations, Blademaster Bellona!!  ;D Fantastically done!!

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*grins and gets hugged into next week*


Thank you Elgee, no I did not kill asmo! :P


Thank you Mysty..I couldn't have done this without my Morat! ;) *snuggles*


Cheers Blademaster Rhea  :D *hugs Taysie* ;)


Talya hehe ummm...I'll think about it ;) *hugs*


Thanks Brid hun! *surreptitiously sniffs own armpit to see if it smells* :P *huggles*


Thank you too Footy! *takes glass*


Riva hun, my blades are yours whenever you need them, and the honour will be all mine I assure you.


*She returns the salute to Riva before raising her glass in a toast*


To the Infantry, the Band and, most of all, to my friends! *raising the glass to her mouth she knocks back the drink in one*  ;D


*tacklehugs Riva and all those around her*  ;D ;D ;D




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