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Happy February 1st.. or...


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Happy Thank-God-January-Is-Over-Day.


Seriously, January is the month that never ends. However, today it did and I think that deserves some kind of celebration.


Of course I may be the only one who's obsessed with spring, but I figured I should share anyway. *g*


So how are y'all doing?

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Our snow got stolen by an evil wind :(  Instead, it's all sunny.  Still, the original prediction for snow wasn't until 3 this afternoon..


*resumes staring out the window*


Raeyn, we got snow here about an hour ago (4pm) after it was sunny all day. It was not much though and it hasn't carried on, but I'm extremely hopeful!


And Hurrah for January being over!

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But in London we haven't had a single snow day which suits me JUST fine!


You should have been here last March! We had snow in London, something I never thought I'd see. Sadly, public transport didn't grind to a halt, so I did have to go to lectures. Though it did take a while.

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