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Where's your crib gonna be???

spigots or caudrens  

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  1. 1. spigots or caudrens

    • spigots
    • caudrens
    • pie spoon
    • washer woman. shaped washer.

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Let's be honest, guys... Domani women. 'Nuff said. That or the.. what is it.. sa'sara dance? Shienar? I'm in, either place. Or Illian because I love the way they talk. Hahaha. Illianer Aes Sedai are the best.


Although, if Seanchan is actually Japan.. I'll go. So long as I can't channel... and I'm not born into the Blood.

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Frankly its the only halfway decent place in that world (except if you're a man who loves to show off his channeling tricks I guess). Anyway...it is:


1. Crime, even petty crime, is virtually non-existent - a major consideration in preindustrial times with their typically very high murder rates, etc.


2. Physical security from rampaging armies, etc - it has never fallen in the 3000 years of its existence.


3. Probably the wealthiest city in the world per capita, due to the productivity bonuses of the One Power. There seems to be some redistributive mechanism also in place as there seems to be a lack of extreme poverty within the area controlled by the Tower, also a thing that was nonexistent in medieval times.


4. Life expectancy and health indicators are presumably quantumly better than in other countries due to the subsidised Healing offered by the Aes Sedai.


5. For those tools who base their decisions on things like Shienaran topknots or Domani women...Tav Valon is an entrepot of peoples. It has merchants and travellers from all over the Westlands. It will not be hard to find a Domani or Altaran chick or Shienaran dude or whatever turns you on here.


6. Biggest library in the known world.


7. Probably a lot of other things I forget to mention.


Tar Valon is a nobrainer.

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You make some interesting points, Shaidar. But remember... Tar Valon has Aes Sedai... and Aes Sedai are icky and no fun. I don't want all kinds of invisible strings attatched to me and I don't want to be around a city of women as insanely powerful as these girls are.. in comparison to me. Especially when it's rare to even find one that's halfway decent or nice.


But, hey, it is pretty stable and it's got lots of money. But you hook up with the right Domani merchant and there's enough cash to sit back and relax, have the occasional tussel with a strong arm or some nonsense, and make your life a lively adventure. Tar Valon may be secure.. but I enjoy the occasional action and the lack of mean-spirited, uppity women.

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gotta go w/ the Two Rivers...its an "up and coming" city if what we're expecting will actually happen (Perrin becomes King and its the rebirth of Menetheran)....and what better time to get in at the ground level, start up a nice little business and sit back, relax and enjoy the good life  ;)

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