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  1. There was no better way to cure the mind than alcohol in Gale's opinion. Thankfully, now that a good majority of the Healing was underway the Black Tower was moving somewhat back to normal. Albeit a little bit of a numb, uncertain normal. Most of those that had gone into battle walked in a haze now, going about a few average tasks - checking this or adjusting that. Gale only had eyes for the men slipping into the tavern for a drink. Drinks were all but forced down throats with a couple guys behind the counter just filling mugs for the inevitable. Gale grabbed two and slipped outside of th
  2. Despite Gale's protests to the following, he was one of the first of the men through the Gateway. Not that he didn't want to leave, exactly, but that he didn't want to leave while there were still wounded. Seeing as he had taken no grave injuries, a few scrapes and bruises hardly qualified him for Healing, he knew he could still help pull men free of the horrors of battle. So he grabbed the second arm of a wounded Dedicated and hoisted the man up a little higher, helping to clear him through the Gateway and back to the Farm. "Healers!" He shouted with a few others though he really needn't
  3. The trolloc forces were close enough to start loosing arrows now, but they battled harmlessly off the defenses put up by the Asha'man at the moment. What made it over the walls battered harmlessly off shields woven of air. Gale stood with a number of the other Soldiers, Dedicated, and Asha'man channeling all he could with whatever strength he had to save their skins. Light, but it wasn't easy. He heard Storm Leader Covai shouting in the background, the man's voice heard over the explosions and screams of battle. When the man wanted to be heard, he was. Of course, it didn't hurt that the m
  4. Gale scrubbed a hand through his thick hair, trying to catch his breath and get a handle on the whole combat scenario. It seemed the Shadow didn't intend to give them a nice long breather. No sooner had the Asha'man begun to regroup than did the city erupt in chaos. Gale watched, helpless with the rest, as lightning rained down on the stone city where Attack Leader Kirrisin led his strike team. There were no orders standing to charge in and help the man, so Gale remained with the rest of the team. As well he might seeing as they had their hands full with the Shadowspawn spilling over the
  5. The thought came to him to perhaps lay down a very thin, sharpened line of Air across the field before their pit fall traps. Lay it high enough and the Shadowspawn were sure to charge into it without seeing a thing. So long as they didn't come up against any of them that could channel, but as far as he knew none of the Shadowspawn could. "I do no worry so long as you do be sane," he surveyed the battlefield, glad to have saidin gone for the moment. The added details weren't needed. "Do you think it do be possible to lay down Air like a razor wire? I do think that would slow down their li
  6. Gale released the Power almost gratefully. It was never really easy to release the Source but the continuous efforts of using so much of his energy so quickly turned him about a bit. Colors went out of the world and smells lost their potency. It was a blessing. But the sickness still lingered outside of the Void, the horror of what he'd seen and the carnage he inflicted lurked in wait for when that precious shield lowered in his mind. Gale kept the Void up against it, fearing for his mental state for the battle. His voice held little emotion when he turned to check on Geirrin as they slip
  7. But the old times were not meant to last. And it wasn't long into their drinking session that the topics wore thin. After all, it had only been a few months and there was not much Bailen could say to do more than put a smile on Gale's face. He found, despite all the hard, hard days he'd faced here at the Farm, that he was actually growing... well, fond might be too strong of a word but he did not detest this place. "I do no know what your plans be, but I do suspect the Captain do be willing to take you back on board when your training do be finished." Bailen was saying, sipping perhaps hi
  8. The trench held. For the moment, at least. Gale could scarcely manage more than two flows on his own, but he focused on making those weaves powerful. The strain was starting to get to him already - that was never a good sign. Then Geirrin went down from an explosion. Gale himself had lost a step or two in surprise, but his legs were too sturdy for him to get dropped just yet. It took him a moment to realize it wasn't the explosion that had gotten to the man, however. It was the blood. Gale felt revulsion and disgust scratching at the Void surrounding him but he refused to give it purchase
  9. Gale clasped hands with the Illianer man standing there in the doorway, flashing a wide grin and soon pulling the man into a tight hug. The embrace is released quickly and Bailen offers a smile of his own, though it might seem a touch forced. "I hope you do have my pay," Gale said with an almost teasing smile. Bailen hefts a large bag of coins in one hand with a small grin of his own. "How do you be, Bailen?" Gale asked as he took the coins, no need to really count them. Bailen was a man of his word and even if the Captain might have some things to say about what Gale was or was not owed,
  10. Light, but they were still coming. Gale would have thought this onslaught would have at least slowed the beasts. How could there be more than five of these cursed things left alive anyway? He continued channeling, weaving death as fast as he knew how. It was not easy to handle more than one weave at a time but he pushed himself for more. He had to. They were getting closer and he had no intention of dying. It was the mad laughter at his side that made him feel, oddly, at ease. Gale glanced sideways at the Dedicated beside him, cocking a wide eyebrow in a question he didn't have the time t
  11. Mc P Pants? Anyway, Yeah, I tend to be critical of a lot of things. Still, I can appreciate good attempts or see the good in sometimes flawed work. I'm a nice fellow. What can I say?
  12. ooc: FINALLY! I've been waiting for Gale to see these little guys and get scared. Haha. Gale found it pretty easy to imagine himself rich. It was a thought often entertained when his life were simpler. He supposed that was just the way of it with the common folk. He opened his mouth to say something, perhaps about what he was going to do with his cut, when the Attack Leader showed his face again. With the Power in him, Gale could hear and see things much more clearer than without. Still, Gale wasn't about to eavesdrop. Okay, he was. And he listened to what had to be said seeing as Co
  13. Yeah, when you have the time it's cool. There are some really neat and interesting renditions of things. I just saw a really cool, realistic Elayne. Either it was a model or this guy is fantastic at photoshop. Lol.
  14. You know, if I just read the bottom of the page.. haha. I figured everything was used with permission, I just wanted to see some other art work by these guys is all. I browse the gallery often and very occasionally submit stuff. Just wondering. I should have known it was from him. I like his art, now I know why it looked familiar. Haha. Thanks a bunch.
  15. On the newly updated, I suppose Birthday themed, page for Dragonmount. It's very cool. On that note, though, where does all the art from this site come from? Various contributors, I'm sure, but is it a search thing or do people send it directly to the site or what?
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