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  1. So I'll be picking my copy up tomorrow... how terrifying. I've started the Eye of the World 20 years ago, when I was 9. I don't really remember a time when I wasn't waiting for the next book. This series has been one of the biggest parts of my development. I know a lot of us here feel the same way. To see an ending, Jordan's ending despite his sickness and death, is a wonderful thing. But for there not to be a next book? To know there will never be another awesome Rand chapter, or even an annoying Elayne chapter? Inconceivable.
  2. Depending on purchase place I would imagine so.
  3. Mat and Toun I mostly enjoyed... but the Succession? I'd think a mass of men learning to channel and being tainted is a tad more important. I'm with you on this one.
  4. I'm almost there... I'm on Whitebridge.
  5. Exactly. They're linked and trying to manipulate/awe him. Not anything to the level of compulsion, but sort of the way the coin token was supposed to make the boys more amenable to Moiraine, just making him more agreeable/accepting of what they have to say. You can see it in the way he acts, almost giving in and then rebounding back.
  6. For some strange reason pretty much every single time I get into a bath I think: "Ara had made the water hot enough that settling in was a slow process of luxuriant sighs." And my favorite quote of all, the one I can't read without getting manly chills of pure asskickery: On a day of fire and blood, a tattered banner waved above Dumai's wells, bearing the ancient symbol of Aes Sedai. On a day of fire and blood and the one power, as prophecy had suggested, the unstained tower, broken, bent knee to the forgotten sign. The first nine Aes Sedai swore fealty to the Dragon Reborn, and the world was changed forever.
  7. 1001 Things to do in a Vacuole. Elayne's Red Rod. (18+) Ara: Bath Attendant of the Stars.
  8. I've always taken that as something changed when the series grew, like the appearance of traveling in the EotW prologue.
  9. Again, Min's visions aren't foretellings. She doesn't see the future, she sees auras and pieces of the pattern. She sees seven ruined towers for Lan... the towers are already ruined. The viewing for Thom is what you find out later to be his driving motivation for helping the boys, his nephew and the White Tower. A Man juggling fire might reference Rand, or Mat's fireworks... but it doesn't. This was a very early viewing in the first book, and one of the few that show something other than a glimpse of what's in store for a character. Saying the viewing refers to something other than the major facet of Thom's past which we later find is what leads to him entwining himself with the boys repeatedly when the viewing matches that perfectly doesn't make any sense.
  10. The kneeling bit is fake. Ishy edited the Seanchan prophecies to tell them the Dragon had to submit to the Crystal Throne or there would be disaster so that they would not submit to him instead and be an aid.
  11. I'd imagine with Thom's history the man juggling fire is either his nephew. Min's visions arn't foretellings, she just sees pieces of the pattern. Thom's driving influences are a man juggling fire (His nephew) and the White Tower (who gentled his nephew). I've never seen anyone connect these to Mat. o_O
  12. Traveling in the prologue of EotW. While the most description is given to Ish we've seen TP traveling and this isn't it, and LTT seems to be shown traveling instantly and without a gateway as well.
  13. Canton, OH here. AIM: zmknightz YIM: zshadez
  14. Or we could answer it the easier way.... if you haven't noticed, the Whitecloaks assume pretty much everything is shadowspawn/darkfriend.
  15. Aginor and Balthamael were in bad shape when first released after 3,000ish years of the wheel grinding, true, but the longer the fight with Rand went on and the more power Ag pulled into himself the younger and stronger he appeared. Ishy, being being able to partially free himself and touch the power several times over the course of his imprisonment, would appear the youngest since he'd held the power the most recently especially given that he holds the TP seemingly constantly when freed. Since pulling the power into himself for only a few minutes started to heal Agy's decrepitness it makes sense for Ishy to not appear as haggard as the other two.
  16. Actually I've liked this idea sine TP was first mentioned. The entire series has a theme of balance, so it fits. Saidin to balance Saidar, X to balance TP. It doesn't feel complete balance wise when light and dark can both channel OP but dark also has TP.
  17. When you have to fight a guy who seems to shatter someone's entire torso every time he swings his hammer and has a long path made of the remnants of your allies behind him strategizing and contemplating your willingness to trade deaths probably takes a back seat to crapping your pants. As far as general fighting ability... he's extremely strong, feral, the pattern itself bends around him, he's been in combat situations most of the last few years, and he's swinging a 200lb hammer.
  18. That would depend, if Cuen can entirely absorb any force directed against it then there would be no force passed through it into your legs and body. The shock would hit the Cuen boots and be absorbed instead of transmitted and your legs would one minute be falling and the next standing with no sensation of impact at all. ...interesting. If all force directed against Cuen is truly absorbed then Lan's knife at the end of EotW wouldn't have snapped when he struck it. The impact of the knife would have been absorbed and so there would be no force to rebound back into the knife and break it. That makes it look more like NO force used against it is absorbed, which would still leave the Cuen undamaged. Moiraine said that Cuen absorbs any force directed against it and the force only serves to strengthen the Cuen farther... but from a physics standpoint I don't see how that's possible. If that were the case Lan's knife wouldn't have broken, it would have been thrust with great force at the seal and then stopped with no sensation of impact. The knife breaking would be empirical evidence that the force directed against it was NOT absorbed and count more than her belief of why something that hasn't been made in thousands of years doesn't break... so I'm inclined to go with the thought that it fails to absorb at all rather than that it absorbs completely. Either way your legs would be fine since the cuen would either absorb all the impact force and have none to pass to your legs or absorb none of the force and still have none to pass to your legs. The *really* fun physics project would be determining how the force is repelled, especially in the case of weaves. It's not likely to be a straight reflection of force or weaves would all mirror off of it, and it's not likely a complete diffusion or the knife wouldn't have snapped. :)
  19. Ishy isn't the devil, he is a man who chose to go over to the shadow. As such it wasn't interference from the devil causing Hawkwing to be a prick, it was interference and corruption from a man who *chose* the evil path... which means it IS humans being horrible by themselves. As for the bore and the seal, think of them like a hole in the ground and a tar pit. LTT didn't build a wall to keep the DO away, the DO was found in a 'hole' they drilled and he filled it in with 'tar'. The DO is at the bottom of the pit and the forsaken are strewn throughout to the surface. When the seals were fully intact the DO was buried too deep to reach the surface, but Ishy was trapped close enough to the surface to be able to reach out now and again, though he couldn't keep himself up for long. As the seals weakened the level of the "tar" dropped and he and was relesed fully, and as they weakened more the forsaken were released in order of the ones closest to the surface to the ones trapped the deepest. At the same time the DO's touch on the world has grown as he's gotten closer to the surface and able to stratch out farther. = = surface ----=ISHY=----- layer 1 --------------- layer 2 ----==----==--- layer 3 ----==----==--- layer 4 ----==----==--- layer 5 ----==----==--- layer 6 ----===DO===--- layer 7 The seven layers of the seal, "=" representing arms or reach. Ishy could reach out somtimes but was still trapped. The other forsaken were all too deep for their powers to let them reach out at all. The DO has a much longer reach, which is why his influence over the world has grown so much even though he's not yet free.
  20. My guess is that since the weave for a gateway parts anything it contacts (plants, people, ropes, etc) to open and it would be unable to part the Cuen the gateway simply wouldn't form in the same space. We've seen gateways fail for several reasons, being physically unable to open in a spot seems like another good reason.
  21. So you're saying that making armor from a material that's invulnerable to almost all if not all attacks isn't worth it because a handfull of people who can channel TP may in theory find a way to break it? Do you realize we currently spend a massive amount on armor for soldiers that we KNOW things can get through/around? Cuen is something many orders of magnitude greater, and your argument is that since the DO could weaken/break 7 pieces of Cuen over 3,000 years the average soldier with the average lifespan shouldn't bother protecting himself from the trollocs and fades and the million other ways to die besides being set on by one of the forsaken or the DO?
  22. ...what? No, it is not true. Almost all people don't need to have the ability to channel "unblocked", only the wilders who develop blocks. Rand doesn't have a block. It applies to men as much as women, but Rand doesn't have a block.
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