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Mazrim Taim here

Mazrim Taim

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Be sure to stop on by the Wolfkin Org for some tequila, chilli, and cheerleaders with tear-away outfits. >:)  You will have a blast!!!  Hope to see you around there some time. *gives Mazrim a bottle of tequila extracted from TQ lake itself and whispers* The finest stuff around!

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Welcome to Dragonmount, Mazrim. You can have that title I don't care. *weg*


Please consider visiting the Aiel Org. We are a small group, but very friendly. Even if you don’t plan on joining at least come by for some oosquai and be treated to Aiel hospitality. Just remember to be nice.

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ok, so if your sitting there and thinking. hmmm these people have too much sanity, i hope i dont scare them. though that one over there looks like a chrismass pudding dough, i could just put them in the oven and mmmm... :-[ or something like that then you should


1) get help, seriously, your on the far far side of crazy, i'm actually wondering, if this is the case how have you not ben comitted yet? 


2)vist fiddlestick and spam with us, because we are all just a little bit squiffy, and most of us have lovely walls - padded with sofy downey eider feathers and natural sponge, none of that tacky foam and fluff stuff :P, and of course any colour straight jacket you can imagine, we dispence with reality in there so anything. *stoled the cookie doe* cookie?


3) always have a third point 8), oh and hi and welcome and enjoy your time at DragonMount what ever you do :D


ride horse ride.. hey damn it, who replaced my mighty steed with a cup of jelly ::) again

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