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  1. Welcome to Dragonmount! I'm glad you're liking the series so far! You're in good company, as we are all here for that very same reason. :)
  2. Hey! Welcome to DM! How are you liking The Shadow Rising? I can honestly say I think that is my favorite book in the series. It's a close race with a few of the others, but some of my favorite characters really come into their own in that book. Love it. :)
  3. Welcome to DM! My favorite character changed depending upon what book I was reading, it seemed, but the one I ended up settling on by the end of the series was Mat because of his charm and personality. He just seems like he would be the absolute best guy to hang around with. But some honorable mentions are Perrin, Aviendha, and Lan; all for their overwhelming coolness.
  4. Welcome to DM! You aren't kidding about Jordan being a master craftsman. I always accused him of being able to bend space/time and go back to edit his old books that were already released. He just tied things together very well. :)
  5. It is definitely a unique feeling to be finished with the series, but I do go stare at the books on my shelf pretty often and consider rereading some of my favorites. I started another read-through a while back, but got distracted with another book series part of the way through. Welcome to DM! I hope you enjoy yourself!
  6. I'm glad there are no hangings. I'm afraid I would be done for. haha D
  7. *runs in late* Sorry for my tardiness! But I did get a pity-giggle out of a Brown. Does that count? (would post a link but my work internet hates me)
  8. Hmmmm. Make a brown giggle. That sounds like a fun challenge. :) Let me get on that!
  9. Kiss? Did someone say kiss? *sprays breath freshener* I am ready for my task, noble Aes Sedai.
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