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We have a City! Merrilor


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The general collective of what I've gathered!
Numbers End of Final Battle
Asha'man - 400
Aes Sedai - 100 (Oathbound - ~70)
Accepted/Dedicated - 400
Novice/Soldier - 1000+
Trained Guardsman - 70K+
Denizens - 140K+
Current Numbers
Asha'man - 550
Aes Sedai - 235 (Oathbound - 64)
Accepted/Dedicated - 600
Novice/Soldier - 1500+
Trained Guardsman - 80K+
Denizens - 240K+
Locations of Interest:
Luminara Spire // New "Hall of Servants"
Council Representatives: 13 Members, 1 Elected Leader 20 Years Leadership Cycle (for now)
  • Location: Eastern part of Merrilor, against mountains that overlook the Fields of Merrilor
  • The governing body overseeing the city.
  • It is composed of representatives elected by the various allied groups.
  • Local government for city management and law enforcement.
  • Regulatory bodies to oversee the responsible use of the One Power and technology.
  • Taxation and revenue systems to fund city development.
  • Notable Features: Centralized base for representatives from White Tower, Black Tower, Aiel Clans, Seafolk, Wolfkin, willing and capable Seanchan, and members of the Band of the Red Hand.
Aeon Chambers // Power Generation and Infrastructure // Industrial Area
  • Knots of fire and steam chambers for electricity generation.
  • Transmission lines and grids to distribute power across the city. 
  • Self-sufficient
Unity Arches // Education and Research Institutions
  • Channeler-led schools for training individuals in the understanding and responsible use of the One Power. 
  • Scientific research institutions for advancing technology and harnessing the Power.
  • Designated Gardens with paths and platforms for Travel Gateways. - Gardens of Valon
Seven Quarters
  • Residential areas for the city's population. - Liradon Heights
  • Merchants facilitate trade of raw materials, finished products, and technological advancements with neighboring regions. - Valheran Commons
  • Guilds specializing in the production and distribution of electrical goods. - Egeanis Square
  • A garden space in the city surrounded by symbolic monuments representing each relevant faction - Serenity Park

Ebon Barracks - The Ebon Vanguard

  • Military Center of Merrilor.
Potential Council Leader Titles:
  • Ma'Rahein (watching the Dawn)
  • M'ashan (The Blade)
  • The Nemainda (Luminara) ("Nemainda" could represent "luminara," evoking the idea of light, brightness, or illumination.)


Potential Military Titles:

  • Warder-General: A high-ranking Warder responsible for coordinating Aes Sedai and Warders.
  • Blademaster of the Flame: Highest rank for non-channelers, recognizing exceptional skill and leadership.
  • Weave Master: Highest rank for channelers, acknowledging mastery of the One Power.


They have reverted to 'ajah's of legend, where groups are made more on common goals than tradition. Ajahs of old still maintain many secrets shared with those who wish to join, however, those of the White, Green, and Blue are deeply diminished. Yellow has been the largest surviving Ajah but has chosen to share more of their knowledge than to keep it secret. Only a few oathsworn surviving Aes Sedai maintain the secrets of their Ajah's despite the lack of formal acknowledgment.
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Looks like a pretty cool start!

Is the idea that the Spire/Hall of Servants is in the city itself?

And, can we please also have a 'City Guard/Ebon Watch' type 'police/military' option for non-channeler fighter-style characters (e.g. from Aiel, BotRH, Seanchan, Wolfkin ?)

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That all looks good to my eye. Very interesting. 


My only question would be is electricity needed? The steam engine has only just popped out of thin air, hurtling straight to electricity (if you have dinamos that can generate electricity you also have electric motors), and is it not slightly superfluous with the One Power? 


But awesome work. 

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8 hours ago, Cass said:

Is the idea that the Spire/Hall of Servants is in the city itself?

And, can we please also have a 'City Guard/Ebon Watch' type 'police/military' option for non-channeler fighter-style characters (e.g. from Aiel, BotRH, Seanchan, Wolfkin ?)


The Spire/Hall is a place within the city, like White Tower is with Tar Valon.


Military... yes. Agreed. I may have missed in my list. XD 
And a place for traveling gates, so i'll go back and edit it. 


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I separated it out so we can continue the other topics in the other thread. 😄


I adjusted the Seven Quarters, Aeon Chambers, and added the Ebon Vanguard. Names are not set in stone but if we're happy with them then it's worth just going with it.


I think it's worth keeping Electricity, BUT maybe limiting it to earlier use and development. I would say at least the Spire has lights... It's probably a personal point for me more than a leader desire and I recognize that. (My Red's -verry- insistent in my head about it....)

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  • Arie featured this topic

It's just that electricity means no flint and tinder (not the app), no channeling lanterns alight, no flickering torches, surely a huge amount of industrialisation, the end of horses... It seems too big a technological advance. Especially when we should already be taking into account Jordan's steam engines and gunpowder weapons that were just dropped in with zero development or context. 


A building with a standing weave, tied off flows maintaining lighting, a stasis box full of glolamps/glosticks (is that the right term?) or the rediscovery of how to make them or other ter'angreal all see a better and more consistent in-world solution for non-lamp lighting. 

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(heh, not the app..) @HeavyHalfMoonBlade


You make an excellent point. And I think with an idea like that it's worth seeing the source of where it started, why it's being used, and 100% what its limitations are. I was thinking possibilities, and I am guessing you see it removing too much of what we like about the fantasy setting which makes sense to me to avoid.

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So, I and ChatGPT had a nice long conversation, since it can search the web for answers faster than I can. (Shocking, I know..)


It is 100% in the realm to have Steam and Magic-fueled Electricity to be developed and co-existing over the course of 100-200 years. Especially with Magic and Healing being the bump in those advances. And former Age discoveries.



**Steam Technology Limitations:**
1. Inefficiency: Steam engines may be inefficient, requiring a significant amount of fuel for relatively low output.
2. Size and Weight: Steam-powered machines tend to be large and heavy, limiting their mobility and practicality.
3. Pollution: The burning of fuel for steam generation can lead to environmental pollution.
4. Maintenance: Steam engines require regular maintenance, and breakdowns are common.
5. Speed Constraints: Steam-powered transportation may have limitations on speed and acceleration.


**Steam Technology Possibilities:**
1. Industrial Applications: Steam powers factories, allowing mass production and economic growth.
2. Mechanical Work: Steam-driven machinery can perform heavy labor, aiding construction and manufacturing.
3. Heating Systems: Steam can be utilized for efficient heating in buildings during colder seasons.
4. Transportation: Steam trains and ships offer an alternative mode of transport.


**Magical Electricity Limitations:**
1. Energy Drain: Harnessing magical energy for electricity may drain magical resources, impacting the environment.
2. Unpredictability: Magical electricity can be unpredictable, causing fluctuations or surges in power.
3. Control Challenges: Directing magical currents may require skilled practitioners, making it challenging for widespread use.
4. Limited Range: The range over which magical electricity can be transmitted may be limited, affecting its reach.


**Magical Electricity Possibilities:**
1. Light Sources: Magical electricity can be harnessed for efficient and long-lasting lighting.
2. Arcane Devices: Magical electricity may power intricate devices with unique properties, such as communication or enchantments.
3. Healing Applications: Magical electricity could be used in medical treatments or healing spells.
4. Defensive Mechanisms: Fortifications powered by magical electricity may enhance security against magical and non-magical threats.

Combining these technologies allows for a diverse and dynamic world where the advantages and disadvantages of each contribute to the overall landscape of your fantasy setting.



So, everyday this COULD look like:


**Everyday Life in the Steam and Magic City:**

1. **Laborers:** Commoners work in factories powered by steam, engaging in manual labor for mass production.
2. **Steamcraft Technicians:** Skilled workers maintain and repair steam-driven machinery in various establishments.
3. **Street Vendors:** Individuals sell goods, including steam-powered gadgets or magical trinkets powered by electricity.
4. **Transport Workers:** People operate steam-powered transportation like trains or buses for commuting.
5. **Artisans:** Craftsmen create both practical and decorative items, combining traditional craftsmanship with steam technology or magical enhancements.

**Access to Power:**
1. **Magic Engineers:** Those with access to magical education specialize in combining magic with technology, creating advanced devices.
2. **Arcane Scholars:** Individuals study magical currents and their applications, contributing to the city's magical infrastructure.
3. **Industrialists:** Wealthy entrepreneurs invest in and own large-scale steam-powered factories, influencing economic growth.
4. **Magical Artificers:** Skilled artisans create high-end magical artifacts powered by intricate spells and electricity.
5. **Enchanters:** Magic users specialize in enchanting everyday items with magical properties, catering to a more affluent clientele.

**Shared Spaces:**
1. **Marketplaces:** Bustling markets showcase a mix of steam-powered tools, magical artifacts, and traditional goods.
2. **Public Transportation Hubs:** Steam trains and magical transit systems connect different parts of the city.
3. **Entertainment Venues:** Theatres, cafes, and clubs feature both steam-driven and magically enhanced performances.

1. **Class Disparities:** Access to education and resources creates a divide between those harnessing magical power and those relying on steam technology.
2. **Environmental Concerns:** The city grapples with pollution from steam-powered industries and the magical energy draining the environment.
3. **Innovation vs. Tradition:** Struggles arise between those advocating for traditional craftsmanship and those pushing the boundaries of steam and magic integration.

This creates a cityscape where everyday life is a blend of traditional, steam-driven, and magical elements, with opportunities and challenges shaped by the coexistence of these technologies.



Now, the point would likely be to scale this back a LOT to the earlier stages where factories are maybe being developed as an idea, but they aren’t there yet. 


I think in Merrilor, area’s like the Spire, Arches and the Vanguard are likely the most in use of the technology. Which can include:


(now that I’m thinking on it..)

  • Small pegs of metal along the walls that will conduct electricity as a defense mechanism.
  • Learning Ceullendar (sp?) might be a useful conductor OR defense against?
  • The Spire is what the rest of the nations “could” look like, and it harnesses the majority of the technology. With the ingenuity of Asha’man & Ogier building methods, and Aes Sedai history, planning and One Power finess. Especially the Brown Ajah and their untold amounts of study in all sorts of subjects. 
  • The Arches were built in a similar way for both learning for students but also for those that study and develop this as a group to have a safer space to work on their projects. Most of the Academy that worked with Maegan are likely on the -very- old if not dead stages in life so the passing of this information is extremely important to them. 
  • We are talking about over 2000+ potential channelers by the time we hit 25 years. Housing and city structure likely can not handle the work to make a whole city work with this kind of technology, but small things likely are starting to pop up like small ‘generators’ or the trades of various materials. Etc.


It’s also “possible” that part of the fall of White Tower (see other thread) was the failure of the technology being imported into the Tower because there were too many secret invariables that messed with it. (Aka, the Three Arches which likely can not be moved). 



I would say the city as a whole, along with most outliers are no different than what we are familiar with. If anything, it’s likely still a novelty to everyone. Candles, Gas lamps, etc. all still there. 


Anyway… that was me just sharing small starts. 

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Interesting. I like the way you think, Arie 🙂


I have a few points. 

  • Steam power cannot be easily miniturized. The concept of stram-powered gadgets is complete fantasy in steampunk clothing 
  • How would electrical gadgets and ter'angreal be different? This seems like reinventing the wheel, but in a hugely more complex and fraught with difficulties manner
  • Much of the "magical" vibe that the AI is giving out does not seem consistent with the One Power. It would not be draining the elemental energy of the land. It would not be acting like simply some sort of energy supply, but would have to conform to existing channeling
  • Generating electricity generally means through a dinamo which is indistinguishable from an electric motor. This seems like to big a step to me
  • Where would the infrastructure for coal supply come from? Of course an interesting alternative would be to have One Power-powered (through a manufacturable ter'angreal?) steam engine (i.e.,to boil the water) which could localise the technology and mean that we don't have to role play the effect of the industrial revolution instead of our characters. The lack of infrastructure in terms of transport, logistics etc., would be an important limiting factor in the spread of the technology and its usefulness. 

New aspects inspired by the books are great, but I definitely think we do not want to stray too far. Arie's idea of it being a struggling budding technology with limited application I think is good. None of the factors which precipitated the Industrial Revolution are present in the Westlands, so I don't think we want to try and write a new timeline for a revolution on a completely different basis. 

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I've actually been thinking about how you could use the OP to make  electricity with a basic scientific concept.  (For FA purposes but it all applies here since instead of discovering weaves, you are discovering technology).  


A steam engine sure is limited by the fuel and power output.  But what if your 'water' came from the OP?  Some ter'angreal of never ending water.  


Or a wind turbine that was powered by a gust of OP wind at a constant (or variable rate).  


Solar panels are probably out of your bulwick, but a tiny sun OP powered light for solar panels could work too.  Though this is not steam engine era type work.

I don't like the idea of electricity being everywhere.  I honestly think it should only be at the "institute of learning" where it was created.  Or a building they built specifically to show case it.  As with all new things, even if they are more accepting, adopting such things takes time.  And people would be afraid of it, much like people are afraid of men who can channel freely. 


I'm not saying don't have it.  But I think it should still be in the experimental phases of it.  Play it out in game.  Electricity is known -- someone's been experimenting.  There is even a single building or several in a mock up town inside the city.  But let the world decide if we want the steam powered stuff Rand's school started or the electricity we are creating.  Or some combination there of.  which would include magically powered electricity/power.

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I'm with Mat, make electricity and industrialisation part of the story arc that people can engage with rather than be present in a larger fashion.  Story opportunity there for antagonists trying to stop it, impacts on the city, etc.


I'd still like to see separate channeler groups in the world, gives a point of interaction for channeler characters and may present issues in the countries they are present in.  For example, a kingdom co-opting channelers into it's structure.

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I think if you want to split the OP/Channelers it shouldn't be male/female or saidin/saidar split.  Split based on something else.  And maybe not even just two, maybe three separate factions.


One that still believes in the "Servants of All"  That are many many many thousands of years many ages before "Aes Sedai" are male/female working together in true Servants of All faction from the Age of Legends.   


You have those that still fear men channeling -- the Reds garner more than just reds because of that fear.  Perhaps their own police force for channelers joining up with Children of the Light, and the Seanchan might fit in here too.


Maybe there even a group that is totally anti-channeling altogether.


The industrialization group could be another faction.


Don't even have to name all the different factions see what rpers might come up with to fill in the gaps.  I know DM's past has always been about here are your options, choose.  It's hard to wrap around the idea of building the world too as a player.  I know it was for me when I started writing away from DM in an RP fashion.  

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I can see that on a few points we’re on the same page through we’re saying it in different ways. Specifically about the technology. So I’m going to put that on the “Let’s get that written out first” so the discussion can continue moving forward on the other important topics.


(And if anyone has the desire to write up summaries like I am doing, PLEASE don’t feel shy. I love contributions and discussions. I also am happy to ‘approve’ stamp other peoples work too. ;))


Moving into the Channeler part, this is something that’s going to be a painful topic to navigate because there is no ‘right answer’ and everyone is going to have a preference one way or the other that will be a sticking point. 


Truthfully. When it comes to the channelers, I can 100% see this being a point of stubbornness IN CHARACTER. This isn’t just something that’s going to be decided with both groups so imbalanced (towards Asha’men) and it being a point of PRIDE. 


Not to mention, IF we go with the plot that there is no Oath Rod to bind the 3 oaths, know those stubborn traditionalists will likely ‘never’ see anyone as a true Aes Sedai without those oaths. 


You can put all the channelers into a building. You can have them sign a peace agreement. You can even have them work together. But do you think we could get them to agree what to call themselves as a group? Not likely. XD Not realistically - in terms of seeing them as stubborn, prideful people. 


Not in 25 years, anyway. 


They would need a catalyst, and some kind of event - or even a POWERFUL visionary to force them to it. And the visionaries from the books are (for the intent of this) are either dead or would have to be a strong, active participant in the early years.

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I like the idea of factions, though more in a loose sense? Though the concept of it works in theory, but like all things, factions need leaders/groups that pull people to them to create a mass. They need a center star, so to speak, or idea to grow. 


My challenge to all of you, because I don’t want to be the only source building… Write up a faction with a -placeholder- name for a faction, or an oppositional plot that you think would be fun to play or play against. 🙂 Or a base summary of some kind that has flexibility. We’re still in the early enough stages that even if we are throwing all the spaghetti at the wall there isn’t a reason to force something to stick or not.


I know the technology stuff is going to have me tied up in that for a little bit before I can jump on the next thing.



Edited by Arie
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So be vague in the write up?


The leaders of the channelers (male and female) are TRYING to unite the Towers under (whatever title) but there is dissent and factions.  

Give a few examples.  But nothing so concrete as to name it, and see what people pick, let them help build and decide what is happening?

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Although, thinking on the technology part, the MAIN reasons the character I have -could- make all these things is because she had the TALENT. Is it feasible for a TALENT to be taught? Or do we limit it to only those that can also have the talent for it? (Ei. Gateways being an interesting example of it being taught vs talent.)

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6 minutes ago, Matalina said:

So be vague in the write up?


The leaders of the channelers (male and female) are TRYING to unite the Towers under (whatever title) but there is dissent and factions.  

Give a few examples.  But nothing so concrete as to name it, and see what people pick, let them help build and decide what is happening?


I think, yes, that’s where I was leaning towards. 🙂 Or at least, players with characters that have teeth in the game have that available to them.

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Ooh, yes. 

I have Wonderdraft & DungeonDraft software to make things, hence the map from earlier. 

that is doing to be quite useful. 


Though, what important things have I missed that we should include??

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only thing I can think of is perhaps the 'war memorial' something that reminds the people of what was fought for and what was lost.


But I think you laid out some good ground work.

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One thing could be that the Griffon League could be a focal point for non-conformist channelers. It would be the natural place for wolfkin to congregate, and with Greater Andor being in the tradtional Aes Sedai fold with the Kin, channelers with new ideas could well gravitate away from a traditionalist centre as that. Griffon dreamwalkers (wolfkin or otherwise) could also counter-balance the Aiel.


And the Black Tower - I could see them going either out on their own, or also gravitating to the Griffon League. I don't see Wavefinders as a power as they will be on their ships and dispersed. So perhaps for simplicity, you could have the Griffon channelers, the remains of the White Tower and Kin, and the Aiel as the three powers for channelers (and of course the Seanchan, but I kind of see them as more foreigners at this point, in relation to Merrilor). With perhaps an off-shoot of ultra-traditionalists, such as Arie's idea for the Red Ajah.


It's an idea anyway.

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I’m not sure what the Griffon League would be. It’s not a native animal in the WoT setting, so I don’t think the name itself would work. Unless I’m missing a reference because History was not my subject in school. (Ironically).


Having the Channelers separated can also be a plot point, and even a point of contention within the Spire. Making it a point in a timeline where ‘unofficial’ groups move into sanctuary cities like Mayene or Andor area instead. (Though ‘spies and connections in Merrilor would make sense?)


I do think with as few channelers there are, especially Aes Sedai and what the Seanchan took, the number of clandestine groups would likely be small.




Editing this in.. I only have one large worry with creating a group like this. Unless there are players that are interested, it’s background-noise. If anything, this is almost better to create as plot when we have players writing channelers that could use a ‘mission’ or work to resolve a problem like the league. 


So, if’s okay with you, let’s put this in our back pocket for a plot line involving more than one player unless this is plot you are personally interested in being a part of? I don’t want to assume.

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Yeah, sorry. I'm a bit freaked out by this. I kind of remember everything, sort of. And I have no idea where the info I posted above came from. I was convinced that Saldaea, the Two Rivers and Ghealdan united in an Alliance through Perrin's connections and it was called the Griffin League. I can only hope there is some mention of something like this in an alternate future or portal stone or something, but there is no mention of it on the wiki. 


I'm kinda young for dementia, but that is kind of my best guess at this point. 


So yeah sorry, I imagine my suggestion did not make a lot sense. I can only say it did in my head, if that is any consolation. This is really quite scary, but well, not much I can do about it. I mean was it a dream? Can I trust myself to discuss the books any more if I am making up large chunks of story in my head? Will I be able to follow the plot of an RP or will I add stuff in all the time that hasn't happened? 

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