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New Members Sign in & Info Thread


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2 hours ago, LilyElizabeth said:

Welcome silent Sword! It's good to have you here. Please feel free to jump in on any thread you like. DJ will be along with your welcome PM soon. 

*snorts* made my day.. *offers lily homemade peanut butter cups*

9 hours ago, SwordoftheThousandLakes said:


Yes welcome indeed? *does a half-tushed attempt to straighten her always askew halo* 

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yup @Oric  i'll get you set up on our points list. 


now you'll need to earn points to move up in shayol ghul. once you reach a set number you'll be given a faction to join. 


just post in threads, anything that meets your fancy

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  • Club Leader

Hi Oric! Welcome to Shayol Ghul. I'm the one in charge around here, which means I wear the target on my back when things go wrong. It's good to have you here. I'll poke Dar'Jen to send you a welcome PM that explains a lot. Like Cross said, jump in anywhere. Stabbing is our form of greeting *stabs*.

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Would I get any points for being Mesaana?


Cuz like... I was once. 


Then I moved on to a suitably evil profession after college.... Banker. 


And I Banked really hard. 


Now I work for a major credit card company sooo...


Clearly the depth of my evil has expanded far beyond trying to just assist in the remaking of the pattern in a more suitable image by The Lord of the Evening. 

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  • Club Leader

You have been evil, but....









You weren't a lawyer. Sorry. No bonus points. 



Maybe just 10. Because you're Green on top of being evil. 


@Dar'Jen Ab Owain we have a newbie again! Dar'Jen will send you the "All you need to know" PM, Caddy. 

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