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New Members Sign in & Info Thread


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Hello and Welcome to Shayol Ghul


Want to join this select membership of shifty, sneaky, devious posters? Of course you do! Then just pop a post reply to this thread saying you want to join, and someone will be along to …….. see to you…… shortly.


What is Shayol Ghul about? Letting out our evil side of course, in a PG13 sorta way. If you are suitably evil and impress more senior members they will give you points. Some members will announce when they are giving away points, some will not, so you never know when you might earn yourself a little something.


You’ll get a welcome PM with some more info, and some insight into  the secret inner workings of Shayol Ghul.





The Powers That Be (our Social Group staff)


LilyElizabeth – The Dark One – Social Group Leader and She Who Must Be Obeyed


Verbal  - Shadowspawn Faction Leader aka Shaidar Haran 

Dar'Jen - Black Ajah Faction Leader aka Cuen'Shaidar

Cross - Dreadlords Faction Leader aka Moridin

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Maybe... we will see I am lazy, but every so often seem to be drawn in here..


is there member lists anywhere to see if I got majorly demoted or whatnot? (think I managed to eventually at some point earn enough to get to declare so I could get on the ss board before I poofed last time)



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You will get all those links in your welcome PM, but I'll give you the member list/points page. http://shayolghulsg.wikidot.com/points-page


It seems you were purged at some point in the past, and I can no longer access those records, but I do remember seeing you on the list. I'll start you off with 50 pts from me, which gets you halfway there. 

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Sooo, i dunno if I can avoid this place anymore....... *makes a cut to write her name in blood* If that's a thing????


*looks up* I hope you accept the blood of an unassuming child. yes?

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