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Hearing a commotion from outside the room I get up and look outside the door. I notice the Sword Captain and Sword Lt.s in a hurried conversation. Turning around I mention to the other Algai that something is going on and maybe we should prepare.


Quickly donning my armor and grabbing Nessie, my modified Lochabar Axe I step outside my room to see if I can find out what is going on..


Looking around I notice a lot of movement not only from the staff but Sisters, Accepted, and Novices..


Briefly my mind wanders, wondering if my Dark Haired Accepted and the FFF are safe.


Quickly shaking the thought out of my head I ease up to where the other Algai have formed and notice one of the Manshima run by, wasn't that Val and was that blood on his armor and weapons? I asked the others..


One of the Algai mentions the MoA and we all agree to look for him or one of the other officers who had left hurriedly after speaking with the Sword Captain.



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Guest Barmacral

Silently, with my black viel covering my impassive face, I leads my company through one of the small towns which pitifully guard the bridges to Tar Valon.


Encountering the last outpost at the bridge, I motion with my hand, and silently my men slit the throats of all the guards who stand watch.


It was over so fast that none of the guards ever uttered a sound.


The last time that the Aiel had been at Tar Valon wetlanders had deemed the fight the blood snow. This time we won't be so kind.


Under the cover of darkness, I lead my forces across the bridge.

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Unable to find one of the officers, the group of Algai following me look to me for direction. Stopping to gather a sense of all the bustle I notice a group of the black vieled invaders near the bridge.


Making a decision, I inform the algai with me that since we cannot find any of the officers or any manshima that we should make the best use of our training. I tell them we are going to defend the bridge.


All their eyes show a little fear but quickly I assure them we are well trained and we can do something or stand around and add to the growing chaos.


As we move to the bridge I quickly think of my Algai Brother Damon. He would go on a LOA for Family when I need him the most!


As we approach the bridge we can see the tower guards have been cut down. With a hurried shout I give directions to the algai with me to form up. Eyeing a novice I quickly tell her to get back to the safety of the sisters and let them know what is happening.


Wielding Nessie, my Lochber Axe I start into my fighting movements aiming at the large Aiel leading this group of savages across the bridge....



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Guest Barmacral

I hear a shout from the end of the bridge. Suddenly scanning closely I see some arrows start flying towards me.


Raising my buckler I shout to my Stone Dogs to do the same. We run to towards the enemy guardsmen, dodging some arrows, and blocking others with our bucklers. Two of my people are cut down.


Reaching our objectives we pull out our spears and immediately lung into the enemy lines.


I run one man through with my spear, pull it out and slice anothers throat open. I turn to face my next opponent to be blocked by his sword. I thrust again, and once again am parried.


"Ahh" I think to myself, "A worthy opponent, I will enjoy killing him"


As I fight this guardsman, the battle rages around me, slowly my men are being cut down, the sheer numbers of guards overwhelming us. But we don't go down without a fight. We drop 3 men for every one of ours.

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